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Other Arts of Divination / Da Liu Ren Divination short introduction
« on: November 25, 2019, 06:31:46 AM »
Short introduction what a Da Liu Ren / DLR (大六壬) reading comprises of, for those knowing nothing of DLR.

Da Liu Ren is composed of three parts that make up a "chart" for Divination reading.

These parts are of the "chart" are:
1. The Heaven and Earth Plate/Pan/Map/Formation (天地盤)
2. The Class/Scrolls (四課)
3. The Messages/Transmission/Proclamation/Accouncement (三傳)

The Messages are derived from the Class (using one of 8 models depending on the Class involved).
The Class is derived from the Date (Stem and Branch) of the Divination and by what is on the Heaven and Earth Plate.
The Twelve Deities are located in a specific pattern on the Heaven and Earth Plate; derived from the Date and Hour of the Divination.

Typically the Messages show the passage of time ahead, the ease and difficulty at the success, completion or failure of what has been asked.
Typically the Class shows the current state of the question at hand, what all parties are really thinking of the matter, and what they plan to do after.
The Heaven and Earth Plate is often of little value for common DLR Divination because of the style of DLR that is widely taught.

Advantages of DLR
  • Clear defined in what represents the person asking, and what they are asking about. It is impossible for you to not know what to look for during an interpretaion of a Divnation reading. This applies for the bottom two points as well.
  • Clear representations of current situation and true feelings and actions that will be taken soon.
  • Clear map of how things will progress.

Disadvantages of DLR
  • Lengthy to manually plot, resulting in slow readings traditionally.
  • Somewhat limited to pre-defined types of questions for those using the widely taught DLR method to maintain accuracy and simplicity baked into DLR system. Questions with uncommon topics or unusual characteristics or topics reduce the level of accuracy from deviating from the foundation for Interpreting used for a DLR reading.
  • Widely taught DLR restricts DLR users to one reading per 2 hour period.
  • Memorisation of numerous aspects (Deities, their Branch representations, positions, Five Elements, Empty/Void, etc) needed, in order to exceed the details provided by other faster Divination methods. (It is a very steep slope, and many do not get far beyond the beginning to make learning DLR worthwhile)
  • Extremely Important: Requires access to current Date and Time.
  • Certain core chart production elements are in dispute, resulting in variations of charts despite using the same details of when the Divination was done.

Should you learn DLR?
If you do not have a teacher, or someone who can advise and direct you during your learning, and you do not have access to the material in Chinese, it is not recommended that you learn DLR, simply because the amount of information you must assimilate to get basic accurate Interpretations going is enormous. You would sooner reach a competent level in another Divination method long before you can do the same in DLR otherwise.

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