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Case 3: People Unpeaceful [uneasy, restless, worried ]


Dear all ... hi

I know I touch a very sensitive subject...
Much more when concerning to religious beliefs .. !!

These concerns may never be answered ... and perhaps belong to man's eternal quest..
I believe in reincarnation because is obvious that one life is not enough to solve so many injustices we have caused or causing.. maybe the law of justice or karma might interfere here .. !!

I will try to explain what I mean ... maybe I did not describe the concept of karma correctly .. I think that when Buddhism appeared in China somewhere 4 to 5 century A.C. The concept of "karma" did not exist.. or was with another form. However, before the appearance of Buddhism, the Chinese were quite happy with the concepts of Taoism and Confucianism. From there, they drew the ideas of reformation and virtues of morality to regulate their lives so they hope for a better future. .. the divination arts were capable of regulating these needs as heavy as they are ... while in most Buddhist and Hindu or Christian doctrines the predatory or astrological predictions were largely unacceptable...
Ancient Chinese people were regulate the "Ming - or Destiny or  karma for Buddhism" by their useful and valuable theoretical tools of Wu Xing and Yin Yang ...
Chinese hardly accept Ideas or invaded Dogmas for the reason that they are more practical and like evidence. ...
Theology is not highly estimated all over China ... still Buddhism is accepted and Worshipful of many Chinese people ..'
nevertheless I have to mention that Buddhism used many texts of Taoism in the next generations ...
By the way I am not against Buddhist dogmas ..
I still read many sutras of Buddhism ...
I read the Holly Bible too ...  and am trying to have good understanding..!!
What is your thesis over it  ??
A good discussion is appreciated ..!!


... Dear Liu yao members
Try to evaluate your knowledge by deciphering on this Case ....
After some time I will give the answer from Wild Crane's Old man's book ...

Tientai ...

Yota a girl friend of mine has some problems with Bank transfrering Money ..
She Owns some money from shares of mutual funds that are going to liquidate and take money ..
but after many crosschecks and controls the bank prevents money from being shared.
This case has lasted about 2 years ...
This time the bank does some further checks.
They said everything would go well and take her money ...
I told her to toss the coins ...
her question was ¨
# Will my bill account open next month and take the money ? #

Any help is most welcome..
Tientai ..

Code: [Select]
I favour Croatia to win vs England \ who will win ??
Year: Xu, Month: Wei, Day: Jia/Chen, Void: Yin & Mao

  Leadership-Return Soul-Tomb-Kan-Gua - 7
6 Animals/Hiding Spirit
 Tortoise              Parent  You  - - O
 Tiger                 Sibling Hai  - - 
 Serpent               Officer Chou - - 
 Qi Lin                Wife    Wu   - - S
 Bird                  Officer Chen  -   
 Dragon                Child   Yin  - - 


I favor Croacia will win ..!! ..not sure !!
.. no betting pls.

1. The power of the structure of the Hexagram ( leadership ) with kan lower gua - Croatia..
2. The power of the 2nd Yang line in the kan lower gua over five Yin lines .. !!!
3. This Yang line facing red bird (the crowd cheers the winner ) .. in near the Self line ..
4. In 3d line is Self wealth Wu fire ...
5. There are 2 officers (are the 2 good playes ... But in upper gua 4th Chou Officer is facing serpent..and month break too bad for England.. !!!
6. When the match started the hour was Xu for first Halftime ... (20:00) summer time Adjustment.. the day Chen Self bound the 2nd Officer line but by the clash of Xu  hour broke this bound ... But the start was to loose 1 - 0 .. due to You 6th line  with the Chen day \ and or 2nd officer line ...this Chen produce the Other You 6th line hence the good start of England...
The 2nb Halftime the hour was Hai water that self bound (or self punish) the 5th brother Hai line (or the England competitor ).. ..


Code: [Select]
Divination : I favour Russia to win
Today is a competition Russia versus Croatia
21:00 Hour: Xu earth .... Hai water
Year Xu, Month: Wei, Day: Geng/Zi, Void: Chen & Si.

Gathering Together-Inner-Zhen-Gua - 45 Completeness-Bone-Kan-Gua - 63
6 Animals/Hiding Spirit
 Serpent               Parent  Wei  - -          Child   Zi   - -
 Qi Lin                Sibling You   -  O        Parent  Xu    - 
 Bird                  Child   Hai   O           Sibling Shen - -
 Dragon                Wife    Mao   X           Child   Hai   - 
 Tortoise              Officer Si   - - S        Parent  Chou - -
 Tiger                 Parent  Wei   X           Wife    Mao   -

I guess Russia will win .!!!
You have any better opinion ?


