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TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) / Hetu and Luoshu...
« on: October 10, 2019, 12:59:20 PM »
Hi All,

Interesting document:

Hetu and Luoshu: Retrospect and prospection
Fa-Xiang ZHANG, Yu LV, Yan-Zhe SUN
University of Science & Technology of Henan, Luoyang, Henan Province, China,

by Fa Xiang Zhang

"(...) In medicine, the ancestors have related human body to Hetu and Luoshu in Su Wen, the
first part of Huang Di Nei Jing (The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine), a classic
on traditional Chinese medicine. Another classic Ling Shu—Nine Classical Needles focuses
on the corresponding numerology and principles among Luoshu nine-square numerical grid,
human body and figure. In 1997, Cai Xu in his paper Hetu and Luoshu and Visceral
Manifestations suggested that “Hetu and Luoshu are the space-time and image-numerology
model that covers natural laws, and the model has a great impact on visceral manifestations in
traditional Chinese medicine.” In 2013, Wang Yongfu and Wu Xiuhui in their book The
Approaches and Skills of Traditional Chinese Medicine Prescription demonstrated the
relationship between the evolution of traditional Chinese medicine and the model of Hetu and
Luoshu. (...)


Best Regards


Hi All,

Interesting document:

 Physicians and Diviners : The relation of divination to the medicine of the Huangdi neijing (inner canon of the Yellow Thearch) by Donald Harper

@Tientai @ren everyone...



FREE Life Reading Request / Reading chart..
« on: August 24, 2019, 11:11:48 AM »
Hi All,

Another chart to have a look...

Female born 5 January 2015 Chou hour (RST)

H.........D........M.......Y................LP 10/2024

- Please have look at the work of this chart;
- Explanation needed before his first LP with regard to his family;
- What are the tendencies during first LP Yi Hai?

(vocabulary question: how do you call in Chinese the period before first LP?)

Thank you very much for time & sharing..
Best Regards


Hi All,

Case study & Mangpai structure...

Boris Johnson UK Prime Minister... Brexit..,_Boris
Boris Johnson: New PM to form government after taking office

hour pillar on borderline


What is the Mangpai structure for Boris Johnson chart?
What is the work of this chart?
What will be the impact on the structure of this chart on next LP Bing Zi 12/2019+ ?

Best Regards


Bazi / Structure...
« on: July 21, 2019, 11:08:21 AM »
Hi All,

This is an old document written by Peter Leung, simple revision about Chart Structures; it seems that later he was interested by Mangpai method.

"Strength or Weakness of the Day Master - Chart Structures and Conditions
Peter Leung and Nina Wilson
" pdf

Please discuss


Bazi / Interesting chart - Quiz...
« on: July 06, 2019, 10:32:14 AM »
Hi All,

Have look at this chart? & Lps

Male 12 April 1869 - (archives data bank)

[chart edited - JLim - see below]

All methods are welcome!

Please comment...


Bazi / What do you think about this chart? Quiz..
« on: July 05, 2019, 09:40:09 AM »
Hi All,

What do you think about this chart? Quiz..

Male born 5 October 1973

Thank you for your commentaries...


Bazi / Point of view!...
« on: July 03, 2019, 09:05:12 AM »
Hi Everyone,

What is your point of view about this chart?

H.......D.........M......Y 1956

Thank you for replies!..

Best Regards


Other Arts of Divination / ...the Mantic Arts in Traditional China...
« on: July 01, 2019, 02:17:55 PM »
Hi All,

Interesting document pdf...

Divination: Science, Technology, and the Mantic Arts in Traditional China by Richard J. Smith*Rice University, Houston, TX, USA

All the best


Feng Shui / Flying With The Stars by Leegiat...
« on: July 01, 2019, 10:05:31 AM »
Hi All,

Ancient article written by Leegiat...

