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Feng Shui / DIRECTIONOLOGY: Six Kinds of Dangerous Movement
« on: March 03, 2019, 06:23:50 AM »
Six Kinds of Dangerous Movement:

1) Towards Ming Gua (Life Gua)
2) Away from Ming Gua (Life Gua)
3) Towards 5
4) Away from 5
5) Away from yearly/monthly animal sign
6) Towards a number residing in its opposite palace

These are the directions which should not be used for travel or relocation.
• You can use this method to analyse if a relocation to another country, state, city, part of city would be auspicious at a certain month/year.
Another use would be to find out which of two colleges would be more beneficial.
• This method is not for house facing direction. 
• If you have to travel towards one of the inauspicious directions for some important work, you can split the journey.  For example if Northeast is not favorable but East is, first you can travel to the North, rest and then you travel to the East.

Adapted from bazisuanming, global moderator in the old (extinct) forum 
More details in the next post...

Miscellaneous / Why we should be watching the sun, not the clock
« on: January 15, 2019, 05:02:57 AM »
The link below is an excerpt from a book written by a British journalist.  Even those not in metaphysics believe that the sun time is more fitting for humans than the clock time.  And since birth chart reading systems intend to embody human energetic cycles, should these systems not use solar time?

And here is an extract from that link, my comments are in blue:

By moving the clocks forwards each spring and backwards each autumn, we are creating a form of “social jetlag”, to use the term coined by the German chronobiologist Till Roenneberg to describe the gap between our individual body clock and the external clocks and timings that rule our lives.

By using the solar time, we take that "jetlag" away  ;)

This all goes to highlight a central point: our biology is tethered to the sun, yet the clocks society uses to keep time are influenced by a tangled web of political and historical factors.

Exactly!  Moreover, the latter factors change arbitrarily, and why should a system like birth chart reading be dictated by them?

Take Germany as an example. At its widest point, the country extends across nine degrees of longitude, and the sun takes four minutes to pass over each of them, which means that the sun rises 36 minutes earlier at its eastern border than at its western one. In a country with the same time zone – and the same TV and radio shows, school start times, and work culture – you might expect that everyone would rise at more or less the same time, but Roenneberg has demonstrated that people’s chronotype – their innate propensity to sleep at a particular time – is shackled to sunrise.
We also take into account this longitude difference.  In solar time adjustment, one degree of longitude equals four minutes.

On average, Germans wake up four minutes later for every degree of longitude you travel west, meaning that those in the extreme east rise 36 minutes earlier, on average, than those living in the extreme west of the country. A similar pattern has been documented in the US, where those living on the eastern edge of its time zones get up earlier than those on the western edge, where the sun rises later.
Basically, anywhere in the world, not only Germany and the US...

Bazi / South vs North BaZi practical example 3 - Kylie Minogue 🎧🎧
« on: December 20, 2018, 03:46:09 PM »
Famous singer born in 1968 in Australia, the land down under, so the whole continent is in the Southern hemisphere. 
Which one is the chart of a world-renowned singer?

  Y       M        D       H

 Wu    Ding    Wu    Ding
Shen    Si      Xu      Si        non-inverted chart

LP 1985-1995 Yi Mao  --  got really famous here
LP 1995-2005 Jia Yin
LP 2005-2015 Gui Chou
LP 2015-2025 Ren Zi

  Y       M        D       H

 Wu    Gui     Wu    Ding
Shen   Hai     Xu      Si          inverted chart

Miscellaneous / Two different stores - one Wuxing element
« on: December 03, 2018, 04:19:01 PM »
Today I went to two neighborhood stores.  They are both little mom-and-pop stores.  I went to one store to buy a light bulb, so it's a lighting store.  After that, I went next door to a photo-printing store.  Interesting that both stores are owned by the same boss! Lighting and photo both belong to the Fire element.  The owner is a Chinese.  I did not chat with them, but it's very likely that they got into this business based on some Bazi or Fengshui advise that Fire is auspicious for the owner. 

By the way, once it's auspicious for the owner, it matters less that employees or children of the owner have the same auspicious element.  When the owner enjoys the good luck from the business, employees and children benefit through the owner. Unless if an employee wants to become independent and open the same kind of business, in which case that element had better be auspicious in their Bazi chart.

Announcements / Welcome to new members!
« on: November 15, 2018, 03:19:22 PM »
Hi to all new members to the forum, welcome! :)

I hope that you all enjoy the stay in our forum. Feel free to browse the existing topics in the forum, as well as make new posts.

Extracted from my Mangpai Foundation Course forum topic.  More complete theory and examples are in Wealth Commanding Officer and Officer Commanding Wealth (only for registered students).
Chart is plotted the mainland Chinese way from Year to Hour (left to right)

This is an Officer Commanding Wealth chart structure. 
1.  There is one Officer Wei, and two Wealth Ding and Wu.
2.  Wei is controlled, but not completely (well) controlled.  Shen-Zi Water gang controls Wei, but Wu and Ding produces Wei.  Ding, Wu and Wei are all seen as "Wealth".
3.  Wei is in the Host location.  Ding is also.  Wu is connected to Hour Pillar, through Wu-Wei combination, or swapping image with Ding.
4.  Commanding Star is Wei, and is located in the Host location.
5.  LP Hai, Zi and Chou continues to control Wei Officer. 

