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Dear Master @JLim ..hi ...

Thank you for correcting me on translating into Chinese ...
I try the best still is not enough... !!
some years before was Unreachable dream to make it ...
But now I just get the meaning ...!! .. is not enough indeed I make specific grammar errors..
I think with your valuable help I will fix this problem... and feel grateful from your contribution. 

with respect


Offspring Shen metal is on Shi self moving line, and change to Wu fire (return to restrain ), so One's own offspring receiving hurt also [from parents ].

the top moving line is Zi water Wife /Wealth, also change to earth that [return to ] subdue, Wife /Wealth taken as wives and concubines, maid servants or servants, so all family suffer a form injury, so is suitable quickly to move [from one residence to another ].

Someone said: 「what will happen with the change of gateway?」

I said: i  cannot avoid it, this turn around will hurt me, mostly on summer when fire is flourishing [Wang ], certainly will meet terrible distress. 

Somehow i know that this residence is near Yang Che river, i was made divination before, for the day wanting to move with no [better ] results.

By the arrival of Wu fire Ninth Month, will decide for the river residence, entirely pursue drifting by unrestrained waves.

This responded to Wu Month, Wu fire then holds power, and can hurt both Shi self and Child [shi self line ], also hurt with clash Zi water Wife/Wealth [1st /6th line ],  therefore whole family is (and will ) suffering from harm.

*** Comment
1. Restlessness inside second residence is not gone better !!!
2. Perhaps the Owner lose much Money buying the new residence... or His wife is suffering mostly!!!

Hi Tientai, what is the query for this hexagram?

Yes you have right ..  isn't seen clearly the query .
So does and in ancient text too but I will try to describe somehow the situation..

In a home already existing restlessness among family members ... ( .. is not evident to involve on query  )

The owner ( Parent ) wanting to change residence made this query: " wanting to change this residence what I could find ? "

Thanks for noticing this @JLim

Case 3: People Unpeaceful [uneasy, restless, worried ]


The following is a bit similar to Bazi: sixth line Si is in Kong Wang (Emptiness), but Si obtains the Month Qi.   So, when it gets out of Kong Wang, Si will do its job of clashing Hai.  Too bad the text did not specify which Mao day that the person died.

Thank you Master@JLim. ..
I keep this valuable information as note quotation ... to my translating efforts on Wild Crane's old man book ...
Tientai ..


example : Yongshen not having a root basis

Someone divine for his own illness,the Useful God [Yongshen ] is on Shi self Hai water line, by the Jealous God [Jishen ] Wei earth moving and subdue [ke ] water.

It is lucky that there is a You metal Primordial God [Yuanshen ] moving line, Jealous God [Jishen ] Wei earth [5th line ] return to give strength to You metal Primordial God [Yuanshen ], this metal can produce Hai water, by continuously engendering, even taken [help ] from vicious [ Jealous God [Jishen ] Wei earth 5th changed line] this is lucky.

But is Hai water, with the month EB Clash - Break [Chong - Po ] and day subduing [Ke ], as a tree not having a root basis, although there is producing support, this produce cannot help to raise up, and indeed died on a Mao wood Day. 

When Mao wood day comes, You metal Primordial God [Yuanshen ] is clashed [ chong ] with the Day [EB Mao ], this is called as 「Yongshen not have a root basis, even if a powerful Primordial God [Yuanshen ] producing [sheng ] it there is Disaster (difficulty)」

Tientai ...

Dear all ... hi

I know I touch a very sensitive subject...
Much more when concerning to religious beliefs .. !!

These concerns may never be answered ... and perhaps belong to man's eternal quest..
I believe in reincarnation because is obvious that one life is not enough to solve so many injustices we have caused or causing.. maybe the law of justice or karma might interfere here .. !!

