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The Akashic Records
« on: January 04, 2018, 06:33:13 AM »
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Re: The Akashic Records
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When we consult the Akashic Records of the future, we are consulting the archives of one of the possible futures, the one that is possible given the present circumstances.

 Let's make a silly example : I must sit an exam next week but I still haven't  opened a book.
Q: Will I pass the exam next week?
A: No,( if you carry on like this)

If you see something in your future that you don't like, sometimes you  can change it, sometimes not.
In the words of my Shaman Miranda:

"I  believe that what you radiate you will get  back. Events in the future will only happen if your energetic energy is in good balance. After years of experience I have seen that many events are already established in the future. Some can still be changed".  Miranda Schellingerhout.

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Re: The Akashic Records
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2018, 04:12:30 PM »
Interesting topic!
I didn't watch the whole videos since I'm using very different ways of connecting now, then what I was using before and I don't really search or need more.

However many years ago I used the technique that was used in the orders. They project through inverted Image of Spirit to connect to Akashic records...  It is used to connect to all elemental planes, and the connection to Spirit/Ether is where information is stores in this way(although info is stored in Water/Earth elements as well, but not in the same way).

I can post some instruction how to do it if the method given in the videos doesn't work for someone and they still want to try(I didn't get to the part of "how" in there, so I don't know what she would be using)... It is simple enough, however it does require projection in some form(going through picture, can image / visualize it, that is form of projection as well).

Overall very interesting stuff, in that sense I do agree with the idea in the video that Akashic records aren't 5 dimensional. Akasha/Ether is one of the 5 elements, in that sense the records have to be more connected to Spirit and that goes through everything. Looking at the dimensions spiritual will be different depending what division we use, but it will be above 5th in any case.

From the little I watched I think there may be some confusion about Akasha and Akashic records however... Akasha means "Sky" usually and is often viewed as one more element.

While Akashic record is the imprint that is done over that element. Of course, that is just my point of view. However part of it is in the languages it comes from, as well.

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Re: The Akashic Records
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2018, 08:18:04 PM »
Interesting, Gmuli...
... please explain how you access the Akashic Records!

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Re: The Akashic Records
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Right now just by thinking about it, but back then there were steps to make the movements easier.

In the orders they used something called tatvvas.

One for each of the elements, going is made by projecting through them. However there is a trick to it.
The way I view it now is that there are a few reasons for the "extra" step that I will explain below.

The idea is that instead of using the image itself we will "invert" it. Two reasons for that. One is that if we look at Spirit as the life that goes on through everything, that is its Yang(or Dynamic) aspect. However it also has Yin aspect, that is the recording aspect. Active aspect of spirit lives, receiving aspect of spirit imprints.
To access that we invert the normal way of entrance/image.

Another reason will explain after the technique itself, since it won't make much sense before.

So what do we do. Akashas image is the black egg from the tatvvas below(image if from wikipedia):

What they did(and still do) is make that image on a white piece of paper.
So we have black egg on white paper. Take another piece, this time of black paper.

The technique starts by looking at the black egg for 2-3 minutes without moving the eyes as much as possible. Then looking at the black paper. In there there will be the shape of the egg, but this time it will be white.

This is connected to how the eyes work, I think. They adjust if there is one clear and consistent color, so when we look at the opposite we get the inverted form. Nothing esoteric by itself, the part that is important is that the second egg isn't just inverted but is also made by us.

It doesn't exist in the "shared" reality it exist only in the info that gets to our brain. In that way there is the idea that when we create it it has properties that the egg on the paper doesn't.

Here we get to the other reason why this step may be needed for some people. All projection by default happen within us. We don't travel "out there", we travel within and that mirrors the universe around us. For that switch to happen(from the egg we see in the paper to accessing Akasha imprint/record within us) we need a switch from something in the real world becoming something created by us.

Last step is just to project through the white egg. In the simplest form that would be to imagine you step through it like moving through a door and see where it will lead. Depending on belief system and other factors different people will be able to get different info and access, or none at all.

So in more simplified form.
  • We take piece of paper, white background with the black egg on it.
  • Hold it in one hand with black piece of paper in the other.
  • Look at the egg for 2-3 minutes without moving eyes.
  • Look to the black piece of paper. It would create the same form in the complimentary color, if that doesn't happen need either to look at it longer or to be more aware of movement in the eyes. This specific step is physiological, so it should happen right away for most people.
  • Image you move through the white egg created by your eyes as if moving through a portal and observe what happens.