Indeed at the end of LP Ding Hai in 1961, from his investment business he already had USD 10 million (converted to today's USD).  That was when he was only 31 years old!  He continued to accumulate millions till he became a billionaire.

Art of Medicine / *FREE* Online Qigong event Sep 18-20, 2018
« on: September 13, 2018, 12:03:37 AM »
Discover how Qigong energy healing can shift stress, increase happiness and amplify your Qi (life force)

Announcements / 📲📲 Troubles with my Internet 📲📲
« on: September 09, 2018, 04:29:57 PM »
Hi all, I've been away for some days because I was without Internet with decent speed.  My Internet provider has fixed the technical problem (which affected many subscribers), so I will be more active tomorrow.

Prior to my own Internet problem, there was also another technical problem with the site, which was something else.

Anyway, both problems are solved now.

Miscellaneous / 👀 Not exactly Face Reading, but some Eye Reading 👀
« on: September 03, 2018, 03:53:44 PM »
Not exactly Face Reading, but Eye Reading 👀:

Below is a lot information you can tell about a person based just on how their eyes move while they are speaking. And no, this isn’t the standard “if they are looking up/down/left/right…”

Direct Gaze with Seeing. These people look at you with very fixed eye contact while speaking, almost like they are reciting information from memory. On average they will be more traditional and weight decisions disproportionately based on laws and their past experiences. They tend to be very reliable people.

Direct Gaze without Seeing. These people look “zoned out” while speaking. They discover a lot of deeper truths about science and society. They curiously pursue information to answer questions, then stop at the answer. These people are also intuitive/abstract thinkers who are likely to try things out because it’s a “good idea” before there is supporting evidence. They want to see the big picture before the details.

Constant Motion without Seeing. These people’s eyes are moving around a lot, but they aren’t actually looking at anything in real life either. The eye movements are helping their brains forge connections. They are also intuitive/abstract thinkers, but are more spontaneously creative. They bounce from thing to thing a lot and can get sucked into tunnels of research forgetting where they started.

Constant Motion with Seeing. These people are actually looking at lots of things while speaking. They are likely to notice your eye color, the strangers in the room, and who farted. These people are often quick-witted. They live much more in the moment and weight their decisions more heavily with short-term information and enjoy sense-pleasure more than average.

This information is based on understandings of Jungian personality typography. While everybody does everything, if you start paying attention to people’s general patterns you will see these stereotypes are mostly true. It will be easy to read these eye movement patterns in half of people, but for the other half they are closer to being in-between types and are harder to identify.

How to Make This Useful
You can really re-visit and memorize the patterns above to help you a lot in interactions with people. Here are a few examples.

If they have a more direct kind of gaze they tend to speak with more accuracy, so you can take what they say more literally.
If their eyes move around a lot, you need to keep them entertained to hold their attention.
If you are an abstract thinker it’s good to brainstorm with a literal thinker to fact + reality check your ideas because what makes sense to you may not actually be real.
If you are a literal thinker it’s good to share your observations with abstract thinkers to check the validity of your claims about the patterns you are seeing (no such thing as ghosts, aliens on Earth, etc…)
If talking to an abstract thinker give the underlying patterns or big picture details first or else they will stop paying attention as they try to assume their own answers. Their brains go a->b->z
If talking to a concrete thinker start with lots of facts and physical + personal examples or else they might not trust/understand your conclusions.

The things people enjoy also reveal their personalities a lot, so there is a high correlation between jobs people do and their personalities. Something a little less known is that games reveal this as well - what kinds of games energize people, how people play them, etc… this is the field most of my research is being applied to where I’ve developed personality tests, educational articles, and videos on how to makes friends according to personality. If you like games, there’s also a recommendations app for games and friends based on personality psychology and machine learning. Check it out: GameTree Wiki

There are nearly 55,000 charts in the "famous people" database in  You can go directly to to access it, which is free for the general public.  The Bazi charts are already plotted, so you don't need to enter the birth timing and location.  Certainly this database can also be used for non-Bazi users, for example Ziwei Doushu, Western astrology etc.

A neat shortcut is to search in Google, for example:
- Enter <bazi-calculator Harrison Ford> from the Google search bar
- You will be on the list with the name "Fo"
- Scroll further down to find "Ford, Harrison"
- Click on this name to go to his Bazi chart. 

The famous people database also encompasses infamous people (such as criminals, serial killers etc.), as well as a research database.  For example, in the letter A of this research database, you will see AIDS, Alcoholics, Actress - Porno, Adopted etc.

All data is extracted from astro-databank, which is a very reliable source of astrological data.

This is another example of a famous person.  The photos are not from  Note: I set the option to order pillars the mainland Chinese way, from Year-Month-Day-Hour, but the default is Hour-Day-Month-Year (Taiwanese and Hong Kong way).


