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Bazi Case Studies / For Bazi do not change the day pillar at 23:00
« on: May 22, 2020, 01:41:14 PM »
Katie Couric, a famous female news anchor from the US.  She married twice in 1989 and 2014.  Her first husband died of colon cancer in 1998.
Birth data: Burlington, Virginia, 7 January 1957 at 23:55

bazi-calculator has a nice toggle option of "day change at 23:00".  You can then compare both charts:

A. With day change at 23:00
Bing as Officer would be Spouse Star.  There is no damage to Bing (spouse star) or Chen (spouse palace).

B. Without day change at 23:00

Mao as Officer would be Spouse Star.  There is a Zi-Mao breakage (or punishment) towards spouse star and palace.  Shen as Shang Guan (Hurting Officer) is also problematic.

This is a simplified analysis of her marriage life.  But it's pretty clear that chart A would not be feasible.

Luck Pillars (same for both charts):

This case is from a contemporary mainland Chinese master.  He asked about his own tonsil surgery.  It hurt so much after the surgery, that he divined for his own illness.

Month Si, Day Ding Chou.  Void: Shen and You. 

You Metal Child       ▅▅ ▅▅ S       
Hai Water Asset      ▅▅ ▅▅
Chou Earth Sibling  ▅▅ ▅▅
Mao Wood Officer   ▅▅ ▅▅ O
Si Fire Parent         ▅▅ ▅▅ ╳    Chen Earth Sibling ▅▅▅▅▅
Wei Earth Sibling    ▅▅ ▅▅

Yong Shen is You Metal as Child, and it comes right on Self line.  It is overcome by Month Si and void.  Luckily, Chou Earth can produce the Self line. This illness should not get any worse. 

Result: indeed so, and his illness was cured on Jia Shen Day, which is 7 days after.

Note: this case is one example where a void line can receive support from the Month or Day (in this case Day Chou).

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange isn't eligible to be temporarily released from jail as part of the UK government's plan to mitigate coronavirus in prisons.

And based on my analysis, at least this year, he will not escape prison because his Luck Year and also Annual Pillar are very inauspicious for him.

DM Ji combines with Jia Authority.  The two Outputs (Xin) overcome Authority/Officer.  Jia sits atop Wu Branch, and Day Branch Chou harms this Wu.  Meaning: he "rejects" authority, or he is a rebel. 

Chou entombs the two Xin as Output, so he is somebody who is very intelligent and relies on his intelligence for his work.  Positive side of the interpretation.  But the work that he does opposes authority through Xin and Chou, as mentioned above.  As we all know, many authorities in the world hate his WikiLeaks that has exposed so much confidential information.

The biggest problem with his chart is the Wu Branch being contradicting.  Contradiction is a concept in Mangpai Bazi, which is not easy to describe in a few sentences.  Basically, Wu Branch is combined by Wei, but then harmed by Chou.  Combination and harming are contradictory. 

Wu represents his physical body because it's 祿 Lu (the same term like in traditional Bazi).  Wu also represents one's reputation and name, because in the Ten Gods representation, it's called 印 Yin or Seal (or Resource, as it's better known).  Being contradicting, it's not good for his physical body and reputation.  He may be a hero for some people, but for many authorities his name really stinks (bad reputation).  Note how Jia (authority) Wu (name) sits in the same pillar, and henceforth this interpretation.

He is now since April 2019 in his Luck Pillar Ji Chou.  Chou harming Wu in this specific chart is unwanted harm.  Interestingly, it was right at the start of this inauspicious Luck Pillar that he was arrested.  Yes, on 11 April 2019The April 2019 start of LP is based on Mangpai calculation *.  In other programs, most likely you will get an LP start of beginning 2020 or late 2019, in which case the arrest timing would not really match.

That is the Luck Pillar.  How about the Annual Pillar?  2020 Geng Zi is just Zi adding more misery to Wu.  Moreover, Geng clashes Jia, the authority or officer.  In traditional Bazi, also we learn that Output opposing Officer often leads to legal problems.

What does the meaning of Zi combining with Chou?  Chou represents (among many meanings) the prison, because it's the darkest Branch.  Chou is also Parallel Star.  So, Chou can also be interpreted as prison inmates.  Zi-Chou combination means this year he will remain with these guys  :'( :'( :'(.
* I have the premium version of Bazi-calculator, which I recommend to all Bazi users.  However, the Mangpai option is not officially released yet by @Voytek (a moderator in this forum) as of the time of this writing.

