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Liu Yao Case Studies / Was he Retrenched 6/25/21?
« on: June 26, 2021, 08:36:45 PM »
Hey All,

Here is a quick test for everyone. Please share your thoughts rather than simply replying with a yes or no.

For the past nine months I have been work under contract with New York State's Covid 19 initiative.
The initial contract was to end March 31 but was extended to August 31. Due to the recent and rapid drop in 
infection rates - our work load has dropped drastically, requiring a reduction in staff.
It was announced that layoffs would occur 6/25 a few weeks ago.

Question: Will I get Canned Tomorrow?
6/24/21: 13.3 -> 25



Liu Yao Case Studies / Predicting Mr. Zhang Disease - A Case Study
« on: June 15, 2021, 04:13:59 AM »
Hey All,

I have not done any translation for a long while. You don't use it - you lose it. So...
Though I have a preference for health related stuff, this was a random health case I found.
But, it interesting. Please comment and enjoy.

Liu Yao Prediction (3) Predicting Disease Case Study
Predicting Mr. Zhang Disease.

7/6/2013 @ 18:00, Mr. Liu, a classmate at Tsnghua University (in Beijing), asked me to give a read about Mr Zhang's illness. He asked: "My very good friend at Peking University (in Shanxi) unexpectedly developed cerebrovascular disease. Can you help me forecast if he will recover soon. If not, how long will he live. Several friends want to take him on a last trip!” [I think this may refer to planning Mr. Zhang’s funeral] I the time I [was] asked the question to cast the hexagram: (His year of birth is 1970: Geng Xu year).
Time of divination (casting) 癸巳,  戊午,  癸酉, 辛酉, 日空:戌未
                                            6         5         29      10
upper gua: 年+月+日=40/8=8 → 坤 Kun
lower gua:  年+月+日+时=50/8=2 → 兑 Dui
change gua: 年+月+日+时=50/2=2 → 动爻,moving yao
19.2  → 24

One - Large Picture:
1) Main hexagram: upper trigram is Kun, is static [no moving lines] and is the  Ti (body) trigram, it represents Mr. Zhang. The lower trigram is Dui. It has a moving yao and it represents the Yong trigram.                                                                                                                                                               
Kun - earth gives birth to Dui – metal, thus loses energy. This is inauspicious.
In the change hexagram, the lower gua is Zhen - wood and represents the Yong gua.  The upper change gua is Kun – earth represents the Ti (body) gua. Zhen – wood restrains Kun – earth. Thus, Yong restrains Ti – this is very inauspicious.
2) Mr. Zhang was born in 1970 - Geng Xu year. Xu year is the year of the Dog which corresponds to Gen trigram. The main hexagram does not have a Gen trigram.  取综卦 [I think this refers to the Mei Hua adaptive hexagram] Zhen gua represents Mr Zhang. The second, third, forth yao(s) form Zhen gua. The image of Zhen gua is Gen gua upside down - like a human being laying on one's back. This can have the image of a person sick in bed / confined to bed.
The second thru forth yao(s) - Zhen have the second yao changing to form Kun gua. Kun gua is pure Yin. Pure Yin represents death. Zhen gua moves and changes to Kan. Zhen gua is Yang wood. Yin (寅) is Yang wood, Zhen is earth branch Mao (卯). Will die either Yin or Mao day (日).

Two: Yao Image
1) Shi yao - Mao wood represents Mr Zhang. It come with Officer / Ghost yao, which represents the disease. Shi yao - Mao wood is in rest / prison in Bing - fire month. You - metal day clashes / restrains (冲克), is Day Po (破). This is very inauspicious - indicates a serious illness.
It comes with Qing Long (green dragon) which represents Jia Yin. [甲寅纳甲为乾卦] Jia Yin najia represents (gan 乾) Qian trigram which represents the head. Mao wood is  Dui gua and Dui gua indicates to suffer lost / ruin. Ying (yao) indicates Mr Zhang's cerebral blood vessel bursting image. 

2) Shi yao Mao - wood is in stop / prison month Po (破) and Officer / Ghost changes to Officer  / Ghost. Mao - wood changes to Retreats (god) Yin – wood. The hexagram [cannot] be save [and] indicates death. Mao retreating to Yin indicates [Mr. Zhang’s] death the 11th date (号), Yin day (日).

