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Liu Yao Yi Gua-六爻易卦 Six Kins Analysis
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Six Kins Analysis

1. Parent 父母,
2. Sibling 兄弟,
3. Offspring 子息,
4. Officer 官鬼
5.Wealth 妻财
6. Self -世 - Shi/ Other应 - Ying
1.Parent 父母:
Means parents who gave birth to us, or of the older generation. If we are the Sibling. then Parent vitalizes Sibling. In terms of Wu-xing, they are Water produce Wood. etc.  Parent is also known as Seal with Ribbon or Yin-Shou . The seal is considered as proof of Authorization for a government officer. Every officer would have a seal of authorization. So Parent also refers to the official document and thus. A parent always comes with the Officer and they will never be a foe.
Spirit of Focus in the Parents attribute
Main sourses
Parents (..or someone how caring for you ), Teachers, Uncles And Aunts, Houses. Clothing, Means Of Transportation. Advice. Thesis, Library, Contract. when we ask about a walled city. houses. boats and vehicles. clothes, umbrellas, cloth, blankets. essays, petitioning documents and a study room.
Other sourses ..
Represents Parents, Father, Mother, Grand Mother, Grand Father, Uncle, Aunt, An Older Person, A Teacher, A Leader,  also represents many other things: the universe, a system, the wall, a building, house, boat, large size car, cloth, fabric, book, document, library, contract, pen, ruler, stationary. represents a news, a notice, someone setting you up, something happening,
Also represents Something Complex problems (..just as buildings), also stands for worry, fear, and trouble ( .. results of caring)
2.Sibling 兄弟:
Means Brothers Or Sisters, or of the same kin. or friends of the Same Generations.
Spirit of Focus in the Sibling attribute
Main sourses
Brothers and sisters, comrades. colleagues, friends, When we ask about the husband of sister, brothers and sisters in-law. and bossom friends
Other sourses ..
Represents Brother or someone who is the same status as you or a competitor (If there is competition, there is waste and lost of wealth)  also could represent waste or lost of Money and Wealth (money being stolen or taken) (or money killer Kin), a Close Friend, your Brother or your Sister), also represents Action, a Sound or People Talking, and Loneliness
3.Offspring 子息:
is the one whom we give birth to, or of the younger generations, or sometimes referred to husbandry, so Sibling vitalizes Child. like Wood produce Fire, Earth produce Metal, etc. The Chinese phrase means child and grandchild . but here in the 6 Relative. it means simply just our child. Child is the continuation of the family line, the grandparents (our Parent) might spoil their grandchild (our Child) by giving whatever their grandchild wants. Therefore, Parent (grandparent) in fact devitalizes Child (grandchild). like Water against Fire,
Spirit of Focus in the children attribute
Main sourses
Children, grandchildren, disciples. animals, soldiers, sons and daughters, niece and nephew. students, good government servants. good generals, herbs. monks. Livestock’s, wind on my way, how to get rid of worries and misfortune. sun, moon and stars.
Other sourses ..
Represents Irresponsibility (childish behavior), Happiness,  Medicine, Cure, Doctor, Solution,
4.Wife /Wealth 妻财:
Wives And Servants. Lands and properties, wealth of any valuables are considered as an asset of. and being controlled by man in ancient Society. People may call these Wife and Wealth. Asset has to be under control before they are lost or being taken. Obviously Sibling would definitely devitalize Asset. like heritage which is being splitted among siblings.
Spirit of Focus in the Wife / Wealth attribute
Main sourses
Wealth. Wife and intimate girlfriends. whatever that you own, wives and concubines friend’s wives and concubines. Treasures,price of goods, money. jewelries. gold and silver. warehouse, salaries. utensils, the weather
Other sourses ..
represents gain from Money And Wealth. also represents Valuable, Small Size Property  (Fancy sports car is a small size property). (treasure, jewelry, safety box), also represents Something Useful (worth),  Woman who one loves.
5.Officer / Gost 官鬼:
 is supposedly to maintain social order. law enforcement so speak. and as such Officer is to set restriction of our behavior and thus we the Sibling, are being controlled (or devitalized) by the Officer. It is not noteworthy that officer with discipline is called Guan. while without discipline is called Gui. Officer is also considered as husband to woman.   
Spirit of Focus in the Officer attribute
Main sourses
Husband and intimate boyfriends, success in examination, career advancement, lawsuit, sickness and theft When we ask about accreditation, government, thunder and lightning, ghosts and spirits, husband, husband's brothers and husband's friends, traitors, robbers. evil spirits. worries. sickness. corpse, winds against my way.
Other sourses ..
Represents Power, Control, and Possession. Someone makes the control: (husband, boyfriend, a government official, a mail man, a customer, a judge, also represent trouble). If you ask about something that trouble or scaring, you will be in trouble.  If you ask about illness, your condition is serious.  If you ask who will win a legal battle, you will win. If you ask about danger, there will be danger, also represent something frightening like a corpus (a dead person), a criminal, a robber, a judge, an examiner, a police man, also represents worry and anxiety and  it means something serious. (Just as worry if arrested by the police or anxious about a judge), also represents a robber or a thief is because when a robber points a gun to your head, he has control over your life. But when you are asking  for a job, Officer is a good sign(.. you have a good chance of getting the job).
6. Self -世- Shi/ Other -应- Ying
A.Self vs Other complexity
lf I ask about whether a certain piece of land is good for a grave site. then the Subject line is the piece of land. and the Object line is the table mountain at the facing.
lf I ask about whether buying a piece of land for a grave site is fortunate for my family. then the Object line is the place of land and the Subject line is my family.
B.Self / Other Line
lf the Subject and Object are in the generating sequence. it is known as "host and guest like each other".
lf the Subject and Object are in the controlling sequence. it indicates 'host and guest dislike each other".
C.Self line
If I ask about my sickness or the length of my life, or about the fortune and misfortune of my trip. or anything indicating advantages and disadvantages for myself, then the Spirit of Focus is the Subject line.
D.Other line
•   If the divination is about an acquaintance. a fortune teller. an enemy, the enemy country, or a certain site such as a certain mountain, a certain water. a certain temple. a certain house, then the Spirit of Focus is the Object line
•   lf one asks whether he should continue with the same doctor, then the Object line represents the doctor.
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