I will try to explain what I mean ... maybe I did not describe the concept of karma correctly .. I think that when Buddhism appeared in China somewhere 4 to 5 century A.C. The concept of "karma" did not exist.. or was with another form. However, before the appearance of Buddhism, the Chinese were quite happy with the concepts of Taoism and Confucianism. From there, they drew the ideas of reformation and virtues of morality to regulate their lives so they hope for a better future. .. the divination arts were capable of regulating these needs as heavy as they are ... while in most Buddhist and Hindu or Christian doctrines the predatory or astrological predictions were largely unacceptable...
Ancient Chinese people were regulate the "Ming - or Destiny or  karma for Buddhism" by their useful and valuable theoretical tools of Wu Xing and Yin Yang ...
Chinese hardly accept Ideas or invaded Dogmas for the reason that they are more practical and like evidence. ...
Theology is not highly estimated all over China ... still Buddhism is accepted and Worshipful of many Chinese people ..'
nevertheless I have to mention that Buddhism used many texts of Taoism in the next generations ...
By the way I am not against Buddhist dogmas ..
I still read many sutras of Buddhism ...
I read the Holly Bible too ...  and am trying to have good understanding..!!
What is your thesis over it  ??
A good discussion is appreciated ..!!


... Dear Liu yao members
Try to evaluate your knowledge by deciphering on this Case ....
After some time I will give the answer from Wild Crane's Old man's book ...

Tientai ...



Brothers line taken as Yongshen , this line Chou earth is moving, Month and day is restrain it, is evident now a big crime is difficult to escape.


luckily Brothers is a moving line, change to Parents Wu fire that turn back to engender each other [Xiang ].Parents give birth [Sheng ] to Brothers, God [Shen Spirit ] said clearly, should move quickly , the consequences will be extremely avoided.

*** Thanks to Master @JLim for his careful assessment of the scant information of the ancient text ...

Hi Massiecore ....

i will make a try for a help ....

Massiecore was born on 24/9/1989, a female Red Fire Pig day in the autumn of Brown Earth Snake year. After calculating the scores of Five Elements, the weight of Wood is 20, Fire is 46, Earth is 44, Metal is 88 and Water is 75. Therefore, the birth chart contains 7% Wood, 17% Fire, 16% Earth, 32% Metal and 27% Water.

Fire-type Person

Chinese astrology says this person is a Fire-Type person because the DAY Stem in the birth chart is Fire. When the score of Fire is between 90 and 30, then the birth chart has healthy Fire. If the score of Fire is over 95, then the birth chart has too much Fire. If the score of Fire is less than 25, then the birth chart is lacking Fire.

Usually, the instinct of a Fire-Type personality is to be optimistic, polite, enterprising, active, outgoing, enthusiastic, bold and unrestrained. Also, the Fire-type person is cosseting, thoughtful and cherishes friendship.

When the DAY Stem is a Yin Fire the person is like the bright, clear, soft and mysterious moonlight. The good side of the Yin Fire personality is steady, mild, polite, calm, moderate thoughtful and diligent. This type of person often likes the private life and never wants to show off in public. The opposite of the Yin Fire personality is jittery, nervous, uneasy and sometimes enthusiastic but insincere. This person is not used to making every endeavor to complete a task. Therefore he or she is sometimes too difficult to understand.


Additionally, since the score of Fire is 46 and the score of Wood is 20, then this person is gentle, kind, friendly and self-reliant person. He is flexible and reasonable to judge anything.

Massiecore was born on 24/9/1989, a female Red Fire Pig day in the year of Brown Earth Snake. The adjusted Five Element scores are Wood 5, Fire 49, Earth 65, Metal 200 and Water 88. The female Fire was born in the Chicken month. This Birth Chart has too less Fire.  It's called a Weak Fire type Birth Chart. The lucky element is Wood and the second lucky element is Fire.

Each lucky element has Yin and Yang. Yin is female and Yang is Male. Therefore, Male Wood, Female Wood and Male Water are lucky elements. Tiger and Rabbit are lucky animals. Female Fire, Male Fire and Male Earth are next lucky elements. Horse, Snake and Dog are next lucky animals.