 Flying With The Stars

For Xuan Kong Da Gua, Xuan Kong Liu Fa and Xuan Kong Flying Star, all agreed that the Period Star 5 in any Ruling Period is the Golden Dragon and not the Ruling Star. Why does Period Star 5 is called the Ling Shen or Void Energy and needs to have Yang Qi or preferably Water Landforms? And why instead the Facing Stars in the Flying Stars Chart for Star 5 do not want to see Water Landforms or Yang Qi?

The Answer.

Now to begin, lets look at, '阳 一片, 阴一片' from the classics, Yang one half, Ying the other half in the later heaven arrangement, you have the yang trigrams on one side of the circle, the ying trigrams on another side and together they form the Tai-chi.

天地定位,山澤通气, 雷风相薄,水火不相射。A literal meanings: ‘ Heaven and Earth fixed position, Mountain and Marsh connect energies, Thunder and Wind together therefore Water do not shoot Fire.’ The Yang must meet the Ying. This verse refers to the Early Heaven Arrangement on the Bagua.

By this, the meaning is the trigrams of father(Heaven)乾 face the opposite (Earth)mother坤 trigram, the eldest son震(Thunder) face the eldest daughter巽(Wind), and so forth.

先天为体, 后天为用。The early heaven chart as the body, the later heaven chart as the use. About the use 用, it is about the timeliness of energies to meet and give birth to prosperous energy..

Okay, if you are puzzled by the ‘Yang One Half, Ying One Half, 阳 一片, 阴一片’. I am, referring to the Use 用 Yong which is the Loushu chart and the Hetu for Later Heaven Arrangement where you will see all the yang trigrams, Chien乾6, Kan坎1 , Gen艮8 and Zhen震3 in one half and all the ying trigrams, Xun巽4, Li离9, Kun坤2 and Dui兑7 in the other half.’ 先天为体, 后天为用.’ If you look at the Later Heaven Arrangement Chart, you will find the Yang trigrams on one half and the Ying trigram on the other half. Look at the attached picture.

Ci Xiong雌雄

Now雌雄 literally means Male and Female to meet or mate. The deeper Chinese meanings will of course covers a wider scope. 雌雄者,阴阳动静对待之称,以言乎体,则一动一静,一山一水,一实一空,即雌雄也。In 玄空, Ci Xiong would means visible landform of energies of Stillness雌 Mountains and Movement雄Water Activity. Therefore as in a direction or sector where there is Stillness, the opposite direction or sector, you want to have Movement and they must be able to see each other to qualify for this principle. So the saying the Yang must meet the Ying.

Now this is not all about it, 上下有无形之阴阳互相往来,而后有有形之雌雄互相交媾,天气下降,地气上升,此大雌雄之交媾也。山静水动,山峙水流,此形体上之交媾也, literally meaning that apart from forms energy, you still have the formless energy which is timely energies which you cannot measure or see and which you then use the principle of the Golden Dragon金龙or Ling shen 令 to establish where it is. 天气下降,地气上升, Heaven Qi Invisible forms moves down and Earth Qi Visible forms moves up. And so as to match the Form and the Formless after establishing the Zhen Shen 正神vibrant invisible energy and 令神expired invisible energy, you put the 正神Vibrant invisible energy into a Still visible Expired energy雌 landform or Mountain and Ling Shen Expired令神 into a 雄Moving visible water landforms thus achieving a Tai-chi of Ying and Yang apart from having the Male meets the Female. This is the essence of life.

Ok, when a energy field at a certain Time meets another energy field at a certain Place and has no conflicts and instead combine, a positive energy field or the Tai Ji is created.

Now why does different units on the same floors and different floors with the same facing and the same flying stars charts for buildings do not have have the same fengshui effects on the occupants?

Is this the weak point of using flying stars theory?

Was this the reason that Master Tan' Yang Wu denounce the flying stars theory he learn and came out with Xuan Kong Liu Fa? Why did he then went into esoteric fengshui taught by a Taoist priest if Liu Fa Fengshui is so effective?

I, Of Course, have the positive answers for the above to prove that flying stars works but however must be secretive about it like the Sceptics as in Sun Tzu Art of War, 'A true strategist do not reveal his techniques to the Enemy.' Ha-ha, hope I' m kidding.

