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I was asked a question recently regarding if the Bazi Season Structure changed for people in the southern hemisphere. When I say season from the perspective of what I've been taught, Summer=Fire, Earth= Transitional Period, Metal= Autumn, Water= Winter, and Wood= Spring. So why doesn't translate when calculating Bazi Charts? Right now it's winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere, shouldn't the month branch reflect this?

On certain charts when I go to select the option for "similar dates", I see this message appear. What is the source of this message? "Stable DM marries with strong wealth - probably well off person."



I've been practicing Bazi for about 10 years, and I've just recently come across the Mangpai method. I've been really impressed with some of the case studies that I've seen from this approach. So I was wondering if a few of you all can take a stab at projecting the wealth potentials and wealth vehicle(s) of this chart. See birth data below and attached.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn from each other!

Time: 21:33
Date: November 15, 1987
Place: Oberlin, OH

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