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Consultations reviews / Out of this world experience!
« on: May 16, 2018, 06:51:32 PM »
This will be a long, detailed review. Please bear with me, if Jlim survived (you should have seen the length of our FB chat), you will too. I promise!
(It's just not fair to compress Jlim's greatness into two sentences!)

So, here we go...
I was a single mother of a six yo son, once a happy, satisfied, fullfilled mother, wife, business woman.
Suddenly my life turned upside down, everything was going down, and eventually I hit the rock bottom.
Looking for the ways out, I went for a professional Bazi reading. Instead of receiving comforting words, and a help/answer for the way out, I was told I'm probably not going to survive the next 7 years. Say what?

I panicked (Even though I was in a state where I didn't care much about what happened to me, I had a small child, so dying was not an option!)
Many forum discussions, and Bazi readings later I came across mangpai and Jlim.

I was interested only in:
- Is my health/life really at risk?
- How to correct my financial situation?
- Should I buy this gorgeous lot with a house I fell in love with.

Let's make something clear at the beginning:
!!! I especially emphasized I was not interested in relationships, I told him how I'm staying single forever, and I also especially emphasized how I hated guts of my ex. !!!

So, here I am, taking a Mangpai and divination readings from Jlim.

What he did:
- He broke down my life in 5 year increments from my birth to the old age. He did warn me for the potential health risks, though, but I'm not going to die any time soon 'according to J(l)im'(see the pun? :D ). I immediately gained back my lust for life.
He also got everything from my past right! Every single thing was scarily accurate!

- My next 7K period is not going to kill me, but contrary it will improve my financial and love status.

- I must not buy that house I fell in love with, otherwise I will lost lots of money. (I hated him for full five minutes for saying that!)

- Here comes the shocker:
'You should get back with your ex, father of your son.' WTF? Talk about pushing the limits! I hated him even more!And, what's the strangest thing - I didn't ask him about what to do regarding relationships! I didn't want any, and here he goes, pulling my ex out of his sleeve. Well, at least it was a free tip! Imagine I had to pay to someone to tell me I should get back together with the most hated man on earth! (After that we did confirm this mangpai reading with divination, too).
I thought he was crazy, he must have returned opposite results for divination reading I should buy a house and have a contract killer chasing my ex, right?!

- The shockest shocker: Take him back, but just so you know, he will be surounded with lots of women.
Wow, thanks, Jlim, what a great motivation to take him back!
(Well, to be honest, I really have this competitive chart, and each of my men will be surounded with lots of women, so I should ignore this minor flaw, ha ha ha, and focus to the positive things about him that make him better man than all the other womenizers).

So, I was 'cooking' these strange, non logical advice in my head for some days, and thought: 'What the heck, it can't get worse than it already is. At least I'm not gonna die any time soon.'

I was probably a huge pain in the a**, as I bothered Jlim for hours on Facebook. He was very patient with me, promptly answering to all my silly and annoying questions I poured at him daily.

What happened after I took all his advice:
- I sat down with my ex, we agreed to try again for the sake of our son.
As soon as we decided to get back together, our lives turned around for the 180 degrees (for the better)! We are enjoying our relationship like never before, I see him in a completely different light. I found out that I actually love him very much.
- Money is literally pouring at us.
- We bought a brand new home (I found the other one, not the one Jlim previously told me I shouldn't), and not only we got ourselves great home, it looks like the seller of this new home is going to become my new business partner. Also his Bazi chart is perfect match to mine, he also has both of my noblemen in it!

My ex bought this new fancy BMW three years ago (flashy car for a newly single daddy).
After he got tired of it, he tried to sell it, but couldn't get rid off it for the whole two years.
And here is me a few days ago, with the real estate agent, first time in this new, gorgeous apartment.
I decided to close the deal in a few minutes (I decided without my partner, he had not have seen it).
One minute after I put an offer for the apartment, I called my man to let him know how I'm gonna take the apartment, he said: 'Good, you bought the apartment and I'm just signing the contract, I sold the car'. Both happened at the exact same time!
Just the night before we discussed about the worth of a car we are not even bothered to drive, and how awsome it would be to sell it and invest that money in the new home!

This is it so far. Pretty much happened in a less than a month!

Thank you so much, Jlim! You are simply the best.

Thanks, @JLim. You both are very helpful, kind and generous with the advice. Can't thank you enough.

Doorway or far away places ---->I export outside my country to the country which is North from my birth place (chasing water element with 'fire products') :)

Thank you many, many times. :)

Thank you again, @Miss A

I get it now. It took me a while to connect the dots, it's a bit differenet approach that I'm used to in BaZi. :)

Reason for bankruptcy: The sales was starting to go down in 2013. In January 2014 we had to leave our place in the shopping mall (which we held since 2009) to the bigger pharmaceutical company -----> it was actually some sort of take over.
I had to let go all of my employees, couldn't sell the remaining inventory to anyone and went totally bankrupt. In the same frame of 14 days I left my home with my child and went to live to my brother's family.
In June 2014 my ex asked me to return to our home, and he moved out, leaving us the appartment (which we bought together). We are still both owners of it, but he doesn't live with us.

