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Bazi Case Studies / Re: Trump-follow trend?
« on: March 29, 2019, 01:58:36 PM »
After analyzing his Bazi based on birth data in astro-databank or other sites, I have doubts that that is the correct chart.  His personality and other life facts do not match that birth data (in my opinion).

I'm pretty sure this is time due my analysis of his chart in Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). His Ascendant in Vedic Astrology is dead on.

But the southern observer would not be experiencing the Winter Solstice, it would be experiencing the Summer Solstice. So, how do the qualities associated with Rat, for example, apply to the Southern Observer during a Rat Month?

.... Frankly speaking my opinion is in accordance to Ancient Chinese thesis and Masters of CM...!!!
Many researches must conduct in this new Age... for Southern Hemisphere.
Very significant is the research of W.K. Chu  in appendix of his book "The astrology of I ching"

W.K Chu in the Astrology of I-Ching, he suggests inverting the charts. Actually, he provides a method of inverting going 6 months away from the actual natives birth date if born in the southern hemisphere. Here's an excerpt... " Everyone knows that the Southern hemisphere is the counterpart of the Northern Hemisphere, i.e when it's summer in the north its winter in the south; the circulation of the ocean and windstorm currents are reversed, indicating different influences acting on each area. While the applicable earthly hours remain the same for the same longitude, the point of reference for calculations in the Southern hemisphere must be a point diametrically opposed to the point used in the Northern hemisphere. One of the first things this does is to offset the astrological year by six months from that in the Northern hemisphere, i.e from what we call Summer Solstice to SUmmer SOlstice in the Northern hemisphere to what is known as Winter Solstice to Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere, roughly June 22 to June 21"

I have that book. I'm going to revisit it.

Let's suppose that an observer in Northern hemisphere .. And it is 22 December and at 24: 00 ... looking at Northern sky, then the Ladder of the Big Dipper has taken the unique downward position pointing to  earth ... This also determines the start of the Winter Solstice. Solar term.
the point it shows is the Astrological earthly branch Zi water ...

if another observer on Southern hemisphere (on the same longitude with first observer) could see (probably couldn't see Northern stars) with some way the same hour and month would notice the same direction of the Ladder as the viewer on Northern hemisphere. !!!
It is reasonable that next earthly branches are the same for both hemispheres on months. .. the "Celestial Clock is what determines these Universal positions of Earthy Branches ... and not the Hemispheres of the Earth !! ".

But the southern observer would not be experiencing the Winter Solstice, it would be experiencing the Summer Solstice. So, how do the qualities associated with Rat, for example, apply to the Southern Observer during a Rat Month?

If Inverting the month pillar is the issue, then I would say yes. Because the month represents a season, and if the season in the North is deep winter Rat, and the season in the South in the highest point of summer (Wu like conditions) but has a Rat pillar, then I think its inconsistent. Unless we get rid of the seasonal approach to Bazi altogether. As far as the flavors go, I don't think that really gets into this conversation much.

Bazi / Re: South vs North BaZi practical example
« on: December 16, 2018, 02:22:09 AM »
Pele famous futbol player from Brazil is a good example,

North Chart


Ren Ding Bing Geng
Yin  You   Xu  Chen

South Chart- I think? correct me if I'm wrong

Ren Ding Gui Geng
Yin  You   Yin  Chen

So would you just adjust the Month Branch? Or the Heavenly Stem As well?


I was asked a question recently regarding if the Bazi Season Structure changed for people in the southern hemisphere. When I say season from the perspective of what I've been taught, Summer=Fire, Earth= Transitional Period, Metal= Autumn, Water= Winter, and Wood= Spring. So why doesn't translate when calculating Bazi Charts? Right now it's winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Summer in the Southern Hemisphere, shouldn't the month branch reflect this?

Also, what in his chart signifies wealthy women? Is it the amount of wealth in the chart?


I'm a premium member on the Bazi Calculator. That's how I accessed the chart. But thanks for the tip. ;D

I found that Tom Brady's, QB of New England Patriots has this "label" as well. It's not that clear to me in this chart, however he has lived an exceptional life, primarily later.

Yes I am. Excellent case study.

Thanks ;D

Interesting. I definitely agree with that interpretation. I work in within a large institution right now as a Civil Engineer, but I've been planning my escape from day one. I have a business on the side in a non-related field that I've looking to do full-time. I perform my duties well, but I have no interest in moving up the ranks in my organization, despite being offered promotions. I'm more interested in devoting my time to something that I own and control. So thanks for your comments. But I do have a question in regards to Chen. What do you mean by Chen "entombs wealth stars"?

I think that would be an excellent function! I'm just now really hearing about the Mangpai school of Bazi, but thus far I've been really impressed with the interpretations thus far. It kind of puts me in the mind of Jamini school of vedic astrology as far as what it can produce.

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