Summary: I told Mr. Liu: "Your friend will die in six days. If you want to see him one last time, go quickly".
Feedback: 7/12/2013 - Mr Liu called and said: "My friend left yesterday morning. A few good friends stayed with him (?) -for the days and came back yesterday (?). 「我的朋友昨天11號早上就走了,我們幾個好哥們陪了3天,昨天送完他就回來了」。[I don’t understand this. Not sure how they are discussing a visit or a funeral]



Miscellaneous / Solar Flairs in 2021 - Western Astrology
« on: January 14, 2021, 06:28:22 PM »
To All,

First I need to state - I know nothing about Western Astrology. But....

I was speaking with a friend yesterday day, she mentioned that due to the Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius - in opposition to Uranus, some strange changes may occur. That including very strong solar flairs which can cause global disturbances in our electrical grids, satellite communications, etc.

Can someone explain things?



Liu Yao / USA Election 10/20/2020 - An example
« on: December 23, 2020, 04:53:34 AM »
Another example...

On 20/10 during I Ching class at the ---------, we asked about the outcome of USA election and the I Ching is quite accurate so far.
In the Hexagram Subject is Trump, represented by Dog, so is strong during Dog month. Object is Biden at the bottom line represented by Tiger, which is under clash by Monkey day and not supported by Dog month. So it seems Trump is stronger. But then Biden’s Tiger also showed up on top on 6th line which is Dragon and active supported by Power. So he ended up on top and won the Presidency. Trump’s dog also showed up on 5th line. Which is trying to conquer Biden’s Power element. So he will take action against Biden. Then the hexagram changes into Total Clash which means big fight with unexpected results.
Biden’s Four Pillars showed he is weak fire need support of wood and fire. 2020 the Rat year attacked his Horse which is an important foundation of his fire. And this attack doubled up in December month of Rat. Another support is yang Wood in hour pillar but he is currently in luck pillar of yin earth which combined away his yang wood. Hour pillar represents children. So perhaps his son not able support him. have to see what happens in December.


Liu Yao / Can the Vaccine Effectively Control Virus in 2021 - An example
« on: December 23, 2020, 04:41:40 AM »
A earlier related post came from the same face book source. Sorry for the image size.

Two updated I Ching questions:
1. Will the vaccines effectively keep COVID 19 under control in 2021 ? The answer is yes. Subject are people gets support. And Power represent sickness are void. The Vaccine is I hidden under first line but is strong supported by month.

2. How is Biden position in his Presidency in 2021 - he is Subject which is very weak and Void. But it is total combine Hexagram so he may struggle forward.


Liu Yao / More Chinese Weather Related Text
« on: December 02, 2020, 04:06:41 AM »
I posted a part of this in the .info space.The doc file is dated may 2018 - so the translation needs to be reviewed.
The actual doc file is 34 pages. What I am posting here is all I translated.
And... don't take all of this stuff literally - understand the concepts involved.
All corrections, comments critiques are welcome.

And Guy! Please do not quote any of my translation without using the same post count I have used.


Author: Liu Zi Ming
第一节 天气
First Section – Weather

Parent yao gives image of rain. Officer / Ghost gives image of clouds & fog and image of  thunder & lightning. Brother yao gives image of wind. Offspring yao image is “Thousand of miles, no clouds”. Wife / Wealth gives image of clear weather.

To forecast the weather regardless if Self yao is prosperous or waning, find the Yong Shen along with (its) relations with Self yao.
If there has been a dry spell and long time without rain, Parent yao moving indicates rain.
If weather has not been dry for a long time, the Parent yao moving may not indicate rain. If Parent yao is prosperous and supports at the Self yao, (or) if Parent yao same as day, indicates rain or overcast / cloudy weather.
Parent Yao in declining and moves; Wealth yao or Offspring yao support is at Self; Self yao is clashed, tied by combo, or punished by day, indicates rain.
Officer / Ghost yao supports is at Self give image of overcast weather. Officer moving indicates thunder. A Void Officer yao that moves indicates thunderbolts.   
A moving Brother yao indicates wind. If Brother yao moves and transforms to advancing indicates strong wind.
Parent Yao and Brother yao both moving together indicates rain and wind together. Parent yao and Officer yao moving together indicates thunder and rain.
Six Clash gua with Parent yao moves, and Parent yao (same?) as Day will have rain. Six Combo gua with Parent yao moving, if Parent yao is clashed by day will have rain.
Light rain or heavy rain is differentiated by prosperous and waning.
Wealth yao and Offspring moves indicates clear (weather).
Wealth yao and Offspring yao support is at Self (with) Parent Yao and Officer not active indicate clear (weather).
Offspring yao indicates no clouds and clear weather. Wealth yao indicates clear weather with some clouds.
If there has been a long periods of rain, weather not clear; If Wealth yao and Offspring yao move and if the Day branch clashes or tied by combo or punishes the Parent yao will  indicates clear weather.
Wealth yao and Offspring yao move and transformed yao is clashed by Day branch or tied by combo or punished (by Day branch) indicates overcast weather. Parent yao moves and the transformed yao is clashed, tied by combo, or punished by day indicates no rain.
Wealth  is hidden indicates overcast weather. If Officer yao moves indicates light rain. [Not sure what 多duo1 – many, means here]

