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Hi Chart,
Wei is connected to the Year through the Wu-Wei Six Combination.
Ding also swaps image with Wu in the Year.

Let's just look at the daughter's chart.  As always, the analysis is based on Mangpai.

Hi Dao.  In the daughter's chart, you might be surprised to learn that Mother Star is Jia.  How is the relationship between her father and mother?
As I said before, Wu (Zheng Yin/Direct Resource) is father.  Jia combining with Wu is mother combining with father.  Biological ones, not stepmother or stepfather. 

But Xin You in the Hour undermines this combination.  Because Xin overcomes Jia, while You breaks (Po) Wu Horse.  So the relationship between father and mother is very shaky. 

Jia mother combines with Ji.  Ji and Wu are the same image in Mangpai.  However, they are not the same person in this specific chart.  So Ji represents another man that mother combines with.

The assignment of Jia as Mother Star matches the events!  Assignment of parent stars is complicated, and I have found that the fixed assignment of Resource as mother is not always true.  How Jia Wood can be the mother star is covered in my online Mangpai Foundation Course. 

Date of raising the hexagram is 9 Jan 2018 (no time given).  Kong Wang: Chen, Si.

Ding   Gui     Xin      ?
 You   Chou  Chou    ?

it's very interesting what you're doing with the hexagram and bringing up this old topic, Raymond.  When the topic was active, unfortunately I was busy with other topics. 

I must say that I don't normally use hexagrams for an open query like this.  But let's examine it ...

Yes, in the Sixth (Top) line, Officer coming with Child has (amongst many meanings) sickness of children.  Note also that Yin Wood and You Metal put each other into Jue (Vanished) Qi phase.  This is very similar to Bazi. 

The other important line to look at is certainly the Self line (like Daymaster in Bazi).  This is the Third line Chou Earth.  Note that the Sixth Line Yin Wood actually overcomes the Self line!  Health problems may be happening with Self too.  Si Fire produces Self line, but Si being Kong Wang could not help much, so yes there is a health problem. 

The Sixth line comes with Serpent, and it's replicated in the first line coming with Tiger.  Either the person or his child has a strange/rare illness that involves surgery/injury.  This is the interpretation that comes from the Six Animals in Liu Yao. 

White Tiger in Liu Yao is similar to Yang Ren/Sword Star in Bazi.  But White Tiger has many more interpretations thanp surgery/injury. 

Hi Dao.  In the daughter's chart, you might be surprised to learn that Mother Star is Jia.  How is the relationship between her father and mother?

2.  Ding, Wu and Wei are all seen as "Wealth".
In Buffett's chart, Officer Star (Wei) qualifies as "Wealth".  Based on Mangpai theory, such an Officer Star gives the greatest amount of wealth.   

How can Officer Star be considered to represent money?  Because Officer is a Star that is produced by Wealth Star.  But of course, to qualify as "Wealth", there are a few requirements.  Not all Officer Stars represent money, in fact, not many of them do.

Bazi / Re: Stable DM marries with strong wealth - probably well off person
« on: September 20, 2018, 04:57:21 PM »
herut, that's interesting, I'll have to ask @Voytek (who made bazi-calculator) how he arrived at that.  But I understand that quick analysis, this is a stable DM all right, because Ren Zi is a stable/solid pillar.  "Marries" refers to combination between DM and Wealth in the Hour Pillar.  And Ding Wealth is strong/stable/solid. 
The above quoted text is true, but to be super wealthy, there's more to the analysis in 💲💲💲 WARREN BUFFETT - how he's super wealthy based on Mangpai Bazi 💲💲💲

Oh, good, I notice that you have Liked the topic, so you are aware of it.

3.The question is if this package of exercises is valuable ...
If the deciphering was favourable then I tried to estimate  this Hexagram in the course of time ahead this value. ..!!
Tientai, could you rephrase this because I'm afraid I don't understand it?

Extracted from my Mangpai Foundation Course forum topic.  More complete theory and examples are in Wealth Commanding Officer and Officer Commanding Wealth (only for registered students).
Chart is plotted the mainland Chinese way from Year to Hour (left to right)

This is an Officer Commanding Wealth chart structure. 
1.  There is one Officer Wei, and two Wealth Ding and Wu.
2.  Wei is controlled, but not completely (well) controlled.  Shen-Zi Water gang controls Wei, but Wu and Ding produces Wei.  Ding, Wu and Wei are all seen as "Wealth".
3.  Wei is in the Host location.  Ding is also.  Wu is connected to Hour Pillar, through Wu-Wei combination, or swapping image with Ding.
4.  Commanding Star is Wei, and is located in the Host location.
5.  LP Hai, Zi and Chou continues to control Wei Officer. 

Indeed at the end of LP Ding Hai in 1961, from his investment business he already had USD 10 million (converted to today's USD).  That was when he was only 31 years old!  He continued to accumulate millions till he became a billionaire.

For both father and daughter's chart, in this case, father is represented by Zheng Yin (Direct Resource). 
There are charts where father is represented by Wealth Star, but not in these specific charts.

The truth is that I was seen that by this Hexagram could be a good deal with money instalments. .. 
I thought that the question for the second hexagram is whether or not the package is valuable for you.  But what you are analyzing instead is date selection, which is another useful application of Liu Yao divination, but not the main question.

Anyway, since the master is represented by Hai Offspring line, negotiation on Xu day is a good idea, because Xu overcomes Hai.

But I don't think that You Day clashing Mao will release the Kong Wang.  You Month is already a Month Break.  When does he receive his first payment?

I wait to buy this on 15th. . Hai day becouse two days before was You metal day that clashed open kong wan  Mao wood day .. !!
No, the 15th is Xu day.

The retreat of 2nd wealth moving line I think represent something not so bad ... just how was the agreement. . To pay by instalments.
Here is some interesting interpretation.  The second Wealth line talks about his (and not your) money.  This line combines with Fourth line Hai, since Yin and Hai is a Six Combination.  But Hai comes together with Shen Siblings, and Siblings represents "wealth loss".  Moreover, Hai is (1) retreating line, (2) coming with Qi Lin, which can mean 'slowness'. 

This whole thing (wealth loss, retreating, slowness) means the other party receives money in installments.  In a way, installment is a sort of "wealth loss" for him.

Members Lounge / Re: #realitycheck#realitybites#truthbetold
« on: September 19, 2018, 08:31:26 AM »

"Most people when they come to you for advice, come to have their own opinions strengthened, not corrected."

                 -Henry Wheeler Shaw
Yes, sometimes I experience this when giving life reading and divination consultations  ;)

Hi Tientai, have you bought the Qi Gong package? I need to see if this is the same question as your original hexagram in this topic. 

Or, it may be the same question, but with some change of the variables, therefore you raised a hexagram again?  Please share the story.

The spiritual practice will do you some good, regardless of Bazi.  Which practice is suitable to you is very hard to see in Bazi.
It has just occured to me that in your chart, two Earth Branches clash with two Earth Branches :D.  Earth has a property of stillness, but if two clash two... that might explain the big challenge with long-time sitting.

The challenge comes from your thoughts and emotions, rather than physical, because in your case Earth is Output. 

Ding  Ding   Xin      Xin
Wei    Wei   Chou   Chou

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