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FREE Life Reading Request / Re: Help in reading this chart
« on: August 30, 2020, 02:21:40 AM »
@JLim Thank You. ;)

Dear Master Jlim, I wish to ask you something more about my chart based from Blindman School 's perspective.

1. My chart has 2 group - a. the fire, dry earth and wood group ( bing, yin, ding, jia and xu ), b. the metal and water group ( 2 rooster and gui )
my DM is Jia wood, jia wood generate ding fire in the month pillar so that means my self want to follow ding, ( like  a goal life or something ) but that is all DM does in this chart, other other hand Xu harms 2 roosters, and there are bing, and yin from year pillar as well. therefore the fire, dry earth, wood group want to control ( work on ) the metal rooster. In general, I need more fire, wood, and dry earth from the luck cycle to help the "work". Is that why, my previous LP Geng Zi was so bad ?, and the current Xin Chou is metal and wet earth as well, does not seem auspicious.

2. I have always moved to another place in dragon year, I guess because dragon clash dog in the day pilllar, do you think I will have to move to another place in the coming dragon year in 2024, the previous dragon year was bad.

Thanks for your time.

Thank You for your kind answer master JLim. I will study more. :)

Dear members, I just find out I have 3 void stars in my chart, 1 in month pillar, 1 in day pillar, 1 in hour pillar. Can someone kindly explain these void effect from Blindman school's perspective for me, please?

Thank you.

Thank You.  :), I will try again maybe in september.

Thanks for your time. Is there anything else I should be careful about in this current LP.

I lost my job in 2017, wife is ok. previous Luck Pillar is kinda bad, I just start to work for my friend this year in airbnb business, but COVID came and we are kinda out of job atm. Really wonder about how things gonna go with current LP. btw, I moved from Vietnam to Australia in 2000 if it can help with anything
Thank you

I'm a male, relationship with my parent is ok.
Thanks for your reply

FREE Life Reading Request / Request General Blindman School Reading
« on: August 08, 2020, 12:08:05 PM »
Dear forum members, I am just starting to read some bazi books, and of course, I use my own chart to read to see what had, is, and will happen in my life then I came to know fiveart website. My request is can someone give me a general blindman school reading, because I'm not familiar with this methodology. Thank you.

One more thing, can anyone recommend some English beginner books I can read to improve my skills, I would like to learn Blindman school style course here as well, but I don't have money atm, so I think I should start to read some books atm.

My birthchart is
Year 1986, Month 9, Day 27, Hour Rooster.
Year Bing Yin, Month Ding You, Day Jia Xu, Hour Gui You.
I was born in Vietnam.

Thank you very much.

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