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Manual Coin Toss:
1.   Find a quiet room to toss coins, where you canít be disturbed.
2.   Before analysis, prepare three identical coins 
    a.   The coins do not have to be I-Ching coins, they can be any countryís coins
    b.   They should not be too big for your palm
    c.   The issue year usually needs to be the same
3.   Think over your life question (one question per divination).
    a.   Write it down briefly on a piece of paper or your phone
    b.   Record the date and time (hh:mm)
4.   Calm down and empty your mind. 
        Do NOT think about the above question, a related question, or anything else --
        what I am having for dinner after the toss, the thrilling TV program before the toss etc.
        This may help empty your mind:
    a.   Sit upright, on the floor or a chair
    b.   Close your eyes and start focusing on your breath.
    c.   Take a few breaths and follow your breath.
    If you are in a busy environment, take 1-2 minutes to empty your mind.  If you are in a quiet environment, 5-10 seconds will do.

5.   Put the three coins in the center of your left palm.  Cover them with your right palm.
6.   Shake it a few times and then throw them onto the table or uncarpeted floor surface. 
    a.   Make sure there is large enough space on the surface.
7.   Repeat step 6 for six times, and each time record the result.  For example, H = Head, T = Tail:
       6th :    2T 1H
       5th :    3H
       4th :    2H 1T
       3rd :    3T
       2nd :    3H
       1st  :    2H 1T

You are done!  Note: please inform which country and denomination of the coins, or attach a picture of both sides of the coins. 
Tell me which side you determine as H, and which side as T.

Divination services:
- LOVE area: marriage, romance, divorce etc.
- WEALTH area: wealth, business, investment etc.
- CAREER area: job, career plan, study, relocation etc.
- DATE SELECTION: business opening, marriage signing, new company, start of journey etc.
- OTHER areas: health, children, lawsuit, missing object/persons etc.

Compared to life reading, divination is valid for up to a couple of years (1-3 years). 
However, divination does not require the birth dates of the relevant parties.

For each divination question, the fee is USD 40, and up to two hexagrams can be drawn. 
You will need to toss coins for the divination, and I will interpret the results & processes with regard to your issue.
We chat online (FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Line) to discuss the question.

Manual coin toss is the preferred method to generate a hexagram, see ㊗️ Liu Yao (Six Lines) Divination - How to Generate a Hexagram ㊗️
Payment through PayPal  For bank transfers, please contact me.
If you have any further questions, please contact JLim (Darma):
- forum private message, e-mail, WhatsApp +62 878 8245 1482

Consultations by JLim / Life reading by JLim - Bazi (Four Pillars) System
« on: February 18, 2018, 05:51:19 PM »
Life reading services:

- LOVE area: marriage, romance, divorce etc.
- WEALTH area: wealth, business, investment etc.
- CAREER area: job, career plan, study etc.
- OTHER areas: based on your request (health, children etc.)

For one area of life, the fee is US$ 100.  For two areas of life, the fee is US$ 150
I will discuss the natal chart, 10-year luck cycles and a few important years with regard to the area you choose.

I will submit a written report.  Then we can chat online (FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Line) to address your questions.
Payment through PayPal  For bank transfers, please contact me.
If you have any further questions, please contact JLim (Darma):
- forum private message, e-mail, WhatsApp +62 878 8245 1482

Courses / Information on the Mangpai Foundation Course
« on: February 18, 2018, 02:13:48 PM »

This is called "Foundation course", but it goes beyond what many in the market consider as foundation.
This online course has been running since mid-2016, with students from Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.
The techniques in the Foundation course will be applicable to many aspects of life. 
You can call this intermediate to advanced level course, and it's pretty much a complete course.

Teaching mode : interactive discussion group in, with many case studies posted by students
Duration          : 1 year.  Discussion group remains open for you after this period.
Starting date    : no specific date, you can join now.
Cost                : USD 850.  Please contact me for payment mode.

Here's an example of Bazi analysis with Mangpai, something that people didn't learn in traditional Bazi:
- Guess what serious illness she suffered at 37 years of age (MULTIPLE CHOICE)
- please Bazi analysis of wealth luck (in next 2 luck pillars)

I have another course called Mangpai Marriage Course, that covers all aspects of marriage (including divorce etc.). 
There will be some concepts about the Marriage topic in the Foundation course, but not as detailed as in this other course. 
More details on this other course in What is the Mangpai Marriage Course?

If you have any further questions, please contact JLim (Darma):
- forum private message, e-mail, WhatsApp +62 878 8245 1482
- Facebook Dharmawan Wanawijaya, Facebook Page JLimTalks.

Members Lounge / Happy Chinese New Year 2018!!
« on: February 15, 2018, 12:59:12 PM »

Wishing great fortune to all members and readers of the forum!

