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Liu Yao Yi Gua-六爻易卦 - INTRODUCTION -
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From Blindman Liu Yao-盲派六爻 Sect


Extreme yin born Yang, extreme Yang born Yin, yin and yang mutual transformed, Heaven and Earth have their Qian and Kun Guas (Trigrams), from Heaven and Earth Guas ten thousand things are born, in between Heaven and Earth Ten Thousand Things have the attributes of yin and yang, going upward (this is taken as) Yang (movement), going downward (this is taken as) Yin (movement), all living things repeatedly go and return [ .. implication as birth and death or incarnation ??] , since the yang and Yin act to all living things, the cycle is always and all along.


 The prediction is based on the transformation of Yin and yang, to find out the cause of transformation, To draw the law of the development of things, in accordance with the image (form), to use Yin to measure Yang, to use Qi (energy) to build form (shape), from the actual situation, either following or (be)in contrary, advancing or retreating,(just as) an adept brilliant predictor who captured among others the cause of disease, if you suffered from a disease ( proposed to you) just to take such medicine,(and) naturally taking this medicine the disease has gone, then one obtains the correct conclusion.


At the beginning there is the One (Yi) Yuan (Source), from it became the Tai Chi (Supreme Ultimate), from Tai Chi divided into Heaven (Yang) and Earth (Yin)  (Liang Yi), from these two the four divisions (Si Xiang) are born, from these four divisions the eight Trigrams (Guas) come about,and from them the Ten Thousand Things are born. We must be aware of these, that the prediction can become a Gua, because, (if we) don't move, move (looks like) standstill, the heart (Xin) to some extend (has/gives !) the movement, because of this Tai Chi get started, and began to rotate, that is, what in six Yao Gua divination is appearing (and happening), That's all..


(Then) Following to feel (in conduct with) transformative changes (that happen) in the Empty space, Time and Place (by) breaking the equilibrium of yin and yang and finishing at intersection point on a network of Informations (messages). We hereby penetrating deeply by joint thinking on the Tai Chi (Root) Point, The One that giving birth of Two, that is, in this representative innermost Regiment of Taiji, that includes the prospected (in action) of two (divinatory Trigrams) upper and lower Guas, is as (represent) Heaven (Yang) and Earth (Yin) , and each single Gua has three of Yaos (Lines)(Liang Yi), the two upper and lower Guas make six Yaos ,(by) the six Yaos, (one is) distinguishing the occurrence of former (from the) later the wrong (from the) right, The Four Divisions (Si Xiang)(of the twenty-eight constellations 二十八宿 of the sky into groups of seven mansions, namely: Azure Dragon 青龍|青龙, White Tiger 白虎, Vermilion Bird 朱雀, Black Tortoise 玄武), when emerging, then the eight Guas (Trigrams)come about.These are going to categorize (or resemble) the changes of all living things, (From) the forecasting (Divinaion) extracts of Informations (messages), all the living things are growing, this is the process to obey (to follow) the divination (Gua) in the course of events as a procedure.


From this single (and whole) view, just when Yin and Yang are in equilibrium the One Hundred diseases not invade and this is completely real as ONE and Whole (Completeness), but when Yin and Yang are in imbalance certainly there is illness disaster, and necessarily something is born by happening and came back the equilibrium again by bringing back the Mind (Xin) to the first conjunction with Tai Ji (the Absolute or Supreme Ultimate, the source of all things),(then) the Man (Ren)with Heaven and Earth (Tian Di) naturally united,(just as by) producing a total external Vibration of Magnetic Event (to the world), (and) centrally located within this kind of action one approaches to study by understanding this individual concept in whole, is just the same as one trying to understand the concepts in six Yaos - lines, by catching the whole individual in a season,using a kind of method to go into the Gua ( fathoming ), in this internal point one start to break (judge )the Gua (Hexagram),this is just as our demand to resolve the most important problem in question.

Each individual Gua, is just like one individual Tai chi, Do not handle it so simple (and easy),(to see how profound and full of complexities.. And difficult to catch on the start ) is just (comparing) it (Gua) with a Garden that is a part of public recreation park (with Buildings) - Tai chi, is just (searching of) a house in a building,this building has interior flours to divide many houses,each house has walls to divide many rooms to host many different people,and each room is decorated by different ways (likes) from people living in.(..difficulty to know on the start what decoration is fitful to a person living in a room...neglecting the above procedure )


When Six Yaos are occurring, they are interconnected, not isolated, but interact with each other, constituting the Primary frame of the whole building, and when we examine each Gua, do not rush to see what is inside the Gua, or what is inside the house, but rather start with the big (Picture), fundamentally you must respect the begining, if you going study the structural composition of a GUA.


[Useful God - Yong Shen can be compared with the action just of] Buying a dwelling, at this time we must take care, not to watch only how Useful God is (on the start), not only see if its room decoration is beautiful or not beautiful, First to look at the structural parts of the building is not reasonable, What is the extent of the new and old, how many years of wind and rain can endure, with this preliminary understanding, we are capable to make a further step forward taking care to look at interior of the structure.


It works on this way,in taking care of Gua, when we get Guas particles, do not rush (anxious,impatient) to see its six Yaos and (much more) the six Yaos specified particles (Liu Qin), not try to find (from them) it's Useful God, but firstly  examine the whole Gua at the Start, the whole GUA has a preliminary reply, as a whole disposition for our thinking and understanding.


such as if: "Heaven and earth negate" Gua, it comes out (happen) from the QIAN Palace, the entire GUA has the property of Precious Gold - Metal, if it is born in spring, behaving as not (feel suit) in Qi (Anger, Anxious).


 It is just like, old buildings with houses (on the flours), give us a preliminary impression that every room that makes up the whole building is under the context scenery and premise of this old building.


And the form also of six Yao of lower and upper (composition) of both Guas (trigrams),are imitation of One building with composition of some individual residential houses. In the same way six Yao separates every individual householder clearly.


Hereby we understood when a particle in a Gua move to and fro in front of you (in the surface),first of all, dont take care of it , rather take care of whole Gua whether or not obtaining the Qi (vital energy), [the meaning of obtaining the Qi ] is to obtain good influence from environment (or circumstances), so getting an advantage from each Gua in a Yao for growth and existence,
This seems like a country, the whole country is in flames of a war, then the residents here will not feelin better, of course, if a Gua is the target then the hitting of a Yao particle is certain, May get the help of the sun (daily EB) and the moon (monthly EB), awfully prosperous, not accept its restrictions, this is like a particle individual in the army of Shang (16th to 11th Century Dynasty), the more fierce war, the more he becomes rich of money.

.... Will be continued

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Re: Liu Yao Yi Gua-六爻易卦 - INTRODUCTION -
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Thank you for the great article, Tientai!  IT'S A GREAT GIFT FOR THE NEW YEAR!


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