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FREE Life Reading Request / Re: Bazi..Where to start?
« on: March 20, 2020, 09:49:05 PM »
I quite like the discussion here. Thanks for the links and recommendations!

@Chat time - just to hold you back a little - so far I *did not* learn anything by heart or so, but am just working with your words.
You see how easy it is for me to misunderstand or simply half understand your examples? Or any combination examples at that point.
Yes give them to me, but give them to me simple - and dont expect me to understand anything that you are saying right now...
It sounds like:  xD asdfasgbhöalhjöaf `?? asd!wpzeuijs ! xD

And, feng shui is less complicated than bazi. Without belittling anything here - you can also get information on feng shui more easily in english tbh..

Art of Medicine / Re: Question: Yin / Yang vs Cold/Hot - in medicine?
« on: March 20, 2020, 09:40:39 PM »
Wow thank you for the links! This is great stuff! I'm definitely going to read / watch through it slowly :)

Cartomancy / Re: Is reading tarot a gift?
« on: March 18, 2020, 07:09:52 PM »
To answer one question cropping up, its not only Incese, you also can keep the cards close to you in a special pouch, with either special stones (moonstone for example or quartz etc..) or other 'dear' personal things to purify them/ get them used to your aura to be able to 'reach' the divine. .. trying to grasp english terms to connect the meanings... anyway.
Incense is interesting by the way.. is it an asian thing?

I didnt hear it should be given to me until today - interesting.
What I did read though is that you should not let other people touch your personal set of cards. Not even family, close friends or requesters.
Especially cards that you use for yourself /your own divinations.

Yes, Rider - Waite + book also was my first tarot deck. ( i still have it but mostly use the other I will tell you about later)
 I bought it out of curiousity - there were no people around me who could have taught me.
I also did not feel anything special at that time and used the "learning method by looking up what it means" and slowly learning about the cards.
Mostly did things like 1-3 daily card reading or just "reading to memorize" basically asking questions and then pondering on what connections can be there.
This was the first set, and tarot for me was  - something interesting, but nothing special.

Story incoming~~~ ♪ Just passing through hehe

Until one day I had come across a specially drawn set of tarot cards. commissioned by an artist, and with the art book - later I also read the interpretations of each one - each card's spiritual story in my country's language.
The cards were very beautiful and nothing of these drawings would have implied otherwise, but even before I touched them I felt they were dangerous for me - I was like "they are so beautiful, this beauty is to cry for I felt something from them and ... honestly at first I put them back and thought not to buy them.
But I could not resist the temptation of beauty and danger in the end. . .

... why dangerous you ask? Because divination power is dangerous.. We do not always want to pry open the vulnerable part inside of us.
And these cards do it. I seem to connect very easily to the feelings and intentions during the reading, and honestly, I do have a picture/photo diary of each of the reading with them. I also keep them close and still in the box to be able to connect easier.

Well, long story short - Until today , each time I use this set
(and I mostly use it for personal purposes because of this reason)
 I cry after the read. Or during the read. Or both.
And, while I did become more easily touched in the recent years (not the cards fault)
I am a person that does not cry easily at all.
I hate crying, and I hate crying even more infront of other people.
So - were they dangerous or is it their price?
Who knows..

FREE Life Reading Request / Re: Bazi..Where to start?
« on: March 18, 2020, 05:43:50 PM »
Well.. I havent decided yet. My initial spark for Bazi isnt to try to divine from it, but just to understand more about what stands for what in Bazi. Its a bit hidden overall.

I did start with the calculators, because they were the easiest available tools to me right now, and also did not contradict each other much - unlike the articles about Bazi meanings etc. some talked about different things than others. "strong and weak" were terms, then the "five elements and five elements suppression"
Honestly, I still havent figured out what strong and weak bazi means in general. Okay, its about having a lot of the same element? Or ... is it about having a lot of yin or yang? Yes, for now I took it as it is, but it 'sticks' better if I understand the things first, honestly.

As you said, chinese natives have an easier access to this than western. I prefer to read all literature in their native language, but I doubt I will learn to read more than some basic signs in chinese.
Also, I didnt quite get your explanations -
So, let me use your words - so far all of the example of divination used was a load of BS to me. I dont understand any of them.  So I cant reply or comment on it indepth, but let me react to one of them: 

your sentence:
Xin Metal DM Hurting Officer is Ren water. Hurting officer function is to attack direct officer, combine 7k and support indirect wealth.