例 1 :丙午月甲寅日,久旱测天气得《泽水困》变《天水讼》卦(子丑空)
Example 1: Bing Wu month, Jia Yin day.  For long time dry, want to forecast weather.  Lake over Water – Kun changes to Heaven over Water – Song. Void: Zi, Chou

Χ父母未土 父母戌土   P – Wei, earthxP – Xu, earth
‵兄弟酉金B – You, metal  O   '
‵子孙亥水 应 O – Hai, water'
官鬼午火O/G – Wu, fire''
‵父母辰土P – Chen, earth'
妻财寅木 世 W/W – Yin, wood S''

Χ父母未土 父母戌土   P – Wei, earth      x   P – Xu, earth
‵兄弟酉金         B – You, metal  O   '
‵子孙亥水 应         O – Hai, water      '
官鬼午火         O/G – Wu, fire   ''
‵父母辰土         P – Chen, earth   '
妻财寅木 世         W/W – Yin, wood S   ''
Sixth yao Parent – Wei, earth moves and transforms to advancing indicating in a short period of time it will rain.  Consequently the gua forecast dry weather.  Wealth – Yin, wood at Self, this yao is root of problem. After Geng Shen  day clashes out Yin, wood (comes) stage of soaking rain.

例 2 :辛卯月庚戌日乙酉时,测近两天的天气得《水山蹇》静卦(寅卯空)
Example 2: Xin Mao month, Geng Xu day, Yi You hour. Forecast two days of weather. Water over Mountain – Jian (quite) Hexagram. Void: Yin, Mao.

子孙子水O – Zi, water''
父母戌土P – Xu, earth'
兄弟申金 世 B – Shen, metal  S ''
兄弟申金B – Shen, metal'
官鬼午火O/G – Wu, fire''
父母辰土 应 P – Chen, earth  O''

〝 子孙子水      O – Zi, water      ''
‵ 父母戌土      P – Xu, earth      '
〝 兄弟申金 世   B – Shen, metal  S   ''
‵ 兄弟申金      B – Shen, metal   '
〝 官鬼午火      O/G – Wu, fire   ''
〝 父母辰土 应   P – Chen, earth  O   ''
Fifth yao is Parent – Xu, earth same as day. The next day is Hai.  Hai – Offspring yao steps back and disappears. Other yao is Parent – Chen, earth is clashed by Day branch, Xu. The two Parent yao take charge.
Reason is Northeast cold weather (season) not finished. Decide then (Geng Xu day) the next day (Xin Hai day) Chen hour rain plus snow. The next day, Chen hour was cloudy.  [-???-]
Because Offspring – Zi, water  gua emerges. Third day, Ren Zi day was sunny,
Result, as forecasted above.

2)  have already posted 5Arts AoF

Using Six Yao to Forecast the Weather.
Casting as follows:  [8/16/2016 7am]
干支:丙戌年 丙申月 庚午日 庚辰时  (日空:戌亥) 神煞:驿马-申 桃花-卯 日
Stem & Branches: Bing Xu year, Bing Shen month, Geng Wu day, Bing Xu hour. Day Void: Xu, Hai.
禄-申 贵人-丑,未
        巽宫:风火家人        离宫:山水蒙     六神 伏神   本    卦          变    卦
螣蛇      兄弟卯木 ▅▅▅▅▅      兄弟寅木 ▅▅▅▅▅  
勾陈      子孙巳火 ▅▅▅▅▅ 应 ○→ 父母子水 ▅▅ ▅▅  
朱雀      妻财未土 ▅▅ ▅▅      妻财戌土 ▅▅ ▅▅ 世
青龙 官鬼酉金 父母亥水 ▅▅▅▅▅   ○→ 子孙午火 ▅▅ ▅▅  
玄武      妻财丑土 ▅▅ ▅▅ 世 ╳→ 妻财辰土 ▅▅▅▅▅  
白虎      兄弟卯木 ▅▅▅▅▅   ○→ 兄弟寅木 ▅▅ ▅▅ 应