Chart courtesy of Year-Month-Day-Hour
Brief biography:
Aretha Louise Franklin (March 25, 1942 – August 16, 2018) was an American singer and pianist. She began her career as a child singing gospel at New Bethel Baptist Church in Detroit, Michigan, where her father, C. L. Franklin, was minister. In 1960, at the age of 18, she embarked on a secular career, recording for Columbia Records but achieving only modest success.

By the end of the 1960s she was being called "The Queen of Soul". Franklin recorded acclaimed albums such as I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You (1967), Lady Soul (1968), Young, Gifted and Black (1972) and Amazing Grace (1972), before experiencing problems with her record company by the mid-1970s. 

She won 18 Grammy Awards, including the first eight awards given for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance from 1968 through to 1975, and is one of the best-selling musical artists of all time, having sold more than 75 million records worldwide.
Based on Mangpai (Blindman) Bazi, here are the work processes in her great natal chart:
1  DM combines with Ren Water as Power
2  Water Power sitting on Fire is 'unstable', and power is mixed because there is Ren and Gui Water.  So she is not an official
In the Stems, Xin Water, Gui and Ren Water form a gang to control 午 Wu Fire
In the Branches, Hai combines with 午 Wu to control it.  Chou harms 午 Wu to control it too
5  When the element is controlled well, DM "obtains" what's symbolized by that element 
6  午 Wu as Friend Star represents her fans.  Being located in the Year and combining with the Hour means that her fans span across regions and nations, because Year and Hour represent distant locations 
7  She got fame because Hai and Mao combine.  Mao as Seal is useful, and Seal represents recognition and fame
8  Hai and Mao combine to enclose Chou.  Chou is Wealth Tomb.  So she uses her fame to accumulate wealth
9  She also has the chart of an entrepreneur, because Eating God only appears at the Branches, and Eating God performs 'work' by controlling 午Wu.  In this case, she is a music entrepreneur, a great one because the whole natal chart 'performs' work

Why does she have singing, music and stage performance talents:
a  DM sits on Eating God, so there is a tendency to perform (Output, expression).  Especially since two Officer Stars penetrate high to the Stems (Ren and Gui) --> high self-image
b  Being a Fire DM is also another factor for performance and the limelight, especially since the whole chart also controls Fire (午 Year)
c  Fire refines Metal, and Metal is the image of sound --> Ding-Xin is Fire-Metal grouping, and so is the 午Wu-Chou grouping tooq, because inside Chou is Xin.
d  Hai is Traveling Star, calculated based on Day Branch Chou.  This means she often travels in her profession
e  Unstable Wealth at the Hour --> she has artistic/literary ability.

Some background & personality:
-  Mao is mother star in the Parent Palace: Mao-Wu is 破Po (breakage), and Wu represents herself.  She had low affinity with her mom, because "self wants to break mom", so to speak.
-  Unstable Wealth at the Hour --> she is generous with money.  Indeed she is known for her philanthropy
-  Since she sits on Eating God, and Earth is wet surrounded by a lot of Water, she can easily gain weight (165 cm, 118 kg).  Weight accumulation is very easy in Ji sub-LP, and Wu Xu LP, which was from age 41 to 56. It's because they are Output LP's.

LP notes in her career:
-  Age 16-26: LP Xin Chou was excellent, because it was the arrival of Chou --> Chou controls 午 Wu.  Already a young queen of soul.
-  Age 26-36: LP Geng Zi --> wealth was not optimal because Zi combines with Chou to close Wealth Tomb.  Indeed in 1973, one of her albums bombed.  Note that 1973 was Gui Chou year, where Gui = Zi, so it's the occurrence of the closing.  And some of her albums an songs were no longer top sellers by age 33.  She did rise back easily & tremendously in the following LP's, because of her great natal chart.

Hi All, bazi-calculator is an application that plots your Bazi chart accurately using the entered birth city.  It also includes DST (Daylight Savings Time) info for so many different cities (big and small) throughout the world.

Let me share a user tip:
After you're done with plotting a Bazi chart, please refresh the time zone info using the "Search" button after you enter the new birth data, even though the birth city is the same.  Blue color below is what you need to input.

For example:

First plot:

Moscow, 5 Oct 2014  ---> the app gives the correct time zone of GMT+4
Second plot:

Moscow, 27 Oct 2014 -->  the app gives the correct time zone of GMT+3

If you don't press the "Search" button again, just because the city is the same, then the time zone will remain at DST+4.  Here are details of Moscow time from wikipedia:

Quote from:
From 27 March 2011    GMT+4
From 26 October 2014   GMT+3

Many governments in the world change their time zone settings throughout history.  I know it's confusing, because in the ancient days, people simply used the local mean time, which reflects the true nature of time.  But if you use, then it solves your headache.  The app incorporates the time zone changes already, so you just need to enter the time and city.  But remember the above tip, please refresh with the "Search button".

TCM Herbs database is now available in ! If you're interested in finding out more, please click on the blue link, or go directly to

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