Till-then, cheers.
Posted by 李杰 at 10:56 AM

Liu Yao / Trigrams Associations and Attributes
« on: July 01, 2019, 10:01:36 AM »
Hi All,

Trigrams Associations and Attributes
Kindly share by Cyril Quah in old forum..

(Chien Gua)


Weather: Heaven, Ice, Snow

Geographical: Northwest direction, capital, highly regarded place

Human: Man, Father, Adult, Elderly, Famous people

Human relationship: Manly and brave, decisive, active, not quiet

Body part: head, bone, lungs

Time: Autumn, lunar 9th - 10th mth.

Animal: Horse, Swan, Lion, Elephant

Non-living thing: gold, jade, metal, mirror

House: Public toilet, Attic, building

Home: divine during autumn good, summer accident, winter lonely and spring good luck

Marriage: prestigious, reputable families, divine during autumn successful, divine during winter and summer unsuccessful

Food: bony, liver and lungs, dried food

Fame: famous, law enforcement role

Plan and strategy: successful, mobility brings fortune, divine during summer not good, divine during winter will have lots of strategies

Transaction: good for gold, jade, precious jewellery. divine during summer not good

Wealth: successful. wealth from civil sector. divine during autumn big success, divine during summer lost money, winter no wealth

Travel: good for travel. NW direction. not in summer.

Meeting: good to meet important person.

Illness: relating to head, veins and bones related. divine during autumn not good

Legal case: good for engaging in law suit, noblemen assistance. divine during autumn successful, summer no case.

Burial: face NW direction. SW Chien mountain, Heaven dwelling. high grounds, divine during autumn good but during summer bad.

Direction: Northwest

Colour: Bright red, dark black

Name: someone whose name as gold meanings or chinese character with gold.

Number: one, four, nine

Taste: Hot, spicy.

(Dui Gua)

 _ _
Weather: Rain

Geographical: pool, pond. west facing

Human: Young woman. Youngest daughter. mistress. prostitute. witch. maid

Relationship: Happy. Gossips.

Body Parts: Tongue. Throat. Lungs.

Time: Autumn 8th mth

Non-living things: Metal objects.

Animals: Creatures living in the pond.

House: West facing. near to pond.

Home: Unrest. beware of gossips. divine in autumn good. but not in summer.

Food: Mutton. Spicy and sour food.

Marriage: Unsuccessful. divine in autumn good. suitable for young woman.

Birth: Not good. may lost baby or give birth to a girl.

Fame: Not good. may have loss becuase of fame.

Wealth: no gain but with loss. wealth relating to mouth. divine during autumn good but not summer.

Travel: Not good to travel too far away or will have loss.

Transaction: Difficult to be profitable. beware of gossips. competition.

Meeting: may meet with curse

Illness: illnesses relating to tongue, mouth, astmas.

Burial: Facing West. near to pond

Legal: debatable. loss arising from legal suit. guard against penalty.

Name: Chinese surname with mouth or gold characters

Number: 4, 2, 9

Direction: West

Colour: White

Taste: Hot and spicy

(Gen Gua)

_ _
_ _
Weather: Cloud, Haze

Geographical: Mountains, Northeast direction

Human: Young man. Youngest Son. people with no worries or nothing much to do.

Relationship: Quiet. Undecisive.

Body Parts: Fingers, Bones, Nose. Back

Time: Between Winter and Spring.

Non-living things: Stones. yellow items. earthly items.

Animals: Tiger, dog. rat.

House: Stable. disruptions to everything. family members not peaceful. divine during spring not good.

Home: Northeast direction. in the mountains

Food: food found on the land. all animals. tuber.

Marriage: Unsuccessful. delayed. good for young man marriage.

Fame: Difficult. jobs relating to the ground or mountains

Birth: Difficult labour.

Transaction: Difficult to succeed. Transactions relating to mountains and land.

Travel: Not good for travel too far away. travel to nearby by land.

Meeting: Not good. blockages.

Illness: Illnesses relating to fingers.

Legal: blockage. difficult to resolve.