螣蛇 B – Mao, wood ▅▅▅▅▅  B – 兄Yin, wood ▅▅▅▅▅
勾陈 O – Si, fire ▅▅▅▅▅  应 ○→ P – Zi, water ▅▅ ▅▅
朱雀 W/W – Wei, earth ▅▅ ▅▅ W/W – Xu, earth ▅▅ ▅▅ 世
青龙 P – Hai, water ▅▅▅▅▅   ○→ O – Wu, fire ▅▅ ▅▅
玄武 W/W – Chou, earth ▅▅ ▅▅ 世 ╳→ W/W – Chen, earth ▅▅▅▅▅
白虎 B – Mao, Wei ▅▅▅▅▅   ○→ 兄弟寅木 ▅▅ ▅▅ 应

Here I will select and used the Na Jia Fa to forecast the weather:
Parent Yao indicates rain. Offspring and Wealth indicates clear. Brother indicates wind and clouds. Officer indicates thunder, lightning and fog.
Because parent – Hai, water is void, when it comes out of void will have rain
According to broken yao at Self. Morning of Hai day, sky is sunny. Evening have rain. Officer is hidden under Parent (third yao).

You time (5pm to 7pm) sky has not started to darken much yet.
晚上7点后起风了,8点远处闪电. 10:25大雨大风闪电都来了.
Evening 7 o'clock (Xu) start of wind, 8 o'clock lightning in the distance, 10.25 (Hai) heavy rain, strong wind and lightning all came.
我小孩在门 边高兴的大叫:爸爸,你说的大雨来了!
My child was at the side door and shouted: Papa you said big rain would come!

第二天上网,看到有关报道,8月14日晚上四川雅安,达州,重庆等部分地区有雨,缓解了部分旱 情.
The next day online noticed the news, evening of August 14th        Sichuan Ya an, Dazhou, Chongqing, etc areas have rain relief  sections ravaged by drought.
My forecast hit the mark.

[no need to work out the rest]
写得如此详细的目的,是为了大家更 好的对待周易文化.它不是神话,不是天书,任何人都可以去学习,只要掌握了其中的规律,就能为 我所用,为人类造福


Liu Yao / Will they get the place (Apartment)
« on: November 18, 2020, 04:32:00 AM »
Here is an interesting case that came up today.

My friend is looking for a new apartment (really a new place to live).
They found an ad with a place they liked and responded. Then they asked me - will they get the place (they did the casting).,0,0,0,1,0,0,6,2,2020-11-17,17:31
12.5 -> 35 月亥,日子, 空戌-亥

Subject (mao / wealth) is strong, supported by Month and Day.  Person wants to move.
Subject forms liu hai with Object (Xu / Parent). Person likes the apartment.
Liu hai between Wealth and Parent gives the image person needs a place to put their stuff.
But Object is Void – Apartment is no longer available.
Fifth yao (Shen / Sibling) moves to Wei / Parent which entombs Subject. Someone else took the apartment, Subject is stuck in there place.

Subject comes with Curved Array – Subject may be in some funky situation where they currently reside. Object comes with Black Turtle – the apartment is an attic apartment with arched ceilings. From the exterior, the roof is arched like a turtle back too.

Tomorrow is Chou day, which will clash open tomb. I told them to Check tomorrow - even between 1am and 3am, you may find another suitable ad to respond too.

I find it interesting Subject, Fifth yao - Wei and Month - Hai form a Wood San He. These Yin elements give the impression of wanting something bright / light and calming.

Lets see.


Test Board / Forum Rendering on Mobile Devices.
« on: September 10, 2020, 05:52:29 AM »

Can someone look at how the Forum / Website renders on mobile devices.

I don't have trouble with my android tablets. But on multiple android phones it is very problematic and annoying.

If their is an embedded image or video, the screen size gets locked so I cannot resize or scroll vertically to see all posted text.
Similarly, If I am trying to reply to a post the screen size is such that I cannot access the Post or Preview buttons.

If wish to see who liked a topic I can only do it in landscape mode.