Members Lounge / Radio Garden - listen live radio stations around the world
« on: February 13, 2018, 12:25:37 AM »
When you're tired after seeing so many Bazi or ZWDS charts, hexagrams, Feng Shui floor plan etc. :D, try this website

Radio Garden is an interactive map of live radio stations across the globe.
Radio Garden allows you to listen to thousands of live radio stations world wide by rotating the globe. 
Every green dot represents a city or town. Tap on it to tune into the radio stations broadcasting from that city.
Available as an Android app too.

The below is from a Korean Medical Journal!! 

The present study investigated the validity of personality classification using four pillars theory, a tradition in China and northeastern Asia.

The current findings together suggest that four pillars theory, which have hardly been subjected to empirical tests, may have some rational and empirical bases.

Although the major criteria of four pillars theory were not independently correlated with personality scale scores, correlations emerged when participants were grouped according to the composite yin/yang variable. Our results suggest the utility of four pillars theory (beyond fortune telling or astrology) for classifying personality traits and making behavioral predictions.

In northeastern parts of Asia, especially China, predictions about personal destiny and explanations of personality are frequently based on a universal cosmology known as the "four pillars of destiny." Predictions and explanations are provided according to the concept of a moving cosmos and are based on the individual's birth year, month, day, and hour. This is in contrast with Western theories of human personality, which focus on individualistic analysis rather than trying to explain how a person's destiny or personality can be influenced in the context of a cosmic process; that is, Western theory does not refer to human personality as part of the larger cosmos.

In Korea (as in China where the four pillars theory originated), the four pillars theory has not been a scholarly, academic subject but rather a matter of culture and everyday living. For example, the four pillars approach is used to read New Year's fortunes, name newborns, predict marital compatibility, select the date for a move, predict the results of important exams, and predict job promotions. However, the four pillars are generally regarded more as fortune telling or a form of astrology rather than as a serious topic of scholarly investigation. Indeed, some scholars view four pillars theory as having no scientific validity or empirical grounds.

In the present study, we classified and described personality and behavioral tendencies according to both the four pillars theory and objective personality tests developed in the context of the Western view of human personality; that is, based on nomothetic descriptions of personality traits. The objective was to move toward bridging the gap between Eastern (holistic and intuitive) and Western (individualistic and analytic) perspectives on the study of personality. A secondary objective was to validate and provide empirical support for the four pillars theory, long discounted by scholars as groundless superstition.

It is important to note that four pillars theory plays a considerable role in traditional and lay practices of psychiatric healing and psychological counseling in East Asia, including China, Japan, and Korea. We, therefore, expect that the present study could be a starting point for further systematic and cooperative investigations with psychiatrists and psychologists in China and Japan.

for the complete article, please refer to the source

Feng Shui / SpyGlass - navigation toolkit - iPhone app
« on: January 25, 2018, 03:36:12 PM »
This has many uses, not only as an accurate compass app:

Test Board / Testing hidden reply
« on: January 14, 2018, 02:23:53 PM »
Testing hidden reply.  When a member replies, they are able to read this post.

Test Board / Testing karma
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1 DM strength is used very little.
2 Determination of DM strength is not as complicated as in traditional
3 Rather than DM strength, work process is the central concept.  When the chart performs work, it's auspicious for the chart owner.
4 Grading of the natal chart can be assessed quickly.  Grading means what is the level of achievement of this person.  In traditional, we have to go through Luck Pillars before we can say anything
5 Favorable elements are more detailed.  For example, in traditional we say Metal is a favorable element, that's it. But in Mangpai, we distinguish between the favorability of Geng, Xin, Shen and You
6 Tomb Branches (Chen, Xu, Wei and Chou) can provide so much information that traditional overlooks
7 Images are more widely used than in traditional Bazi.
8 Clash, harm and punishment can also be auspicious for the chart owner, depending on the work performed.
9 The Six Families 六親 are defined in a better way.  For example, Output (Shi Shen or Shang Guan) can function as the Spouse Star, not only Wealth (Cai).  It depends on the chart configurations.  Another example, Father Star is not always Wealth Star (Cai).  This is what traditional practitioners get confused in analyzing a father when a chart has no Wealth.
10 Wealth can be represented by other Deities than the Wealth Star (Cai).  Conversely, under a certain configuration, Wealth Star may not represent wealth (finances).  This is the reason that sometimes we see wealthy people without Wealth Star, and poor people with Wealth Star.

Test Board / Hide-Post test
« on: December 31, 2017, 03:03:24 PM »
Testing Hide-Post

FREE Life Reading Request / MOVED: How to plot 2018 bazi chart?
« on: December 30, 2017, 04:37:29 PM »
This topic has been moved to Bazi.

Announcements / Welcome to our new forum!
« on: December 28, 2017, 06:53:40 AM »
Dear all,

We proudly announce

the opening of,

The ultimate home for

5Arts' enthusiasts!

Our new home


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