I'm in a fire related industry, manufacture my own brand, at the moment focusing on the wholesale/distribution and export.

According to mangpai - which are my favourable elements? Is fire industry good for me?

Thank you so much!
Can't wait to take mangpai course :)

Courses / Re: Information on the Mangpai Foundation Course
« on: March 29, 2018, 04:47:13 PM »
Thank you, @JLim :)

Recently I started studying 5 series books about BaZi from JY, and as soon as I finish them & gain some more knowledge, I'm taking your course.

Best wishes.

Courses / Re: Information on the Mangpai Foundation Course
« on: March 29, 2018, 03:02:35 PM »
Dear @JLim,

I'm interested in the course, and would like to know what prior knowledge do I need to have to start with the course of Mangpai?

Thank you. :)

Thank you very much @Miss A, you've been very helpful.

There are only two things I would kindly ask you to further clarify for me:

1. I was told that water is my wealth element, and since my chart is full of earth and fire, making it very dry, I can 'absorb' much more water than I already have. So, basically, everybody suggested to utilize on water years, months, days and hours.
Year 2014 (Jia Wu) was also the year when my company totally crushed, I went bankrupt, and had to build a company all over again from the bottom. I was told that happened becuase Wu crashed with Zi (my wealth element).So in the same 2014 I went bankrupt and separated from my partner ----> both happened within 14 days actually.

2. I noticed you reffer to an Hour pillar as the spouse pillar. I thought day pillar was spouse related?

Thank you veryvery  much.

Gui You LP is not good:
1) it produces 7K Jia.
2) You harms your root in Xu and marriage palace at the same time.
3) chart wants to control Zi but You produces Zi. It is very inauspisiuous.
Best LPs for you are with strong  metal in stems.

But I will never have a LP with metal stem. I have to rely on Annual Pillars with Xin/Geng stems then?

How bad for me is it going to be this 7K Jia/Xu LP? :(
I'm interested in my health and wealth.

Thank you for sharing your story.
In new LP Jia Xu you will have new relationship. Just be aware of womanizers. If he was married before it is better.

Thank you Miss A.
There is already a man, very interested in me, and I known him very long.
He is divorced, is womenizer, of course, but he doesn't want to give up on me even though I repel him. I've been doing it for 4 years now. He's also 7 years older. I do like him but don't want him (especially knowing my luck with men).

Thank you for your kind assistance. :)

The reason I'm asking for the right BaZi is not about finding a man (actually, I can't imagine myself living with a man ever again) but because I'm approaching 7K period and I'm terrified about it.

According to my BaZi, I'm in the best LP (DW) right now, but it seems to me like this is actually my 7K period, because I had horrbile, worst ever time since I turned 32.
First I almost died when giving a birth, doctors barely saved my life.
Me and my partner almost killed each other.
I separated.
I went for bankruptcy, had to let go all of my employees, and close the store.
My father died.
I was always skinny beauty, looking like a model, and after 32 gained weight and went ugly (at least I see myself like that).
I became depressed, I barely leave the house, don't socialize anymore.

So - how come this is my best period? What's in it for me in 7K period then? I'm even afraid to think of it.

According to the LUNAR BaZi, I'm in my 7K period right now, which makes much more sense to me...

He said he wanted to end up with her, but she threatened him with suicide. Then he met me and didn't want to lose the opportunity, so he lied about his identity to buy some time so he could meanwhile end up with her. He did it and eventually confessed everything.

The other reason for lying was - I was 7 years older, had my own company, dated the richest men, and he was just a poor student. He thought if I knew that, I wouldn't have wanted him, so he lied and made up a story about himself being rich and successful until I get to love him.
But I didn't mind him being student, because he was very beautiful (Brad Pitt kind of a guy), and I fell for him immediately. All my other men were womenizers but I don't think he was too.
When I first tried to leave him, he tried to commit suicide, but after that he always threatened to kill me. He became very aggressive, abusive, spying all the time, so I left him.

Now he's very successful man, very rich,has his own company, employs many people, but not in a relationship.

Actually, when we met, he was with another woman but I didn't know that as he made up his whole personality. His name, age, occupation, family background... everything was made up, and I didn't know it for almost one year of interection and dating him.

Not to my knowledge. I can't say. He was obsessed with me, control freak, spying on me all the time. We still se each other every day when he comes to see our child. He still wants us to get back together.
This is his DOB if it helps: 4. May 1986 at 11:20 AM, same longitude.

I met him in June 2008, we moved in together in february 2009. It was terrible relationship, we were always fighting. August 2013 was the worst, there was even police involved. The relationship ended then, but I finally moved out with a child in January 2014.

I have my own company, its about import/export and manufacturing our own brand.
The company is all mine, I established it alone and run it alone, too. Never had family members working for or with me.
I was never married, but I do have a child, born in December 2011. Me and his father separated in 2013. He was actually younger than me, never married. I never had any other man since then.

My birth town's Longitude: 14.505751
GMT +1

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