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Dear @JLim hi..

wanting to make a feedback from my Patient's start treatment. ..
I would like to say that even if the diagnosis is made she phoned me saying that she will come for treatments next months ahead ... not specified when ( ..probably she had money problems ...!! )

Hi Tientai,
5) The only drawback may be her financial commitment for routine treatment visits.  Others line is money, weak by Month and Day, and it's overcome by Siblings Line Yin Tiger.

... Dear Jlim you are right once more ..!!


Liu Yao / Re: FENG SHUI - Wild Crane Liu Yao: Selected Opinions....
« on: May 11, 2018, 11:40:30 AM »
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dear Dao thanks for additional information on feng shui ...
i had some time to translate from French int English your postings ...


Question about the feng shui of a house
For the feng shui of a house one can use as well the plum blossom as the wen wang. (Mei Hua}

Other information can be added through relationships and animals. It is preferable that the six relationships (brother, child, wealth, officer, parent) be present.
In the hexagram above, the officer's line is absent which is not a good sign. The officer trait represents the husband, the fact that the trait is absent may indicate that the husband is working abroad or is not very present at home.

Animals can also be used by combining them .
  in front of the building: the bird (the phoenix)
  Behind the building: The turtle
  on the left of the building the dragon
  on the right of the building the tiger
  in the center the snake, the worm

In the hexagram above, the worm is on the 5th line therefore in the outer trigram which corresponds to the external environment. The worm is sinuous, so we can conclude that the road to the house is curved and that it forms a bend.
So that your interpretations become perfect, one has to practice regularly. It is practice that makes one perfect.

1.The lowest trigram represents the house and the one from the top the residents. If the house clasps the occupants, it causes disease and conflict.
2.The trigram of the upper clasps the lower trigram: the occupants clash the house, which implies work.
3.The trigram of the bottom produces the top trigram: it is favorable, the house will support the inhabitants financially and it will promote harmony between them.
4.The two trigrams are of the same element; it is good because it means they will support each other and residents will get along well.
5.The trigram from above supports the lower trigram: the house will cost money to its occupants.
6.The lower trigram is strong: it's a big house.
7.The top trigram is strong: there will be many occupants.
8.The two trigrams are strong: the house will favor the prosperity of the occupants.
9.The two trigrams are weak and do not support each other: the house is small and the residents will not prosper.


Liu Yao / Re: Malaysian 14th General Election Divination
« on: May 10, 2018, 11:58:03 AM »
Dear Raymond hi..

I  want to add my own idea on aftereffects explanation .. !!

1.The producted Hexagram is Liu Chong or 6 Clash Hexagram category ..
When there is not any moving line or day element to support Shi (Self) line  [Prime Minister Najib].. then the Answer is a big NO winning by the part of Shi self line nevertheless  what the enquiry is formed. .!!.
perhaps you asking when tossing coins which part was the winner  ??
Or probably feeling favour for a party to be a winner .. who knows. ?
Anyway the "No" goes to 4th Shi self unmoving dragon line .. wishful thinker but lacking the chance..
2. Another very bold reason is if the wealth Wu hidden 3rd Fu line now in Flourish  (Wang ) stage by the month take the chance to be out of hide due to imprisonment of Brothers Hai Fei Shen .
If this happens then Wu fire could allies  (Liu he ) with 1st producted Wei line on Officer  Earth -winner star that favours the opposition Ying Other Party (Mahathir Mohamad).
Thanks for participate

Liu Yao / Re: Malaysian 14th General Election Divination
« on: May 08, 2018, 08:41:05 PM »
Dear @JLim hi ...

I agree with you... I have checked it .. with the same conclusion  ..

... the clash of Chou day (9 May ) by Wai 1st producted line doesn't allows the Mao triangle formation   ..this is Determinant ... !!

Best regards ..

Liu Yao / FENG SHUI - Wild Crane Liu Yao: Selected Opinions....
« on: May 06, 2018, 12:38:04 PM »
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The woman tossed the coins Asking : If she would be safe to continue to live in this old building .
The Divination Master said : The Shi (self) offspring lucky yao moved turning into a Parent frustration yao which kills back Offspring. 
This house will frustrate you. 

This house's Feng-Shui is very terrible with a sible view. 
Frustration and poverty shall plaque the residents of this house.

Another bad thing is that the Date is striking on Yin wealth line. 
The entire Upper Gua forms a Linking [Lin ] of all 3 lines linked to each other. 
When a moving line is being struck, it is loose and therefore cannot move. 
The top 6th line indicates somewhere far. 
The wealth moving line on the top indicates that there is a road which stretched all the way to your front door from a very far distance.   