Try to evaluate your knowledge by deciphering on this Case ....
After some time I will give the answer from Wild Crane's Old man book ...

Liu Yao Case Studies / Quiz 26- Divination on Father's illness
« on: June 28, 2018, 09:22:04 AM »
Dear Liu yao members..hi
Learning continues ..!!!
This example doesn't use 6 Animals ..

Try to evaluate your knowledge by deciphering on this Case ....
After some time I will give the answer from Wild Crane's Old man book ...


I will try to give my evaluation on my this case ....
I would be grateful for some help ...

Liu Yao / FENG SHUI - Wild Crane Liu Yao: Selected Opinions....
« on: May 06, 2018, 12:38:04 PM »
Wild Crane refferance :

Constructing buildings and temples chapter.

Generally the residence have something common , mostly fearing the six clash [exagrams ] , and the changed yao clash [chong ], or the changed gua in grave [mu ] or in vanishing [ jue ], or fan yin or fu yin.
The head taoists from mountains that make divination , all agree that Shi [self ] line in flourishing [wang ] , month or day or moving line engendering or birth appearing [xiang ], should offspring yao be moving , and fearful [ji ] ghost officer yao is rising [xing ].
Brother yao holding Shi [self ] yao , much spending is not good for the Wealth .
ghost officer holding Shi [self ] yao , disease disaster accumulate,
Brother yao subdue Shi [self ] yao , lust for benefits [sexual !! ] is contrary to be alright with fetus luck.
Wealth produce [ghost ] officer Shi [self ] yao , even if money is few to have the help is increased.
When Offspring is flourishing , birth appear , and in advance, how could this deceive a disciple ;
When Wealth yao is on rest , prison , and in retreat , then failure to carry things through.
Li Wo Ping said : in various books of divination , Wild Crane found 20 different categories.
Actually the law for residence , the inner essence not belong just to one [category only ].
How to reveal to the people ?
As for 《Bu Shi Da Quan 》 the 1st yao is for well (well, mine shaft, pit) , 2nd yao is for Kitchen (stove) , 3rd yao is for bed (room) , 4th yao is for the door, 5th yao is for conducting with peoples ,  6th yao is for ridgepole room (supporting house or structure)
As for《Golden strategy》the 1st yao is for base [foundation ] innermost  room, 2nd yao is for building , 3rd yao is for Gate , 4th yao is for the Parents (room), 5th yao is for Brothers (room) ,  6th yao is for Wife (room).
As for《Yi Mao》the 1st yao is for Young , 2nd yao is for Wife, 3rd yao is for a male junior, 4th yao is for the Female, 5th yao is for Father ,  6th yao is for old people.
Again is said : ‘when ghost officer is moving in lower [gua ] , the residence is disastrous ; when ghost officer is moving in upper [gua ] numerous people are punished by misfortune.”
If a husband use the 2nd yao for his wife, the 3rd yao for a male junior, and there is ghost officer yao moving in lower gua , this residence couldn't be disastrous ?
His wife or the male junior don't have punished [misfortune ] ?
As for Ghost in five phases or eight palaces , since determine officer as fiery robber, also can determine as ringleaders disastrous retinue .
By naming traditionally fiery ghost as indication of fire, when ghost is located at a Heaven [Qian - metal ] Palace, then ringleader is suffering, to make double judge [only ] by this hexagram, how is certain that is a thief in house on fire and not a ringleader’s illness ?
Also said : The combination [He ] is for the gate [door ] , The Clash [Chong ] is for the Road , It does not matter whether it is within the gua, only by secretly clashed and secretly combined, one ought to count for validation  .
If there is Clash and not Combination, or Combination and not Clash , how could exist [to account for ] gate and not for a road , or vice versa ?
They do not know when making divination for residence what to avoid, or what is hopeful for population to be clear and distinct, If wealth is in luck when flourishing arise for a house, or when Ghost and brother is unmoving the home is safe, only this is enough and nothing more, why would add many leaves, this could make people blind.
[乾按] 此章要义在李我平语。古法所论纷纭,理不归一。
[Qian commended]  this chapter is taken from Li Wo Ping speech. Ancient laws are many and confused , the inner essence [meanings ]  not return to the One [single opinion ].
The arguments and opinions are different, and the angles are many. Don't make a decision by a single hexagram. Must not be muddled by the ancient law, but always go above all these differences..