Liu Yao / Generating a hexagram - error in wikihow
« on: February 13, 2020, 09:05:58 AM »
Hi all, a student of mine has just generated a hexagram using the guidance in  Be careful that the image contains a grave error.


* 6 (3 tails) is considered a changing yin and is drawn as a broken line with an X in the middle.   
* 9 (3 heads) is considered a changing yang and is drawn as a solid line with a circle in the middle.   
* 7 (2 tails, 1 head) is considered an unchanging yang, and is drawn as a solid line. 
* 8 (2 heads, 1 tail) is considered an unchanging yin and is drawn as a broken line. 

(Head = the picture of the person's head. Tail = the picture of building)

Note that the above image is wrong:
* 7 solid line is not drawn as a solid line
* 8 broken line is not drawn as a broken line

If one follows only the image in the website, then the generated hexagram would be wrong.

Members Lounge / Happy Chinese New Year 2020!!
« on: January 24, 2020, 04:53:17 PM »

Yes, it's on 25 January 2020!

Why does Chinese New Year, sometimes called the Spring Festival or Lunar New Year, fall on a different date every year?  Because it begins on the first day of the Chinese calendar, which is based on phases of the moon, as opposed to our calendar, which relies on the sun.  As a result, their year is slightly shorter—a lunar month is about two days shorter than one of our months.  Chinese New Year usually starts between January 21st and February 20th every year.  The festivities begin on the first day of the new year that a new moon happens.

People plan for the festivities in advance. Here, they buy brightly-colored decorations in anticipation.
Preparation for the festivities begins way in advance.  Everywhere, people clean their houses to wash the “old” away and bring in good luck.  They buy new clothes, food and decorations.  They hang pictures of Gods on their front doors to scare away evil during this jovial time.
The holiday lasts for 15 days, ending with the Lantern Festival marked by vibrant lanterns swaying between street buildings.  During the lantern festival people release lanterns into the night sky, letting their past worries go with them and looking forward to the promise of the New Year.

The lantern festival happens on the 15th day.  Often, lanterns are released to signify letting go of the "old."

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, families come together to eat an evening meal called the “reunion meal.”  The visiting continues through the early days of the New Year festival.  The Chinese will take around three to seven days off from work.  They’ll go to festivals, dragon parades and martial arts performances.  Chinese who live in Western and non-Chinese countries visit Chinatowns to eat scrumptious food, exchange gifts, and watch fireworks and parades.

And last but not least... Family members exchange gifts of money in small red envelopes, called “hongbao” or "angpao" in Chinese, especially for children. 

(Adapted from

Note that we use the solar year for many fields of metaphysics, including Bazi (Four Pillars), Liu Yao (Six Lines), QMDJ, Feng Shui etc.  The Metal Rat or Geng Zi year begins on 4 Feb at 17:03 GMT+8.   ZWDS uses the Chinese new year.  But for festivities and celebrations, we do it based on the Chinese New Year on 25 January 2020.

Members Lounge / Merry Christmas 2019
« on: December 25, 2019, 11:17:04 AM »
Merry Christmas to all members and guests!
Administrator & Moderator Team –

Metaphysics at its best - Bazi life reading, Liu Yao divination, Tarot cards and more

Bazi / Stable (solid) and unstable pillars (Mangpai)
« on: September 28, 2019, 08:38:15 AM »
Here is some fundamental theory in Mangpai, very useful to learn:

Solid          Unstable       Solid          Unstable

甲甲甲          甲甲甲          己己己          己己己
寅辰子          申戌午          巳未丑          亥酉卯

乙乙乙          乙乙乙          庚庚             庚庚庚庚
亥卯未          巳酉丑          申辰             子午寅戌

丙丙丙          丙丙丙          辛辛             辛辛辛辛
寅午戌          子申辰          丑酉             巳亥未卯

丁丁丁          丁丁丁          壬壬壬          壬壬壬
巳卯未          亥丑酉          申子辰          戌午寅

戊戊戊          戊戊戊          癸癸癸          癸癸癸
戌午辰          子申寅          亥酉丑          巳未卯

Liu Yao Case Studies / MOVED: Query : Faster horse
« on: September 02, 2019, 05:15:52 PM »

Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the UK have all smashed records today. 

