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A. Chiu's use of Beijing Time in Liu Yao
« on: February 08, 2018, 05:16:07 PM »
Dear Gmuli hi

Yes Alex Chiu is very clear about his way of use the first jia day different to traditional convenient way..!!
The reason is That he use the Chinese time zone ..he said : Remember!  You have to convert to China's time zone (Beijing time).  If you live in Chicago, at 10 am of May 24th, China is already the beginning of May 25th.  So if you threw the coins after 10 am of May 24th, you must record it as the 25th of May.  If you don't convert to China's time zone, your prediction will not be accurate.
.. everyone live in other countries except China must convert and adjust the time of his country to the China s time. ..!!
The hour pillar is very sensitive on this way to occur differently and maybe affect the day pillar just to say ...!!

(Alex Chiu said): Let's say that I live in the west coast of USA. 7 am here is already the beginning of a new day in China.  So I will wait until 10 am to throw the coins.  I will not throw the coins at 7 am.   I also will not throw the coins after 3 am.   Why?   I want to avoid border conflict.  If I throw the coins just few hours before or after 7 am, I won't know which day I should record.  Did I throw the coins on 11.59 pm of May 24th?   Or was it 12.00 am of May 25?  That's exactly 1 day difference.  So please don't throw the coins at around the border.  Wait for a few hours until you are sure what day it is...

China is just as wide as USA, but China has only one time zone while USA has 3 time zones.  When it's 3 PM in Xin-jiang (the far West of China), it's also 3 PM in Beijing (Eastern border of China).  China had this 'one time zone system' for many dynasties already.  That means if China invades all the way to England, England will also share the same time zone with Beijing.  The reason why the ancient Chinese persisted on this 'one time zone system' is because the ancient Chinese realized that there is only one time zone for I-Ching and for all other Chinese astrological divinations.
(Alex Chiu said): I live in San Francisco, California.  Hundreds of my predictions concerning stuff like: 'On what day will I meet someone?' or 'On which day will I receive some money?' have already came true.  So don't argue with a person who has done this thousands of times.  If you screw up the timing, you screw up everything.  Just follow the instruction and I guarantee you that you won't be disappointed.

... this is obvious that he makes careful steps on Chinese  time conversion. ..
Alex made this distinction for all WWG users to be very careful don't make an error ...

Many master's of WWG don't agree with this and take local time of their countries. ..
The truth I think is under investigation ... I accept Alex Chiu s opinion ...
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Re: Alex Chiu's use of Beijing Time in Liu Yao
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2018, 06:25:53 PM »
Hi Tientai, interesting, I didn't know that Alex uses Beijing Time.  From what you quoted there, based on the Chicago and West Coast examples, apparently he uses 11:00 pm as the start of new day.

Based on your location, Tientai, if you toss the coins after 5 pm, then it's considered the next day in Beijing.  Have you ever done them after this timing?  It will be interesting if you can refer back to your previous hexagrams, because I'm sure you have them recorded.

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Re: Alex Chiu's use of Beijing Time in Liu Yao
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2018, 07:31:42 PM »
Yea, he changes the time too. That seems to be the 2 big differences there, time moves and Jia days are part of another stream for void/empty days.

I can comment more on the part with Jia days, since I wanted to add that to the app.

The interesting thing there is that it splits the stream...

Normally we have for example:


And all are with void days Xu and Hai, also all are one after another in the solar calendar.

However in Alex approach we have

All with void Xu and Hai.

The detail here is in the way the days in the calendar come one after another, they will never come like that.
So on 2.Yi/Chou we have 8 days left until the end of void stream.
In 3.Bing/Yin we have 7 days until the end of void stream.

But on 1.Jia/Xu we actually have 12 days until the end of the void stream, since that isn't the day before Yi/Chou also the day branch is the void branch.

So what we get that way day by day in the calendar:

Day 1 - Jia / Xu - void branches Hai and Xu, 12 days left till the end of stream.
Day 2 - Yi / Hai - void branches Shen and You, 9 days till the end of stream(however important to notice we moved to another stream just now)
Day 3 - Bing / Zi - void branches Shen and You, 8 Days till the end of void stream

Basically is moving the streams outside of the progression of the calendar. Making it difficult for calculators if they want to show "days left until end of stream". Also one day will need to jump that way, Jia days will always jump beyond the other stream, since they will never be followed of days belonging to the traditional pillar progression.

It is a small difference statistically, since it effects 6/60 pillars, so 10% of the questions may get this... All the rest is still the traditional approach. But in Jia days empty/void days will be different like this...

Does it work better... i haven't tested it a lot, Im happy with the classical approach... he says he has tested it in hundreds of examples, so it is hard to argue with that as well. But logically it is unusual.

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Re: Alex Chiu's use of Beijing Time in Liu Yao
« Reply #3 on: February 11, 2018, 08:26:27 PM »
Empty Days. ......

A.Chiu said : "  .. I think the trickiest day for you to throw the coins is day II.  ( c - II, h - II, yo - II, wa - II, e - II, and m - II )
Usually, the empty dates should be sh and h if you tossed the coins on day c - II.   But sometimes, the empty dates could still be t and c if you tossed the coins on day c - II. "

" ..Day II is the trickiest day for you to toss the coins.  I suggest that if you got a sign on day II, toss the coins again a few days later just to reconfirm because the empty dates might or might not be empty.  50 percent of the time, the empty dates are cn and e.  And 50 percent of the time, the empty dates are y and m.  So be careful when you toss the coins on day II.  "

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