Even if it is not important for reading the Bazi and you just told me 7k+HO = support indirect wealth like a formula.
Yes i can just take it, its fine in itself, and be happy to see this pattern another time somewhere-- nope.
what I ask myself (unfiltered, dont need to answer that, just be aware):
"Ok I know Xin metal DM but - What is ren water How did it suddenly appear?" "Does it have a meaning in standalone? Where can I look it up?"
 then: "What is Hurting Officer, and how did it get here?" then: "I have read about 7k as Seven Killings.. but wait, where do you find (see) them?"

Same with JLims explanation - I remember my mind's first question was : "wait --- whats a luck pillar?" Ive gone, googled and found em , yeah and now I know its a 10 year period. But I'm lacking deeper knowledge. Its okay if I dont understand the changing things ( like the luck pillars itself and their connections and the daily things)
I would love to know about the luck pillar though.

There are also the unchanging ones - Birthyear, day, month, hour. - and the 8 characters from them - Is that not the basic from where to go and try to understand a bit of how this works?

you see, it might be complicated in itself, have a lot of meanings and so on - but im not intimidated by that part -
- because I am very sure people that are exposed to Bazi daily just take them as normal vocabulary terms they either learnt by heart, or know one of the meanings/some of the meanings from and thus have a connection to these terms they use.
Now, put me an "alien" to Ba-Zi in the mix and wheee - Scotty, we have a language problem here.

what is in the normal wiki articles is a good start but too meagre...

FREE Life Reading Request / Re: Bazi..Where to start?
« on: March 17, 2020, 10:39:28 PM »
Hello Chat time.

Thank you for your lengthy explanation. Iappreciate it and I do understand where you are coming from, and yes, I have quite a few questions.

For me its not about "giving up or not" at this point - and its not that i cant find the basic info by a bit of googling.
But all in all that is just a flood of information from where not every information is believable and some even contradicting.
Thats why I am here to ask.
First, I want to ask myself "start or not" - I dont like half finished things overall.
My Interest/Intrigue for Bazi rooted in translated chinese literature (belletristics) that I am reading about - basically I am a fan of asian culture.
So far I am just looking into Bazi because its a new thing I have experienced/learned from there.

Not making sense - I can live with the connections of everything not making sense. Its like with Tarot, you learn to "see" slowly.
BUT. I wont be able to live without the basics. Its like with school  - some just memorize the textbooks and get good grades, while not understanding what they are writing about.
For others, they will only get good grades, if they have a purpose behind their learning.
I want to find my purpose, thats all. If I dont find it, then fine - i can of course memorize books after books but I wont make it far.
Thats why I have many questions - I do not expect an answer to every of it, but if i can find that spark somewhere I will be motivated to pull trough.

Im thankful for your explanation, but it will be helpful *after* I have decided to actually pursue Bazi methods.
So far, what would help me is maybe a good source of for example
"where does bazi come from and what do the different terms stand for?"

If you want to read... you first need to know what the letters mean... I am not even talking about the words yet.

FREE Life Reading Request / Re: Bazi..Where to start?
« on: March 16, 2020, 09:58:55 PM »
I see?.. thats what I would like to say. But I am very confused.
Thank you for taking on this case though.

would you kindly explain what a luck pillar is? and does it appear randomly?
If its not too much trouble, could you explain the meaning between heavenly and earthly and hidden signs? Just a very basic explanation would suffice.
 it is called 8 characters. - So these 8 hour, day , month year represent different elements (heavenly) on top and different signs in bottom (earthly)
What does hidden stems stand for? why heavenly and earthly?
And what is the difference between general stars and symbolic stars? what do the stars stands for?
A few keywords would be enough for me to start with. I have read a tiny bit on the stars but it just confused me.
I make a slight connotation with tarot cards on this, with both positive and negative meaning depending on the combination.
Is it the same with those stars? Do they have a meaning for bazi or should I ignore them first and focus on the general 8 signs?
Help very much appreciated...

thank you, Master JLim.

Edit: in the meanwhile I will just dilligently look up the terms you used to describe your explanation.

Edit2: Sorry... its too embarassing to admit this, but ... so far most relationships were not fated for me - because of ..."another girl" in the best case and "more than one another girl combining" with my person of interest. *sigh* these words ring too true...

