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also brother star is the competitor for wealth - but if officer star is somewhere else than self line , does it mean other guy ? so also competitor ?

You need to look at this in context of the whole reading. Another Officer in the reading could be anything. But if there is also an Officer on the Self Line, AND you are asking about romance with a particular girl, then if there is another Officer line, because it is for all intents and purposes "the same" as you are, this Officer Line now is a competitor. Because this is an identical or near enough representation (Image) of what you are in the reading, and as you are asking from a romantic perspective, this "other" version of you will be after the same thing, hence, competitor.

If the Self Line is not an Officer, then this "outside" (Non Self or Other Line) Officer, may or may not be a competitor. This would then be down to the question at hand.

Liu Yao Case Studies / Re: Quiz 26- Divination on Father's illness
« on: September 07, 2021, 03:09:13 AM »
Today he is serious ill, wanting to explain the reason this day clash Yin wood causing secretly to move,  this happen to hurt Chen earth

i have question why yin wood can be secretly to move. yin wood is no power.  coz can not get generate from month branch or moving line branch

I'm afraid you're many months too late to join in on this one, as the OP is no longer with us.

As for why Yin Wood can be Secretly able to Move (Hidden Movement), in certain school thoughts, the end to the Season still carries some of the Five Elements strength within it, and thus, as the month of Chen, still part of the point of Spring, could be considered to be in a healthy state. And thus a Clash/Strike would cause it to become Hidden Movement.

Then there is also the possibility that Yin and Mao are Void/Empty, meaning a Clash would provide such a line with the Void/Empty state to become "prominent" (after becoming Solid from the Clash/Strike), akin to meaning something is about to take place after something that was not there/not interested has had its interest piqued after a stimulus of some kind (from the Clash/Strike).

However, as even OP is not the original author, it would be difficult to determine whether there was any transcribing errors, or whether there was more meanings behind it (such as combining the above two points, or even more). If OP had any thoughts or revelations about this topic, I'm afraid it is impossible to obtain them now.

If you have any questions, it'll probably be better to ask anew in your own thread. As this thread was already old before OP departed.

Liu Yao / Re: Proper setting (Yong Shen)
« on: August 16, 2021, 03:33:09 AM »
The proper "setting" as you say (that AK proposes for use), is...

None of them will be accurate or work. Because we are not the ones asking the questions. You are.

So the only correct "setting" that is appropriate, is after you have the question up and ready. Not before.

And as you have not fully formed the question at hand, no one can tell you what is the correct "Matter" Element or "Setting".

Bazi / Re: Son beat mother chart
« on: June 26, 2021, 11:16:33 PM »
Hi @NewMan
This is a very good question and it has unwittingly reminded me of a old Greek story of Oedipus which the moral of that story literally warns us of a situation like this.

And what is the moral of the story of Oedipus?

Now when it comes to your question, In order to answer it correctly i feel it needs to be broken down into 2 portions.

The first part i would say is the philosophical portion or the ethical portion for the Reader/Astrologer. For me as a Astrologer/Reader/Practitioner, It doesn't matter who brings a chart to me.
My client will be the person i am reading the chart for. What benefit will i give to the chartholder by telling his father that he will bring badluck to him?

Just because the Father is the paying customer does not make him the Client IMO. My Client is whoever i'm reading the chart for and, my first priority is for the well-being of my Client.
I will not say anything that will jeopardize the well-being of my client.

Do you think that was same thing as what the Oracle of Delphi was thinking when they told the father of Oedipus (King Laius) that their child will kill them?

Because King Laius was asking about their unborn children, and so it was best to not reveal anything of pertinence to the father and their (The Oracle) real client was actually the child and instead allow the lack of informed understanding by the father to allow such a tragedy to develop and taken place?

If a father and son got into a bus and the bus flipped off a mountain and they both died. Is it the father who brought ill-luck to the Son or Did the Son bring ill-luck to the father?

If a person is experiencing bad luck it will show in their chart no need to see the chart of their child. Their Child's chart might be effected because of life-changing events that happen to them.
Just because it reflects on the Child's chart does not mean the Child is the cause.

I believe you are confusing causality (one cause directly producing the related effect), with correlation of events (events that do not have a direct link appear to produce the result described), which is actually separate things entirely.

Did the child/father cause misfortune for the other party (Causality) in the bus crash? Not necessarily, that part is true. But did misfortune happen as they are around each other (Bad stuff happened when around each other, or Correlation that misfortune befalls them when around each other)? Yes.

If we were to be exact with what happened in the story of Oedipus, then it is the result of being uninformed and going by woefully lacking and inadequate information for "reasons" by the Practioner/Diviner (The Oracle in this case), that lead to the fulfilment of the prophecy in tragic style.

