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Art of Medicine / Question: Yin / Yang vs Cold/Hot - in medicine?
« on: March 08, 2020, 01:04:40 PM »
I often read about "cold and hot" food or medicine in chinese literature.
Even though I was intrigued, I mostly accepted it as it is and never went about researching it deeper.
For example using special medicine to cure "cold" extremities. Or too "hot" ones. 
Or strengthen immunity ... nowadays it seems more important than ever.

Anyone knows /can recommend where I could get more indepth information about how to do this?
Any books ?

Personally  I am one of those people who get cold easily... though i always thought it was more because im getting older ...  ;D

FREE Life Reading Request / Bazi..Where to start?
« on: March 08, 2020, 12:38:42 PM »
I am quite ashamed to say that I only found out about the existance of Bazi through belletristics very recently (asian kind of course ) even though i knew of chinese calendar horoscope and a tiny bit about feng-shui for years.

So far, for me, this is the most difficult topic to uncover. Simply said - I dont know where to start.
(my chinese knowledge is so-so, basically a little bit pinyin and basic sentences -so far it was enough..but now..)

Usually first I start experimenting on myself and close friends birthdays and try to figure out if I can apply it.
So, I think I used like 3-5 different Bazi calculators (which initially were very similar of course with more or less explanations)
And put in some birthday dates and times. .. The result was more than confusing.

Also, some work with "strong" and "weak" Bazi, Five elements suppression, while other work more with Stars.

Humbly request the seniors to share their knowledge... and maybe help me clear up some confusion.
I am probably lacking in understanding and have a lot of questions so please be patient with me.
As for why I chose life chart - I am more curious about the big picture.

I will try to attach a snip of a calculation. (1989-09-18 6:36 solar time)

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