Just damn annoying as I use my phone to mainly view this and other sites.



Liu Yao / Taking Over A Business / Medical Practice
« on: September 02, 2020, 06:59:42 PM »
Hey All,

I closed my Wellness Center a few years ago. A friend is retiring from his practice. 
I am interested in taking it over and am reviewing his initial proposal.
We just spoke earlier and I am now seriously gearing my head up to discuss things with him.

Question: Is HVA a good deal to enter into?
9/2/2020 12:15 pm,1,1,1,0,0,0,6,7,2020-09-02,12:24

Please keep replies private.



Liu Yao Case Studies / Will the hiring process proceed successfully
« on: July 14, 2020, 07:08:31 AM »
Hey All,

A few months ago I applied and was selected to complete initial training for a Covid-19 health related position. I actually applied for two different position.
Last week I received a notice that I would not be needed for a position. But today I received a noticed that I would be contacted about the next step in the hiring process. So I currently know I am being considered for one of the positions – it is also possible the other position may not need additional people.

So after reading today's email I casted “Will I get hired for the xx job? Received hexagram 56 – Fire over Mountain (7/13/20). No change line.

月      日    空
Wei   Si    Zi, Chou
                          Si – Sibling            勾
                          Wei – Child            蛇
                      O You – W/W     Tiger 虎
(Hai – O/G)       Shen – W/W             玄
                          Wu – Sibling          龍
(Mao – P)      S Chen – Child     Bird  雀

Lets keep this out of Uncle G's hands....


FREE Divination Request / Is My Shoulder Injury Serious?
« on: June 11, 2020, 05:31:55 PM »
To All,

Yesterday evening while on my jog, I tripped and fell. Instead of falling face forward into the ground, I took a roll. But while in the roll I hit my left (back of) shoulder on the ground.

Is this a serious injury or just a lighter bump and bruise, just requiring normal treatment.

(This is the wrong hexagram),0,0,0,1,0,0,6,3,2020-06-11,11:33

(This is the correct hexagram),0,1,1,0,0,0,8,2,2020-06-11,11:33


Liu Yao / Will Boris Johnson Get Better (soon)?
« on: April 07, 2020, 08:40:13 AM »
April 6th 2020 19:23
日 -Wo, 月 Chen,  空 +M -M

61.3.5 -> 5
      -Wo - O/G ---> +Wa - W/W
      -F - P
S    Wei - S
      Chou - S ---> Chen - S
      -Wo - O/G
O   -F - P
[伏神 line 3 +M - C, line 5 +Wa - W/W]

Thanks - Stay safe, Stay healthy,


Bazi / translation assistance
« on: March 24, 2020, 03:22:24 AM »
To All,

Please help with translating the following - 十神虚透的含义.
Document relates to MangPai. I am conserned with 虚透.
Is this refering to a Void branch element which also protrudes into heaven stem - or does 虚 refer to something else.


Liu Yao / Current Iran - America (Trump) Situation
« on: January 10, 2020, 01:49:18 AM »
Will America retaliate after Iran missile attack?

Casting: 1/7/20 - 54 -> 11 (3 & 4) move.
Month: Chou Day: -M Void: +/- Wo

Xu (P)                           [ O ]
+M (S)
+F (O/G)  -> Chou (P)
Chou (P)   -> Chen (P)    [ S ]
-Wo (W/W)
-F (O/G)

Situation appears even for both sides.
Maybe everything will play out on media - with words.

But America's reaction may inflame issues (more for self). I may be wrong here as Self Chou -> moves to advance -> Chen. Things will work out ok for US. Maybe not for Iran (Chen -> Xu clash?)

Interesting; Day - You & Chou form 1/2 Metal San He.
Lower trigram = Dui. America will try to play it off.
Upper trigram = Zhen. Iran may make noise, act (react) quickly.

Interesting: lines 3 & 4 move. Issue among persons in power - ideology and image.

Who is considered Yong Shen?

Was Plane blown up? (Question kinda assumes Iran maybe at fault)
Casting: 1/8/20 - 31 -> 12 (3 & 6) move.
Month: Chou Day: Xu Void: +/- Wo

Wei (P)       -> Xu (P)          [ O ]
-M (S)
-Wa (O) 
+M (S)       -> -Wo (W/W)   [ S ]
+F (O/G)
Chen (P)

Hidden line 2 -Wo (W/W)

1) Who is YongShen?
2) Was Plane blown up?


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