From Master J.. Yu refferance :

[1] Subject is the person who asks the question. Object is the house.
[2] Spirit of focus is the Parents yao if the people intends to live in the house.
[3] Spirit of focus is the Wife/Wealth yao if it is an investment property
[4] If Object generates Subject, the house is suitable for the person.
[5] lf Object controls Subject, the house is unsuitable
[6] The strength of the Parents yao according to the month branch indicates whether the house is good for the people's health and relationship. The strength of the Parents yao according to the day branch indicates whether the house is good for wealth and prosperity.
[7] lf the Parents yao holds the Subject, the people have to work very hard to make a living.
[8] lf the Brothers yao holds the Subject, it is easy to lose money.
[9] lf the Offspring yao holds the Subject, there is harmony in the house.
[10] lf the Wifefwealth yao holds the Subject, making money is easy.
[11] lf the Officer/Ghost yao holds the Subject, the house favors career advance.
[12] lf Parents yao moves to control back, there is a road rushing towards the house. 
[13] Door and road (pathway) are the two most important features to a house. They should be vibrant to be effective. The six relations they represent will tell the nature of the energy entering the house.
[14] Traditionally, the Na Yin of the year of birth of the people determine the house-people compatibility,
[15] lf you want to know the fortune and misfortune for people and house. you must examine the inner and outer gua and yao_ Inner gua represents the house. Outer gua represents the people.
[16] Combination is the door, clashing is the road It does not matter whether it is within the gua. Explanation; The branch that combines with Line 2 is the door. The branch that clashes Line 2 is the road, It does not need to be present in the hexagram.. [ you can see this in Wild Crane's refferance also ...!! ]

From Master A. Chiu's refferance :
Elaboration on A.. Chiu ‘s writings  (...for better reading )
Feng Shui
6 match [hexagrams ] mostly means your house is a lucky house. 
6 match also mean that if people live into that house, people will be kind and generous to each other. 
6 Clash [hexagrams ] means you should not purchase the house. 
Chinese believe that if the house is surrounded by mountains or hills, the natural energy of Earth will concentrate on the house.  The energy will turn into luck.   
Who ever lives in this house will become extremely wealthy. 
The luck of many generations will be enhanced by this house.

The Shi (self) line is, of course, yourself. 
The Ying (Other) line represents others. (Someone who's not related to you.)   
If the Ying (Other) line is somehow linked to the Shi (self) line, others are living in your house. 
Beware the Ying (Other) line that has an Ghost /Officer or a White tiger which strikes or kills the Shi (self)  line.
If one asking about business, The most distinctive feature is when Ghost /Officer line moves linking with Shi (self) line , this should be a great sign because the Ghost /Officer star is the successful star. 

If one asks about money or about business, a healthy Ghost /Officer star on Shi (self) line is the luckiest sign of all. 
If you asking "Will this house make me rich or give me a promotion?", the Ghost /Officer star on Shi (self) line is a lucky sign.
When one asks for his business site where he works, the Spirit of Focus must be Parents line..

But when one asking about his house, Ghost /Officer star sign is not viewed as a lucky sign.  Why? 
Because if one is concerned about his house, safety and stability usually come first. 
You want to make sure that your new house won't bring you any trouble. 
You want to make sure that your entire family will be safe and happy under the new roof. 
The reason is people are more concerned about safety and stability when they asking about a house or a burial spot. 
Therefore, the Offspring star is the lucky star while the Ghost /Officer star usually represents trouble, danger and fear. 
If a Ghost /Officer star is linking or is killing the self line, something bad could happen. 
If reading about company's feng-shui, look at the Wealth star first. is definitely very important. 
Wealth star is the flowing energy of the house. 
Then you look at the Offspring star because Offspring is the helper of Wealth .
The Offspring star is the lucky star.  Offspring kills Ghost /Officer means all worries and fear disappear. 
The Offspring star and the Wealth star cannot be hurt or be weak.  Or else you will lose money, or your children will be in danger, or your family will come apart, etc.

The bottom line (1st line) is the bottom or the foundation of the house. 
The 2nd line is the living room, the kitchen, or the guest room. 
The 3rd line is the door or the bed. 
The 4th line is the front gate of the house.   
The 5th line is the front road which leads to the front gate of the house. 
The 6th line is the most far.  Thus the 6th line could be a building across the street or something.