That road is the one which brought in all of the Wealth. 
The date Clash [Chong ] the top 6th line indicates that there is reconstruction of that road. 
The road has either been eliminated or new buildings have been constructed which blocked the view so you can't see that road anymore.
The woman said : The previous owner of this house did become wealthy through. And indeed.  Half a year ago, one could see a long stretching road coming from a far away mountain from our window. 
That road was a very busy road.  But now, the view has been blocked by newly constructed buildings. 
So we can't see that road anymore.
The Divination Master said : The 5th line is Offspring and is lucky but Empty star.  It is being produced by the date and is the same element as the month.  But too bad it moved and turned into Parent which kills back at itself for this reason there must be damage to the structure of your area.

The 5th line's Qi Lin (Earth) ) Parent line is linked to the 4th line's red Bird Parent line.  Red Bird is the front.   Qi Lin (Earth) ) represents something curvy.  Parent represents a big building.  So in the front of your house, they have built a new bow-shaped bridge, and that bridge is hurting your luck. 

I will also reffer for an injury OF your child because the Parent star is killing back at the Offspring star.   
But luckily, the Offspring star is very powerful.  So the injury won't be a big deal. 

The woman said : "Master.  That's right.!!  How can you see that there's a bridge in front of the house?  You're amazing!", the woman cried out.

The Divination Master said : The top line yin wealth is moving and by linking [lin ] with Shi (self) offspring Zi line will change to Parent Xu frustration line star. But the Shi (self) offspring Zi line is now empty and every linking line is unmoving. 
Luckily enough, current month and the date favor the 5th Shi (self) offspring Zi line.  So Parent Xu cannot really hurt the Shi (self) offspring Zi line because Zi is very strong. 

But on next 6th future step and when Yin month arrives then the 6th Yin wealth line no longer Empty  will truly Hurt Shi (self) offspring Zi by the Xu Parent frustration line star.  [my comment : Yin weaken Zi so Xu hurting Yin ]
So real frustration shall come on month Yin. 
--------------------------------------------Conclusion ---------------------------------
 On Zi month , one of her children fell off and injured his leg.  Another child has fell down and hurt his forehead.  The reason why all this occurred in month Zi is because In month Zi, was no longer empty [the same month !!].     
Therefore, 5th Shi (self) offspring Zi line was moved and turned into Parent which killed back Offspring. 

When Yin month comes she left this residence..





余曰: 此宅宜买,申金月建生世,卯日又冲动父爻生世,人宅相宜,管许必发,但嫌二爻鬼变子孙,须防克子。
Wild Crane said : This residence is suitable to buy , the monthly Shen metal is growing the Shi (Shelf) yao, the Mao day also cash [chong dong ] the unmoving Parent yao that produce the Shi (Shelf) yao, this residence for the man is appropriate, take care only your showing feelings,  merely be in suspicion when the 2nd moving officer yao changes to offspring yao, must protect from Sons subduing [beating ]
The asker said : So buying this residence how beneficial would be ?
Wild Crane said : this is nothing to do with the residence , even if not buy this , I am fearing that is difficult to protect.
Offspring facing month break [po ] ,and  ghost move changing out , [this means ] utmost danger .
So he abandoning and don't buy , but the Son still died in the Month Shen from small pox. 
After all the man bought the house in the Month Xu.
[My comment :  Yong Shen : 5th Parent unmoving yao ..]

[乾按] 此占实为选择气场也。
[Qian Commended ] this divination is for special purpose on Energy - Qi stage.
Heaven and Earth Yin and Yang five elements having Energy Qi, human body also have it.
When jointly each other give birth then there is lucky, when restrain or come across with Clash [chong] then there is inauspicious.
This hexagram example talk for Parent yao receive Wood energy - Qi by restraining , when Yin or Mao wood Qi - energy reach on peak of flourishing [Wang ] , naturally is not suitable to enter this residence and is better to avoid it. [ .. perhaps reffering for Yin or Mao days]
Waiting when Shen / You Metal energy ascend [Making ] Wood to Decline or Vanish [ Shuai - Jue ] , normally is suitable to enter this residence . [ perhaps reffering for Shen or You days ]


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《增删 卜易》
"Additions and Deletions by Yijing divination (Bu Yi)"

 一书, 题为 “野鹤老人” 著。

The book entitled "The Wild Crane Old Man"to make known .

此书为清代人李文辉 (觉子) 根据野 鹤老人手抄本资料, 结舍自已多年的实践经验总结。

This book came from Ch'ing or Qing dynasty (1644-1911)  by a person named Li Wenhui (Jiao Zi) who based onto the Wild Crane’s old hand written manuscript, made it fruitful by testing of practical experience and  giving up what was much excessive from ( past ) years of summation.

于康熙二十九年 〈1690年) 庚午孟夏朔日完稿的著作。

He (Li Wenhui)  finished his literary works after 29 years in  Kangxi [Kangxi, title of the reign (1661-1722) of the Kangxi Emperor 聖祖|圣祖]. On "1690" (09) Geng - Wu Year - 1st month of summer - and first day of lunar month .


At present time this edition of Kangxi after 30 years version is available.