For example:
- Temperatures in Paris have topped 42.6oC (108oF) today, the hottest-ever in recorded history.
- In Lower Saxony, Germany, 41.9 Celsius today.

Out of all days in the current Xin Wei month, why is the record broken on a Gui Hai Day? Gui is Water Stem and Hai is Water Branch.  Does that not make you curious? Many others would believe that it was expected to be a rainy, misty or even cool summer day due to the Water element.

Over the years, I have made an observation of the effect of the 10 Stems and 12 Branches on natural phenomena.  And I must say that the four pillars system (which uses them) cannot be helpful in explaining natural phenomena, such as weather.  Four pillars is a tool for birth chart reading.  Weather, earthquakes and other natural phenomena are different from human energetic fields, and in my opinion for such things four pillars or Bazi is not the right tool. 

Please discuss.

Liu Yao / Forms and Attributes of the Line Positions
« on: June 30, 2019, 09:09:06 PM »
Courtesy of my good friend Dao, from her post in Sports Prediction using WWG or/and SuperIChing :

Forms and Attributes of the Six Levels
(Liu yao Xiang)

Google translation Le livre de la Simplicité by Zu-Hui Yang & Hiria Ottino (p.113-116)

"First line
Allies, auxiliaries or adversaries: A multitude of common people; student; unemployed.
Relationship: Grandchildren.
Body: Body part at one end (feet, mouth, sexual organs.)
Disease: Disease at the feet.
Time: Morning; Months of November and December.
Constructions and habitat: Outback, hamlet of peasants (nong cun); Kindergarten, kindergartens; Official buildings (for officials, agents without great power).
Business and activities: A thought hidden in the heart, difficult to express.
Travel: Possible occurrence of a great misfortune. Various possibilities of actualization: Person without faith or law - "who has no soul", that is to say, one can expect the worst - new (information); plants.
Second line
Allies, auxiliaries or adversaries: Person holding a small official position - Religion; Intelligent person.
Relationship: Couple
Body: Exterior or lower body part: cheek, leg.
Disease: Leg disease; thighs ; uterus.
Time: Before noon; January and February.
Constructions and habitat: Quarter of a city; Small agglomeration.
Business and activities: Concerns about personal problems.
Travel: Presence of an accompanying person.
Various possibilities for updating: Fruits; Bamboo. - group of believers; Cordial and expansive person who easily binds friendship; A married person who earns enough to maintain his family properly.
Third line

Allies, Auxiliaries or Opponents: Director; Student, adolescent (aged 13 to 16); Married person living at home in her own home.
Relationship: Brothers and sisters.
Body: Body part located substantially in the center of an area: basin; nose.
Disease: Kidney disease.
Time: Afternoon; Month of March, April.
Constructions and habitat: Average city; Borough council.
Business and Activities: Concerns about family issues. - trading.
Various possibilities for updating: Forests, vegetables.
Fourth Line
Allies, auxiliaries or opponents: The highest rank of any state body (ju zhang); General manager ; Professional school (16 to 18 years); A person with a certain amount of capital.
Relationship: Brother of the father.
Body: Side, region of the ear.
Disease: Disease at the level of the rib cage.
Time: end of afternoon, period before sunset; May and June.
Constructions and habitat: Government of the State, capital or large city of the State. Technical College.
Business and Activities: Concerns about human problems.
Travel: Surface vehicle (train, boat, automobile).
Various possibilities of actualization: Gifted person; disciple.
Fifth Line
Allies, auxiliaries or adversaries: Minister, President (Director General) of large corporation.
Relationship: Parent (father and mother)
Body: Heart and lungs; Eyes.
Disease: Heart disease, lung disease.
Time: Night; July and August.
Constructions and habitat: Capital of the country. Colleges and Universities.
Business and activities: Case of the courts.
Travel: Road..
Various updating possibilities: Gold; Light, heat; Very intelligent person.
Sixth Line
Allies, auxiliaries or adversaries: Royal Family; Active or retired persons who have positively influenced the company; Influential person in retirement; Powerful person because extremely rich.
Relationship: Parents (living or dead) of the father.
Body: Head.
Disease: Headache.
Time: 3 to 5 am; September and October.
Constructions and habitat: Foreign country; Palace; Hospitals; research Institute ; A prestigious research institute that has made its mark on society.
Business and activities: State affair.
Travel: Country of destination.
Various possibilities for updating: Precious metals; Diamonds - a person with a mental illness; drinks ; Phenomena which science can not explain; Person who assists a person of lower rank."