Green Dragon is the left of the house. 
Red Bird is the front of the house.
Yellow Qi Lin and flying Serpent are the center of the house.
White Tiger is the right of the house 
Black Tortoise is the back of the house. 




《增删 卜易》
"Additions and Deletions by Yijing divination (Bu Yi)"

 一书, 题为 “野鹤老人” 著。

The book entitled "The Wild Crane Old Man"to make known .

此书为清代人李文辉 (觉子) 根据野 鹤老人手抄本资料, 结舍自已多年的实践经验总结。

This book came from Ch'ing or Qing dynasty (1644-1911)  by a person named Li Wenhui (Jiao Zi) who based onto the Wild Crane’s old hand written manuscript, made it fruitful by testing of practical experience and  giving up what was much excessive from ( past ) years of summation.

于康熙二十九年 〈1690年) 庚午孟夏朔日完稿的著作。

He (Li Wenhui)  finished his literary works after 29 years in  Kangxi [Kangxi, title of the reign (1661-1722) of the Kangxi Emperor 聖祖|圣祖]. On "1690" (09) Geng - Wu Year - 1st month of summer - and first day of lunar month .


At present time this edition of Kangxi after 30 years version is available.

全书以断事情的吉凶戌败为基础, 理论由浅入深的阐述, 对 “屡验者存之, 不验者删之” 。

The whole book is based to judge affairs of good and bad luck events, the theory is an elaboration for deeper enlightenment , by correcting (adjusting ). “By repeatedly examination on which to keep (and store in this edition) and on which not to examine and delete (ignore ?)

 特别是配舍犬量实占卦例采解说理论, 为后世的研究 做了很好的范例性引导, 这是共他所有六爻典籍无法比拟之处o

In particular, is based by abandoning the excessive and keeping the real ( Yijing ) divination examples   
And collecting them to explain the Theory, later generations will understand very good by the quality of guided Examples.This is commonly fitting in  Six Yao (Liu Yao Yi Gua divination) but ancient Books incapable to draw a parallel on this place.


This book is pretty as Six Yao (Liu Yao Yi Gua) Divination Science and in reality seems as a Ancient tripod Cauldron full of writings (ready to raise it...Ancient cooking cauldron with two looped handles and three or four legs of the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes)

1. This book has a great influence in the late Qing Dynasty. Its greatest feature is its classification, its detailed analysis, and its ease of introduction and improvement. It also has secrets that anyone [want to know ] does not pass this book easily.

2. This book is divided into FOUR VOLUMES and more than 200 chapters; the general sequence is the introduction guide,
Volume one is the foundation-based science,
Volume two is the theory of advanced studies, and
Volume three and four is for further advancement.
It is a bridge for beginners to learn from the easy-to-deep divining process. It is the book for the present fortune tellers.
Scroll 1


Eight Gua’s
The law to make divination
Eight Palaces
Tian Gan Tu Ji
The song of Liu Qin
Shi/Self - Ying/Other
Movement,  Change
Yong Shen
Yong Shen、Yuan Shen、Ji Shen、Qiu Shen
Yuan Shen、Ji Shen、Decline, Flourishing
Five Phases mutual Birth
Five Phases mutual subdue (restrain)
To subdue (restrain), to deal with taking strength (Birth)
Moving, Unmoving, Giving Birth, Subduing (restrain).
Moving, Transformed, Unmoving, Birth Subduing, Clash, Meeting
Four seasons flourishing [wang ],  growth appear [xiang ]
Month commander
Day Chen (Ri Chen)
Liu Shen
Liu he . Six Harmony Combination
Liu chong - Six clashes
San xing ‘Three punishments
Liu hai - Six Harms
Hiding movement (An Dong)
Loose Movement (Leisurely)
Gua transformation, Giving Birth, Subduing (restrain), Tomb, Vanish .
Opposing (fan)-hiding (fu)
Ten days- Empty
Birth Flourish Tomb Vanish
All kind of questions in every period asked
All kind of questions in every period asked 
Returning Soul Gui Hun /Roaming Soul You Hun 

Scroll  2

Month break
Flying - hiding Spirit
Advance - retreat
Compliance of Ghost entering tomb 
Independent, send out [feelings ]
Both appearing
Baleful star (Xing Sha)
Additions & deletions golden strategy thousand gold worth
Right Time

.... to be continued

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