Burial: Northeast facing. within the mountains

Number: 5, 7, 10

Direction: Northeast

Colour: Yellow

Taste: Sweet

(Li Gua)

_ _
Weather: Sun, Lightning

Geographical: South. Hot and dry place.

Human: Middle aged woman. Middle daughter.

Relationship: Cultural. Intelligent and learned. good-looking

Body Parts: Eyes. Heart.

Time: Summer 5th mth.

Non-living things: Fire, books. dry items.

Animals: Tortoise. Crab. Frog

House: South facing. Bright house.

Home: Stable and quiet. divine in winter not good. fire hazard.

Food: Fried, dry and heaty food

Marriage: Not good. But good for middle aged woman or middle daughter. divine in summer good, divine in winter not good.

Birth: Good. middle daughter. divine in winter will have loss.

Fame: Successful. Office work. Job relating to fire

Wealth seek for wealth in the South. Literary wealth. divine in winter not good

Transaction: Good. transactions relating to books and knowledge

Travel: Good. towards South. travel for the purpose of books, document and study. divine in winter not good. not suitable for travel by boat.

Meeting: Autumn meeting with scholarly persons.

Legal: justify the case with good explanation.

Illness: Eye problem. Heart problem. chest problem

Burial: Facing South. divine during summer will have scholarly descendants.

Name: Chinese surname with scholar-related characters

Number: 3, 2, 7

Direction: South

Colour: Red, Purple

Taste: Bitter

(Kan Gua)

 _ _
_ _
Weather: Rain, snow, water

Geographical: North. wells. wet grounds.

Human: Middle-aged man. Middle son. sailor, thief, bandits

Relationship: full of danger and pitfalls. appears gentle but has great ability within. flaoting around.

Body parts: Ear, blood, kidney

Time: Winter. 11th mth

Non-living things: items containing water.

Animals: Pig, fish, sea creatures. Wolf

House: North facing. Near to water.

Food: Pork. wine. cold dish. soup. seafood. bony item eg. fish.

Home: Unrest. prevent robbery

Marriage: good for middle-aged man, middle son. Not good in Chen, Xu, Chou & Wei Mths.

Birth: Difficult labour. good for second child. male. Not good in Chen, Xu, Chou & Wei Mths.

Fame: Difficult. disaster. Trades in relation to Fish, salt, river and by boat. wine and vinegar

Wealth: prevent loss and robbery. suitable for wealth deriving from water. Trades in relation to Fish, salt, wine and vinegar.

Transaction: Not good. guard against traps. good for water related transactions.

Strategy: Not good. Good to divine in Autumn.

Travel: Not good for travel too far away. Good for travel by water. But guard against theft and robbery.

Meeting: Difficult to meet. but can meet people with Chinese surname with water related words in the character.

Illness: Ear problem. Heart problem, Kidney illness. blood related illnesses

Legal: Danger. Likely to fail

Burial: Facing North. Near to water.

Name: Chinese surname with water related characters

Number: 1, 6

Direction: North

Taste: salty, sour

Colour: Black

(Xun Gua)

_ _

Weather: Wind

Geographical: Southeast direction. garden, grass

Human: Eldest Daughter. elegant person. widow

Relationship: soft and gentle, unsettled. dancing. profits 3-folds. unresolved whether to move forward or backward.

Body Parts: Upper Arm. Thigh

Time: between spring and summer.

non-living things: rope, wood. straight and long things. feather. fan

Animals: Chicken. birds.

House: SE facing. High building. tower. living in the woods

Home: stable and safe. divine in spring good. autumn bad

Food: chicken. vegetables and fruits

Marriage: successful. good for eldest daughter. autumn divination not good

Birth: Good. first child daugther. divine in autumn miscarriage.

Fame: good. for female positions relating to flying and power. jobs relating to tea, fruits, wood.

Wealth: triple wealth. from the woods.

Transaction: successful.

Strategy: good.

Travel: good. towards SE.

Meeting: good. meeting with elegant woman

Illness: illness relating to upper arm and thigh. intestine illness. stroke.

