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Case study: football match
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I was surprised by this case as the Void carried much more weight than the Qi line and clash (chong) of the month. It reminds me of what it says, I think I remember Golden Strategy, which is to say that the void is more important and clash (chong) is less important.

I asked: Celta vs Valencia. Who will win?. No preference for any team.

Match data: Self is Celta, Other is Valencia. Solar time: Xu hour

Hai water changes to Xu earth to return devitalization, but both lines are in void. Even if the match was played in Xu hour, and the void could be filled in the hour Xu, Xu cannot overcome Hai since it is in a void. Instead it is able of Liu He with Self, Xu-Mao.

Also the Official star in Self line seems to have had importance, and the relationship between Self and Other is that Other generates/sheng Self.

Mao wood Self is however affected by the month break and does not receive any support. And yet he won. On the other hand, note that there are 2 Chou Siblings who coincide with the day, who although they do not move are suspiciously close to the line of Other.

Result: 2:1 in favour of the Celtic (Self)
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