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  H      D     M    Y
Ding  Bing  Jia   Bing
Mao   Wu  Chen  Yin        non-inverted (standard) chart
Wood and Fire gang controlling Chen.  Chen is controlled completely.  The chart uses Mao and Yin, which are strong roots of Jia DM.  Mao and Yin are Parallel Stars.  Parallel performing work means he works with physical effort/body to make money (Chen).
  H      D     M    Y
Ding  Ren  Jia   Bing
Mao   Zi   Chen  Yin         inverted chart
Chen is not controlled.  The Wood and Fire gang is not strong enough here, because of the strong Water Pillar of Ren Zi.   Mao is broken too (Zi-Mao Po), so Mao cannot control Chen.  For a phenomenal success like Messi, if the chart wants to control Chen, then the controlling had better be thorough. But it's not thorough or complete in this case.

- How would you plot the LP's for the inverted chart, I wonder?
- What do you think of 2016 Bing Shen in that chart.  Good or bad?

This discussion about Southern Bazi is not restricted to Mangpai, anybody with traditional style of analysis is welcome to comment. 

There's no need to delete this topic.  How about the other football superstar from Argentina, which is located in the Southern hemisphere?  Which chart reflects his phenomenal success?

  H      D     M    Y
Ding  Bing  Jia   Bing
Mao   Wu  Chen  Yin        non-inverted (standard) chart

LP Jia Chen (2003-2013)
LP Gui Mao (2013-2023)

  H      D     M    Y
Ding  Ren  Jia   Bing
Mao   Zi   Chen  Yin         inverted chart

Bazi / Re: South vs North BaZi practical example
« on: December 16, 2018, 07:06:48 PM »
Pele is even more unclear... In his autobiography he has given 23 october as time of birth, on birth certificate is 21 october... What would we choose unknown md in 1940 in Brazil, or what the person is giving... Both obviously may have problems when it is 2 days apart...
Hi Gmuli, look at Source Notes in astro-databank.  October 21st looks credible.
B.C. copy in hand from Marcello Borges stating Pele's birth date as October 21st. Evidently, early in Pele's career a seer advised him to say that he was born three days later, October 24, to get a stronger Scorpio image.

Bazi / Re: South vs North BaZi practical example
« on: December 16, 2018, 05:15:34 PM »
Lets view Elon Musk then.
Born in South Africa, founder of space X and a lot of other stuff, more info here:
Ah, Elon Musk, as smart and sexy as he may be, I would not choose his chart for the research of the Southern Hemisphere theory.  It's because we already have uncertainties for the hour to start with.

Bazi / Re: South vs North BaZi practical example
« on: December 16, 2018, 05:10:46 PM »
Pele famous futbol player from Brazil is a good example,

North Chart

HH   DD   MM   YY
Ren Ding Bing Geng
Yin   You   Xu   Chen

imho, the north chart is more suit for a football player. Ding DM and Bing Xu are linked. Xu as output and DM's body performs main works on chart. Bing  (parallel star) is involved, indicates a team game and competitive work.

:) :) :)
Yes, I agree with the whole reasoning for a foot player there. 

South Chart

Ren  Ding  Ren  Geng
Yin   You   Chen  Chen

Lack of strong Fire root.

Question: between the two charts, which chart leads to a more marriage stable life? 

Hi Tientai, I've been very busy and haven't had a a chance to look at this quiz.  But I do occasionally get enquiries about moving.  Although not the same, this case reminds me of a consultation that I gave earlier this year: To Move or not, now what?

Miscellaneous / Re: Two different stores - one Wuxing element
« on: December 07, 2018, 05:07:23 PM »
When the owners pass away, there are two scenarios:

1) if the heir's luck is great, then (s)he can anyway make serious money from another business under the more auspicious element.  The heir would not worry so much about making little money from the inherited business. This heir can keep the old business for memory's sake.

2) if the heir's luck is just average, then (s)he would be advised to sell off the inherited business.  They could then use the cash to develop another business under the more auspicious element.

There are possibly more scenarios, for example if the heir has a spouse, and the spouse has affinity with the inherited business.   

Miscellaneous / Two different stores - one Wuxing element
« on: December 03, 2018, 04:19:01 PM »
Today I went to two neighborhood stores.  They are both little mom-and-pop stores.  I went to one store to buy a light bulb, so it's a lighting store.  After that, I went next door to a photo-printing store.  Interesting that both stores are owned by the same boss! Lighting and photo both belong to the Fire element.  The owner is a Chinese.  I did not chat with them, but it's very likely that they got into this business based on some Bazi or Fengshui advise that Fire is auspicious for the owner. 

By the way, once it's auspicious for the owner, it matters less that employees or children of the owner have the same auspicious element.  When the owner enjoys the good luck from the business, employees and children benefit through the owner. Unless if an employee wants to become independent and open the same kind of business, in which case that element had better be auspicious in their Bazi chart.

Miscellaneous / Re: More Boys Than Girls in China and India
« on: December 03, 2018, 03:56:53 PM »
The pulse method is very interesting.  There's no need for ultrasound images!  Although I don't think I will need to distinguish the child's gender for myself anymore! :D :D

Hi Tientai, sorry that I only have time for one section of it:
◆5-1 天時 - Weather Conditions Forecast
This is the first chapter, but seriously this is the least used forecasting in our modern times. 
◆5-2 身命 - Personality Fate
Personal Fate
◆5-3 終身財福 - All life long richful happiness [fortune]
richful rich and happiness
◆5-9 子嗣 - Heirs [posterity ]
Offspring.  Actually, in your Liu Yao application, I would prefer that "Offpsring" is used instead of "Child".
◆5-11 治經 - Governance
I thought it was "governance", but then it also means "study of the classics".  You will need to see the contents of that sub-chapter to see which meaning fits better.

FREE Life Reading Request / Re: DR sit PB
« on: December 01, 2018, 07:07:53 AM »
This site seems to attract many indonesian. Maybe jlim can consider printing jlim's 5arts t-shirt for every student attended his courses ;) jlim what you think  ;D ;D ;D
That's a good idea! The only thing is that my students are spread across the world, so the shipping cost would be more expensive than the T-shirt production cost ;D

Info on BAZI CALCULATOR / Re: Minor bazi-calculator improvements
« on: December 01, 2018, 06:56:44 AM »
This is an extract of what appears in the "My Charts" section, after I have reopened each chart. 

Feng Shui / Re: Mountains and the elements
« on: November 23, 2018, 03:51:31 PM »
I'm not sure what the element is, maybe when the photo is zoomed out, we can assess it better.

On that page, Skinner got the Chinese characters for Wood and Water mixed up!

Bazi Case Studies / Re: Jay Chou (Zhou Jie Lun)
« on: November 22, 2018, 10:59:47 AM »
That piece is one of my most favorite song from him!   ;D :D :)  I think I have seen somebody trying to work backwards to get his hour in a Chinese forum.  If I have time, I will look for it.

This chart reminds me of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi journalist that was assassinated.  Also a Gui DM.

The thing is when there is no Hour, it's just not a Bazi (Eight Characters) chart, hence real analyzing with Bazi is extremely difficult.  We can do a bit of reverse engineering, but not much can be said. has tons of charts for research that comes with the Hour Pillar.  I think I showed somewhere in this forum how to search for such cases in that website made by our fellow forumer @Voytek

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