Feng Shui / DIRECTIONOLOGY: Six Kinds of Dangerous Movement
« on: March 03, 2019, 06:23:50 AM »
Six Kinds of Dangerous Movement:

1) Towards Ming Gua (Life Gua)
2) Away from Ming Gua (Life Gua)
3) Towards 5
4) Away from 5
5) Away from yearly/monthly animal sign
6) Towards a number residing in its opposite palace

These are the directions which should not be used for travel or relocation.
• You can use this method to analyse if a relocation to another country, state, city, part of city would be auspicious at a certain month/year.
Another use would be to find out which of two colleges would be more beneficial.
• This method is not for house facing direction. 
• If you have to travel towards one of the inauspicious directions for some important work, you can split the journey.  For example if Northeast is not favorable but East is, first you can travel to the North, rest and then you travel to the East.

Adapted from bazisuanming, global moderator in the old (extinct) forum 
More details in the next post...

Miscellaneous / Why we should be watching the sun, not the clock
« on: January 15, 2019, 05:02:57 AM »
The link below is an excerpt from a book written by a British journalist.  Even those not in metaphysics believe that the sun time is more fitting for humans than the clock time.  And since birth chart reading systems intend to embody human energetic cycles, should these systems not use solar time?

And here is an extract from that link, my comments are in blue:

By moving the clocks forwards each spring and backwards each autumn, we are creating a form of “social jetlag”, to use the term coined by the German chronobiologist Till Roenneberg to describe the gap between our individual body clock and the external clocks and timings that rule our lives.

By using the solar time, we take that "jetlag" away  ;)

This all goes to highlight a central point: our biology is tethered to the sun, yet the clocks society uses to keep time are influenced by a tangled web of political and historical factors.

Exactly!  Moreover, the latter factors change arbitrarily, and why should a system like birth chart reading be dictated by them?

Take Germany as an example. At its widest point, the country extends across nine degrees of longitude, and the sun takes four minutes to pass over each of them, which means that the sun rises 36 minutes earlier at its eastern border than at its western one. In a country with the same time zone – and the same TV and radio shows, school start times, and work culture – you might expect that everyone would rise at more or less the same time, but Roenneberg has demonstrated that people’s chronotype – their innate propensity to sleep at a particular time – is shackled to sunrise.
We also take into account this longitude difference.  In solar time adjustment, one degree of longitude equals four minutes.

On average, Germans wake up four minutes later for every degree of longitude you travel west, meaning that those in the extreme east rise 36 minutes earlier, on average, than those living in the extreme west of the country. A similar pattern has been documented in the US, where those living on the eastern edge of its time zones get up earlier than those on the western edge, where the sun rises later.
Basically, anywhere in the world, not only Germany and the US...

Bazi / South vs North BaZi practical example 3 - Kylie Minogue 🎧🎧
« on: December 20, 2018, 03:46:09 PM »
Famous singer born in 1968 in Australia, the land down under, so the whole continent is in the Southern hemisphere. 
Which one is the chart of a world-renowned singer?

  Y       M        D       H

 Wu    Ding    Wu    Ding
Shen    Si      Xu      Si        non-inverted chart

LP 1985-1995 Yi Mao  --  got really famous here
LP 1995-2005 Jia Yin
LP 2005-2015 Gui Chou
LP 2015-2025 Ren Zi

  Y       M        D       H

 Wu    Gui     Wu    Ding
Shen   Hai     Xu      Si          inverted chart

Miscellaneous / Two different stores - one Wuxing element
« on: December 03, 2018, 04:19:01 PM »
Today I went to two neighborhood stores.  They are both little mom-and-pop stores.  I went to one store to buy a light bulb, so it's a lighting store.  After that, I went next door to a photo-printing store.  Interesting that both stores are owned by the same boss! Lighting and photo both belong to the Fire element.  The owner is a Chinese.  I did not chat with them, but it's very likely that they got into this business based on some Bazi or Fengshui advise that Fire is auspicious for the owner. 

By the way, once it's auspicious for the owner, it matters less that employees or children of the owner have the same auspicious element.  When the owner enjoys the good luck from the business, employees and children benefit through the owner. Unless if an employee wants to become independent and open the same kind of business, in which case that element had better be auspicious in their Bazi chart.

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