全书以断事情的吉凶戌败为基础, 理论由浅入深的阐述, 对 “屡验者存之, 不验者删之” 。

The whole book is based to judge affairs of good and bad luck events, the theory is an elaboration for deeper enlightenment , by correcting (adjusting ). “By repeatedly examination on which to keep (and store in this edition) and on which not to examine and delete (ignore ?)

 特别是配舍犬量实占卦例采解说理论, 为后世的研究 做了很好的范例性引导, 这是共他所有六爻典籍无法比拟之处o

In particular, is based by abandoning the excessive and keeping the real ( Yijing ) divination examples   
And collecting them to explain the Theory, later generations will understand very good by the quality of guided Examples.This is commonly fitting in  Six Yao (Liu Yao Yi Gua divination) but ancient Books incapable to draw a parallel on this place.


This book is pretty as Six Yao (Liu Yao Yi Gua) Divination Science and in reality seems as a Ancient tripod Cauldron full of writings (ready to raise it...Ancient cooking cauldron with two looped handles and three or four legs of the 64 hexagrams of the Book of Changes)

1. This book has a great influence in the late Qing Dynasty. Its greatest feature is its classification, its detailed analysis, and its ease of introduction and improvement. It also has secrets that anyone [want to know ] does not pass this book easily.

2. This book is divided into FOUR VOLUMES and more than 200 chapters; the general sequence is the introduction guide,
Volume one is the foundation-based science,
Volume two is the theory of advanced studies, and
Volume three and four is for further advancement.
It is a bridge for beginners to learn from the easy-to-deep divining process. It is the book for the present fortune tellers.
Scroll 1


Eight Gua’s
The law to make divination
Eight Palaces
Tian Gan Tu Ji
The song of Liu Qin
Shi/Self - Ying/Other
Movement,  Change
Yong Shen
Yong Shen、Yuan Shen、Ji Shen、Qiu Shen
Yuan Shen、Ji Shen、Decline, Flourishing
Five Phases mutual Birth
Five Phases mutual subdue (restrain)
To subdue (restrain), to deal with taking strength (Birth)
Moving, Unmoving, Giving Birth, Subduing (restrain).
Moving, Transformed, Unmoving, Birth Subduing, Clash, Meeting
Four seasons flourishing [wang ],  growth appear [xiang ]
Month commander
Day Chen (Ri Chen)
Liu Shen
Liu he . Six Harmony Combination
Liu chong - Six clashes
San xing ‘Three punishments
Liu hai - Six Harms
Hiding movement (An Dong)
Loose Movement (Leisurely)
Gua transformation, Giving Birth, Subduing (restrain), Tomb, Vanish .
Opposing (fan)-hiding (fu)
Ten days- Empty
Birth Flourish Tomb Vanish
All kind of questions in every period asked
All kind of questions in every period asked 
Returning Soul Gui Hun /Roaming Soul You Hun 

Scroll  2

Month break
Flying - hiding Spirit
Advance - retreat
Compliance of Ghost entering tomb 
Independent, send out [feelings ]
Both appearing
Baleful star (Xing Sha)
Additions & deletions golden strategy thousand gold worth
Right Time

.... to be continued


This hexagram has chou wealth moving [yao ]  that changes to wu fire offspring , first half of the day although clear , commonly there are floating clouds covering the sun, but after Wu time [11 - 1 pm ] , all sky haven't any clouds .
Therefore money yao although indicate bright and clear , inevitably no clouds will certainly start when wu time arrive and seen offspring, then major clarity of [sky - weather ] is also.
Official ghost is just a sound of thunder.
Official ghost,  in case of Parents yao as source God [yuan shen ], when moving then produce Parent Yao, hence indication of sound of thunder.
Perhaps some black clouds, maybe there is a thunder and lightning response, not stick to the four seasons , and don't  make a conclusion when [there is ] sound of thunder, to [deceive you by ] some black cloud mist .

Liu Yao Case Studies / Quiz 22- Divination : On today weather forecast
« on: April 13, 2018, 09:16:30 AM »

Dear Master@JLim ..
From assisting in translation by PM .. Yes I have made a mistake translating. 断 as "abstain " !!
you corrected 斷 here means "decidedly". One Chinese character can have multiple meanings..
... I want to mention from quiz 18 ...
" ....金生子孙者,用针;
When metal produce offspring yao , abstain decidedly use Acupuncture ;
When fire holding offspring yao , abstain decidedly use Moxibustion (TCM) "
Offspring could give the nature of medicine  !! "TCM actions of treatments " .. isn't amazing ? ..
You are so kind and careful when give an expanation on any case ...
There is only one reason on my TCM diagnosis to have mistaken  !! ..
She reffered that long time ago had a bad feverish cold and Western Doctor prescribed Antibiotics. . Perhaps this is unresolved disease due to erroneous past cure ..!! .. that's why now she reacts as having a heat ( False  category syndromes ).. this can be healed by fire or heat ...!!
I use Liu Yao Gua only for dificult cases just as this .. now i feel how helpful is this tool don't making mistakes for so complicated medical cases .. what a piety don't know to use !!?


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