Name: Chinese surname with grass or wood characters.

Legal: to settle amicably

Burial: facing SE. within woods. divine in autumn not good.

Number: 5, 3, 8

Direction: SouthEast

Taste: Sour

Colour: green, white

(Zhen Gua)

_ _
_ _

Weather: Thunder

Geographical: East. Wood. Busy town. forest. place where trees and grass grows well

Body Parts: Legs, Liver, Hair. sounds

Human: Eldest Son.

Relationship: proactive. anger. false alarm. more mobility less settled

Time: spring time second mth.

non-living thing: wooden things. musical instruments made of wood.

Animals: dragon, snake, insects

House: East facing house. living within the woods. attic

Home: lots of false alarm in the home. divine in spring and winter good. not good during autumn

Food: birds or chicken. animals found in the woods. fresh meat. vegetables

Marriage: ok. successful. reputable families. good for marriages relating to eldest son. not good in autumn

Wealth: wealth relating to wood and forestry. wealth from mobility.

Fame: Good. suitable for positions that commands authority and gives instructions to others. jobs relating to wood.

Birth: false alarm. foetus keeps moving and not settled. first child will be son.

Illness: Leg injuries. illness relating to liver. frightful and unsettled

Strategy: good. strategies that requires lots of movement. not good to divine during autumn

Transaction: successful. not in autumn. trades relating to wood

Legal: good for court case though there is false alarm. favour keeps changing from side to side.

Meeting: good. to meet famous and reputable people.

Travel: good. travel towards East. divine during autumn not good with false alarm'

Burial: Facing East. within the forest/woods

Name: Chinese surname with Wood related characters

Number: 4, 8, 3

Direction: East

Taste: Sweet, sour

Colour: Dark green, green

(Kun Gua)

_ _
_ _
_ _
Weather: cloudy, hazy

Geographical: farm, countryside, flat grounds, SouthWest direction

Human: Mother, Step-mother, farmer, elder woman

Relationship: Stingy, weak, vile character

Body parts: belly, abdomen, flesh, stomach, gastric

Time: eighth, fifth and tenth month

Non-living item: squarish, soft, cotton wool, clay

Animal: buffalo

House: SW direction, small shops, low-rise

Home: Stable, Yin qi, divine in spring not good

Food: beef, land-animals, cereals, tuber crops

Marriage: good for marriage. family deals with property and tax, in countryside, widow's home. divine in spring not good

Birth: smooth delivery, divine in spring bad for mother.

Fame: successful. instructor or teacher. job relating to land. divine in spring not good

Transaction: good for transaction relating to land. crops.

Wealth: good. wealth deriving from land related trades.

Strategy: good. strategies arising from woman, quietness

Travel: good. SW direction. towards the countryside by land. not good in spring

Meeting: good. for meeeting rural people. meeting relatives and friends. not good to meet during spring

Illness: illness relating to stomach, gastric. stop eating. digestive problem

Legal: with reasoning. obtain support and resolve legal case

Burial: facing SW. flat ground. near to countryside.

Name: Chinese surname with Earth related character.

Number: 8, 5 and 10

Direction: SouthWest

Taste: sweet

Colour: Yellow and black

Note I dont know what about Cyril Quah pages..

Hi All,

Article by Howard Choy:

“A Song on Observing the Yi (Changes)” by Shao Yong. 《觀易吟》邵雍
February 8, 2019

Many Chinese metaphysics practitioners have quoted this poem by Shao Yong since it touches on the practices like Feng Shui 風水, Bazi Suanming 八字算命, Qimen Dunjia 奇門遁甲 and Ziwei Doushu 紫微斗術, etc. There are few English translation availabal on this poem so I decided to have a go with my limited scholarship and understanding, your comments are welcome.

“A Song on Observing the Yi (Changes)” by Shao Yong.

A thing has a body in itself,
A body also has its own Taiji.
To know how myriad things are prepared for me,
(I) need to know the division of San Cai at its root.
Heaven faces one-center to separate the Ti Yong
Man relies on his heart to raise the Jing Lun.
How can heaven and man have a different meaning,
The Dao is not an empty journey it depends on man.