Did the Oracle deliberately mislead King Laius so they can have a miraculous record of fortelling future events? Possible.
Did the Oracle deliberately not tell King Laius because they did not actually know the rest of the story? Possible.
Did the Oracle unintentionally cause the story of Oedipus because they know how the story unfolds, but they did not consider King Laius as the client and thus protected their real client (the child) through deciding on what to say based on an ethical and moral compass they held? Possible.

This is not a dig at you @TenVirtues but an observation on the matter.

As a Practioner/Diviner/Fortune Teller, if you allow your personal views to become embroiled into what you do, and suppress relevant information because of conflicting ideologies that you are having trouble with, you are as much the "cause" of any calamity or tragedy that the parties go through as anything else.

I urge all Practioners to provide revelant information and understanding on the information they provide.

Bazi / Re: Son beat mother chart
« on: June 26, 2021, 09:46:15 PM »
[Hidden post: You need login to forum to see it.]

[Hidden post: You need login to forum to see it.]

I'm not sure everyone can do that, though...

Coz that would suggests what is presented initially will always reflect how the system work in its full way. And that isn't always possible, there should be some gradation of info, so the first step may not seem great then becomes better and better with time.

Does any system as revealed first time from one example always reflect how the system works in its full way?

While I do agree, going with content is better then going with "authority", I think we should factor in "potential". As the content when we first see it may not be in its full form yet. : )

And if authority is thrown out, how does one factor in "potential" without examining the content first?  ;)

In all honesty, when you think about it, a claim to any lineage is only a claim to a particular lineage. With the longer the lineage, the greater the chance it becomes more meaningless.

One must remember, that as a teacher, you may not necessarily be a good teacher, no matter how skilled or capable you; as the teacher, is.
One must also remember, that as a student, you may not necessarily learn well, no matter how skilled or capable you, and/or the teacher, is.

This basically introduces three stages of a break within a lineage within two generations alone (the teacher and the pupil). So lineage does not equate to the same quality of knowledge or understanding, even amongst the same generation of students/teachers that has a prestigious line. You then apply this across many generations, and it is very easy to see, that it quickly becomes nothing more than a history lesson of the school and nothing more. You can have dead ends to such lineage tree branches after all, through no fault of anyone on that branch that reached such an end.

So I would pay it no mind.

See the content and go from there.

If you are to use the Hexagram you provided, the answer is no.
she was the querent

That has been taken into account already. The answer is still no. Your friend was overreacting in short.

If you are to use the Hexagram you provided, the answer is no.

Liu Yao / Re: Offspring as intelligence and skills (?)
« on: May 23, 2021, 03:53:14 PM »
The relative/kin Offspring is sometimes associated with Production (Output) and sometimes with Intelligence/Skills.

Can anyone give ideas of the underlying logic where Offspring represents intelligence, skills, and at the same time is ruining/destroying the Officer (power, status, control). How is this paradox solved?

Generally if we ask for a job, we have the Officer as Yong shen, and this shows our ability to successfully do the job. On the other hand, if we see a Offspring moving around destroying the Officer, we usually read it as "inability/incompetence" for that job.

So how can Offspring be intelligence and skills?

If I am not mistaken, your actual question and issue, is that you believe that work/job needs intelligence/skills and the ability to produce something out from it, and because of this, you are having trouble understanding why in WWG, the Offspring line (that represents production, intelligence/skills) would be detrimental to work/a job. Correct?

they had reconciled but she was always complaining about his affair so he had lost his patience and left her but what do you think 2.1.6 says if there is a third person' in the relationship?

Is this the same friend you wanted to contact but didn't yet in the other thread here?:

And did they really ask, or are you asking? Because this will change the interpretation of the reading and hence the interpreted result as well.

I am unsure on to what it is your friend wants to know, since they already have an answer according to what you wrote.

Hello I have been asked by a friend to write a post here about whether or not there is a third party involved in her relationship some details they split up a week or so ago and they had some recent fights about the time when he cheated on her

This part here already says that he cheated on her. Unless if this is just a suspicion only.

My friend asked today 22/5 if there was a third party involved at the moment the result was hex 2 lines 1 and line 6

I would greatly appreciate if you could help her with this query

Given the information you already provided, I don't believe you even need to ask if there was a third party. Since you can only cheat if there was a third party involved. So by logic, they should already have their answer.

Unless if you have forgotten about something in what you wrote that would warrant even needing to check with the I Ching?

Liu Yao Case Studies / Re: Six clashes and San He
« on: May 14, 2021, 02:11:57 AM »
[Hidden post: You need 20 posts to see it. You currently have 0.]

FREE Divination Request / Re: Outcome for my shopping
« on: May 11, 2021, 07:19:11 PM »
What is your definition of a successful trip?

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