FREE Divination Request / Re: New Virus
« on: March 15, 2020, 03:39:07 AM »
Cant really found it on metaphysics but rather statistics so far to speculate, but I feel like a man made virus could have been possible.
Any metaphysic reason for or against a man made pandemic (without the accidental spread from food but intentional)?
Not even speculating where or who -

FREE Divination Request / Re: New Virus
« on: March 10, 2020, 11:17:15 PM »
It is well known that the rat is a vector of infection, so it is logical to assume that such epidemics occur at least every 12 years in the year of the rat. It is also likely that something similar happens in the year of the dragon and the monkey.
Let's make a prophecy of an epidemic of a new virus from the end of 2023 and all of 2024 :)

... quick question, but wait, the chinese new year wasnt in January, so it wasnt year of the rat (yet) ? 
I mean its kinda interesting idea to imagine the Bat as a flying Rat but .. ;D  -

Then again if we connect it to the previous year of the pig.. humans "pigging" out on "bats" and then getting the "rat-revenge"... it doesnt seem that far fetched anymore... ;)

minimizing this a little, tad off topic but too intriguing to pass up. to any follow up comments i can only say - I am free to discuss this in pm anytime:
Every year, more and more people in the world begin to believe that flying into space is not true, but a "show".

Well it is a 'show' for the public to get more funding for a project that is basically not profitable for humanity (yet?), if you mean that.
If you mean it in the way that humans never left earth and flew to the moon... well there are people also claiming the earth is still flat, standing on five elephants and on a giant turtle that is flying through the universe...
 there are lots of theories, based on science, or personal belief.
As for the actual truth..? Well maybe some will not believe the Earth actually ever existed in the distant future...

Anyway, with flying in the air, I meant /understood that the humble people 150 years ago were probably just imagining Airplanes and Parachutes...

As for outer space travel - the myth of Ikarus flying to the sun and getting burned was there from ancient Greek times.. ?

FREE Life Reading Request / Re: Bazi..Where to start?
« on: March 10, 2020, 10:38:19 PM »
Thank you, I have sent you a PM.

What paths of a persons life are there? And how are they differentiated in the Bazi?

Edit: Wow, just understanding that "Xin Metal DM (day master?) " is important already helped... I feel like a noob  ;D

Art of Medicine / Question: Yin / Yang vs Cold/Hot - in medicine?
« on: March 08, 2020, 01:04:40 PM »
I often read about "cold and hot" food or medicine in chinese literature.
Even though I was intrigued, I mostly accepted it as it is and never went about researching it deeper.
For example using special medicine to cure "cold" extremities. Or too "hot" ones. 
Or strengthen immunity ... nowadays it seems more important than ever.

Anyone knows /can recommend where I could get more indepth information about how to do this?
Any books ?

Personally  I am one of those people who get cold easily... though i always thought it was more because im getting older ...  ;D

Members Lounge / Re: Welcome home!
« on: March 08, 2020, 12:53:48 PM »
Thank you!

I definitely will. :)

FREE Life Reading Request / Bazi..Where to start?
« on: March 08, 2020, 12:38:42 PM »
[Hidden post: You need login to forum to see it.]

FREE Divination Request / Re: New Virus
« on: March 08, 2020, 12:12:35 PM »

There are many people that predicted things - however!
My question to this is, how much of it is it still prediction, if people know about those predictions?
Then again there is no way people would believe those are predictions, if nobody knew about them. So... I see both value and paradox here.

What I mean is that some dreams inspire people to chase after them. In good and bad ways.

Who of the 'dreamers' 150 years ago would have thought that people will conquer the sky and even fly out to other planets in the universe?
They were all called madmen and condemned.

Long story short:
I am not doubting the people that had a creative mind years ahead of others - But we may have to look into the connections and influences on their past and our current world as well.

Also, as read above, there seems to be a pattern in those coronaviridae. Humans have known to react badly to animal viruses and vice versa.
It is possible for something to occur every few years. -
Then again - who will believe you as long as nothing happens?

Just leaving some food for thought...

Members Lounge / Re: Welcome home!
« on: March 08, 2020, 11:39:03 AM »
Hello Everyone!

Not too new to overall metaphysics, but very new and inexperienced about the Chinese Methods.
I know a little about Tarot and also made my own readings for myself and my close Friends,
but as for understanding more about the influence of Bazi, I am an absolute beginner and would like to learn more.

Best Regards,

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