Translator’s notes and commentary:

1. A “thing” 物 here refers to matters in the universe.
2. A “body” 身refers to its qi 器, or its vessel/container.
3. “Taiji” is translated from the Trigrams Qian and Kun, meaning Yang and Yin.
4. “San Cai” 三才 refers to the trinity of Heaven, Earth and Man.
5. “Ti Yong” 體用refers to the concept of “principle and function” or the “body and its usage”.
6. “Jing Lun” 經綸refers to theory and classification in Chinese thoughts, it can also mean silk-threading or to a clever statecraft.

The first two lines of the poem can be expressed with the concept of “One item one Taiji” 一物一太極, in the sense that everything has its complementary opposites, so we need to decide what constitute one “item” or one “thing” under consideration, before we can look at its Taiji or Yin and Yang.

In the third and fourth lines, Shao Yong is talking about the San Cai in the six Yao lines of a Hexagram when casting the Yijing with a question in mind, by dividing the six Yao lines into 3 pairs of Heaven, Man and Earth, thus help us to decipher the meanings of a Hexagram to answer the questions we asked. (Refer Illustration)

The fifth and sixth lines are about the concepts of Ti and Yong (Principle and Function) in Heaven and Jing and Lun (Scripture and Classification) in Man.

According to Shao Yong, one principle (or one body) has many functions (or applications), the ancient Chinese viewed the world from the centre looking out, he puts himself in the middle of the Bagua or the eight directions looking outward, to strive for a unity of Heaven and Man. For this reason, he needs to establish a center in a chosen “item” or “thing” to differentiate, but the two are not separate, they are held together as complementary opposites in a Taiji.

The same applies to Man on Earth, theories and classifications (or clever statecraft) come out from Man’s “Xin”, or his heart/mind, by the way he observes and thinks looking at the near and the far, the large and the small, and thinking in a causal and correlative way at the same time, to find his efficacy. The unity of heaven and Man can be achieved by combining the “Li” 理 in Heaven and the “Xin” 心 in Man.

The last two lines referred to the idea of the unity of Heaven and Man and the path to the Dao depends on the “Xin” of the Man and not on the numbers, symbols and images casted in the Yijing or other “Shu Shu” 數術” or “Numbers and Methods” in Chinese numerological metaphysics. Contrary to most people’s understanding, Shao Yong towards his later years, put his emphasis on the Xin (heart/mind) and not on the Shu (numbers and symbols), but he also acknowledged that they go together like Yin and Yang, to Shao Yong the idealistic and the materialistic are two sides of the same coin.

When Plum Blossom Divination 梅花易數was being promoted to the general public, the earlier practitioners shrewdly changed the last two lines to advertise their exclusive knowledge and lineage:
How can heaven and man have a different meaning,
The Dao is not an empty journey it depends on man.
There are no two sayings for theImmortal and Man,
The Dao is not an empty transmission it depends on Man.

Miscellaneous / New Year 2019! 🍾🍾🍾🍾🥂🥂🥂🥂
« on: December 31, 2018, 03:59:29 PM »

Hi All,

1) Please compare natal work done for father and daughter charts...
2) Analyse for both charts the years Xin Chou 2021, Ren Yin 2022 and Gui Mao 2023?

Father chart: 21 january 1979 You hour (RST)


Daughter chart: 17 may 2014 You hour (RST)


Thank you!


Consultations reviews / Gratitude...
« on: March 14, 2018, 10:53:58 AM »
Hi All,
I would like to express my respect for Jlim, whose many researches in Chinese Metaphysics have aroused my interest and brighten my days for a few years.
The skills of Master Jlim have been demonstrated many times, without my having to praise it more.
I remember a personal Divination done in late 2014, Jlim was the only one among many people to find the month that this problem was solved.
I extend my sincere thanks to Jlim for all the work done and all my encouragement for the new pages of life to write... Good Luck Jlim!


 :D :D :D

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