As most of these things go, how much can be observed, remembered and accessed would depend on different factors like belief system and other stuff. : )
This isn't "occult"(as hidden) technique btw, there are books that explain it and it was used in the orders in the first part of last century, although back then it was as most of what they did was. Although I don't remember name of books, but since the whole system back then was published by Regardie it's more or less clear that it is out there somewhere.

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Re: The Akashic Records
« Reply #5 on: January 15, 2018, 11:15:42 AM »
Did you try?
Did you formulate a question, before?
And... did you see something interesting? 😁

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Re: The Akashic Records
« Reply #6 on: January 15, 2018, 12:12:56 PM »
With other methods of storing and retrieving yea, not with Akashic records.
Have worked with other incarnations a lot, cellular memory(that is connected to blood line), memories of Earth and Water(first connected to archangels and second to the astral levels and emotions) and a lot with the  Solar Logos(that is another approach to our connection to the Sun).

I haven't worked as question/answer with Akashic records, because... It's difficult to explain, lets just say because in my understanding/experience information there is impartial. That may sound like good thing, but most of the time it isn't, since if we are looking for specific info, almost always there would be some reason why we do it(and by "we" I mean anyone that is potentially accessing it).
So if we say we want to see problems in past incarnation, without emotions there is no way to figure out where the problems are.

When it comes to that the way I worked with them was similar to the way I was mostly working with Shamballa and some other places(although I have a lot more connection to there, but in the sense of projecting to a place).
Just project and sit there and observe. There are usually so many things happening in each of these places at once and if we have managed to go past some of the initial barriers we can access the shared reality place and not the individual branch of it...

So I guess my idea is that the way I understand it I haven't used it for question/answer because it seems like overkill. Anything we want to accomplish there are more charged ways, Akashic records are... Difficult to work with from incarnation here in my view.
Similar to the difference between asking a friend for their email, between trying to find it in city records(if we imagine city records to be all encompassing). Sure, it would be possible to be done, but it's just not needed.

All this is my personal view/experience of course. And I get the sense that what in the videos may be called Akashic records is very different then what I'm familiar with with that name.
But anyway, overall when it comes to that I haven't worked with it to achieve something, just to remember the connection that is always there.

Then it situation it has shown up with extra info, but not a lot - again, there are better ways for most goals we may aim at from Earth.
When it comes to connection I can think of another very good way, to remember/make connection to there btw. I can post if someone is curious. : )
But again - Im not using it for specific goals, it's just records and most of the info will fall apart as it goes through our mental body(language etc.). But the connection can be useful as most connections are.

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Re: The Akashic Records
« Reply #7 on: January 30, 2018, 09:07:23 PM »
Very interesting, @Gmuli, sorry I had incredibly missed your post.

It is a complicated matter, indeed. I am curious to read about the other ways to connect.

Anyway, no wonder that the Akashic Records' concept is interpreted in different ways... the world is so big!  ;)

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Re: The Akashic Records
« Reply #8 on: January 30, 2018, 10:23:34 PM »
When it comes to accomplishing something in western metaphysics(I guess to some degree in all metaphysics) there are usually at least 2 very different approaches(there is the idea that there are minimum 6, but lets say 2).

One would be yang one. in this case, we draw tatvvas, learn to project etc.
And there is yin one. We connect with something and allow.

Second one is the basis of some of the most powerful meditations I know.

For akashic records, if we want to do that one(that may have been called Right Eye of Horus in Egypt) we need to have something to create connection and we allow the info to flow in us.

For creating the connection it is easy, we just look at Images/Forms that carry that message... For the Records we can use image of library, but since the world today is a lot more complicated, that often may not work, as it will carry many other... Flows with it.

Good way is surrealism. If this place is as all encompassing as the literature says that means people connect to it all the time, although often they don't know it. So we look around for painters that may have had connection to there while painting and carry it on in the image that came out.

I can think of 2 right now, some paintings of them on bottom of the post.
The idea is... Yin way, we look at the image(that create connection automatically, because that is how it works with forms/images). Then we attune and open up. Images/Inflow of information may come, depending how much we can allow and how much we can connect.

Vladimir Kush

Rob Gonsalves

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Re: The Akashic Records
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Thank you very much for sharing, Gmuli!

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Re: The Akashic Records
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Re: The Akashic Records
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Re: The Akashic Records
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