Rabbit is a lucky animal, but Chicken is found in the Birth Chart. Because Rabbit and Chicken don't get along too well, so Rabbit won't bring him full luck. Tiger is a lucky animal, but Snake is found in the Birth Chart. Because Tiger and Snake don't get along too well, so Tiger won't bring him full luck. He will gain some luck, if Tiger shows in the Major Cycle or Yearly Cycle. This is because Tiger and Pig in the Birth Char together will contain some ingredient of Wood. He will be very lucky, when Rabbit and Sheep show in the Major Cycle and Yearly Cycle. This is because Rabbit, Pig and Sheep are together will generate a strong force of Wood.

Horse is a lucky animal. Snake is a lucky animal, but Pig is found in the Birth Chart. Because Snake and Pig don't get along too well, so Snake won't bring him full luck. Tiger contains some ingredient of Fire and will give him some luck. Dog contains a little ingredient of Fire and will bring him a little luck. ...

The major element in 2015 - 2019 is Metal, which is the Money star. 

This is a period mainly about your money. You will work hard for money and money will come into your pocket -- either by earning cash or borrowing it. The events in this cycle are related to money, trade, business, property, real estate, housing, capital, furniture, jewelry, investment, economy, finance and diligence.

You work hard for money. You even tend to be thrifty. You still have big expense each month. People think you are penny pincher or a cheapskate. Sometimes you feel the difficulty to get along with friends. You might have financial problems and might have to deal with a transaction about property. On your job, you work hard to deal with customer's business, but nothing returns for you. In your business, you might have some trouble on receivable accounts. Money issues are always around you in this cycle. If you are weak, it's easy to get sick.

You should pay attention on your mother's health. If you are married, you should spend more time with your spouse.

The major element in this first half of 2018 is Earth, which is the Child (Fame) star.

This is a period about your reputation, since you will be busy working and exploring your ideas with people around you. If a Money Star is found in your Birth Chart, you will bring fortune by taking advantage of your reputation. The events in this cycle are related to development, expression, art, skill, design, plan, misunderstanding, irritation, quitting and creativity.

The major element in this second half of 2018 is Earth, which is the Child (Fame) star.

You will usually spend lots of time on your job. If your creative idea is recognized by many people, then you will earn your fame from people. Also, you might earn extra money if a Money Star is found in your Birth Chart or cycles. This is a cycle of creativity, expression, art, skill, argument, hard work, wisdom, outlook, misunderstanding, weakness and etc.

You are always busy on more than one project and may gain very little. If you are sick, then you cannot concentrate. You may have mood swings, become fearless and argue with teachers, boss or parents. Sometimes, you cannot handle your temper well and like to use offensive language. So you have to watch your language and actions and be careful of causing any accidents.

Details for 2018 ...

Tientai ...

I choose :

A) Male is banker, female is homemaker
Thanks for quiz. .

From Liu Yao (Six Lines) divination, it's clear that money is being held up by some authorities (bank etc.), and she cannot withdraw it  ??? :(

I agree  with you dear Jlim....
Is a difficult case to be fulfilled smoothly well on next month ..!!
Thanks a lot ..!

I use sometimes for cross testing the help of the Divination art
Forest of Changes   《焦氏易林 - Jiaoshi Yilin》
[Han (206 BC - 220)] Jiao Yanshou…. Yijing 64 x 64 = 4.096 Permutations

I use tossing coin Method ...
What answer do I give her?
64 - 64 
未濟之: 未濟:

Weak of will and little practiced,
An offer of low liquor and paltry pieces of lean dried meat.
Appearing again and again before the Spirits,
Repeating requests and desires,
Receiving disaster instead.


Yota a girl friend of mine has some problems with Bank transfrering Money ..
She Owns some money from shares of mutual funds that are going to liquidate and take money ..
but after many crosschecks and controls the bank prevents money from being shared.
This case has lasted about 2 years ...
This time the bank does some further checks.
They said everything would go well and take her money ...
I told her to toss the coins ...
her question was ¨
# Will my bill account open next month and take the money ? #

Any help is most welcome..
Tientai ..

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