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Need some advise
« on: August 24, 2020, 06:22:46 PM »
Dear all,

Its been awhile since i posted anything here or browse this forum & i hope everyone is okay nowadays with the Covid pandemic.

I have been thinking of wanted to share something that is really bothering my nowadays on work or maybe someone have some advised for me as i have been too stress out lately on this.
I even have a breakdown recently with all that is happening and i brave myself to pen this down in here.

All this while i have a hard time cooperating with a colleague of mine at work , He is a total opposite character from mine in which he is a irresponsible person in which only does work for his self interest instead of the company.We have been arguing constantly about this and that but in the end i have to pick up the shit he left behind and finish up the mess he left there in every single project for the past few years.I did went to my bosses and discussed about this but i feel more frustrated that the message never gotten across.Meanwhile i fixing up the mess he left behind at the same time get back stabbed from him at every opportunity.

While it does not really bother me much all this years as i was thinking all the issues he created at the same time while solving it , i was thinking i gained so much in such a short time i should be thanking him instead.

Until recently i founded out his self serving interest begin to shows out in the public about this and my boss [ we report to the same boss ] does nothing to solved this.Most of us are badly affected by the COVID lockdown and thus our company im working in are not spared as well.He is treating the company as a playground for him and using company resources to pocket money for his own gained [i have no proof on this but all the documentations are very questionable] and the bigger problem is my boss let him do as he pleases.

This pisses alot of people including me on his way of dealing such as this.Currently what i see is my bosses totally loss control of him and outwitted in his game.
I have been thinking very hard to start something against him but im too pre-occupied with current workload to focus on that , deep inside is telling me to act on this but at the same time i feel that it's just a waiting game for something to happen at him to get exposed.

I am worried at current if nothing is done he will continuously spread lies and more daring in the future and no one will stop him on this.

Anyone can give any advised at all?
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If you cannot fight , flee
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