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FREE Life Reading Request / Request General Blindman School Reading
« on: August 08, 2020, 12:08:05 PM »
Dear forum members, I am just starting to read some bazi books, and of course, I use my own chart to read to see what had, is, and will happen in my life then I came to know fiveart website. My request is can someone give me a general blindman school reading, because I'm not familiar with this methodology. Thank you.

One more thing, can anyone recommend some English beginner books I can read to improve my skills, I would like to learn Blindman school style course here as well, but I don't have money atm, so I think I should start to read some books atm.

My birthchart is
Year 1986, Month 9, Day 27, Hour Rooster.
Year Bing Yin, Month Ding You, Day Jia Xu, Hour Gui You.
I was born in Vietnam.

Thank you very much.

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