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Re: Quiz 24- FENG SHUI - A woman moved into an old building...
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The woman tossed the coins Asking : If she would be safe to continue to live in this old building .
The Divination Master said : The Shi (self) offspring lucky yao moved turning into a Parent frustration yao which kills back Offspring. 
This house will frustrate you. 

This house's Feng-Shui is very terrible with a sible view. 
Frustration and poverty shall plaque the residents of this house.

Another bad thing is that the Date is striking on Yin wealth line. 
The entire Upper Gua forms a Linking [Lin ] of all 3 lines linked to each other. 
When a moving line is being struck, it is loose and therefore cannot move. 
The top 6th line indicates somewhere far. 
The wealth moving line on the top indicates that there is a road which stretched all the way to your front door from a very far distance.   

That road is the one which brought in all of the Wealth. 
The date Clash [Chong ] the top 6th line indicates that there is reconstruction of that road. 
The road has either been eliminated or new buildings have been constructed which blocked the view so you can't see that road anymore.
The woman said : The previous owner of this house did become wealthy through. And indeed.  Half a year ago, one could see a long stretching road coming from a far away mountain from our window. 
That road was a very busy road.  But now, the view has been blocked by newly constructed buildings. 
So we can't see that road anymore.
The Divination Master said : The 5th line is Offspring and is lucky but Empty star.  It is being produced by the date and is the same element as the month.  But too bad it moved and turned into Parent which kills back at itself for this reason there must be damage to the structure of your area.

The 5th line's Qi Lin (Earth) ) Parent line is linked to the 4th line's red Bird Parent line.  Red Bird is the front.   Qi Lin (Earth) ) represents something curvy.  Parent represents a big building.  So in the front of your house, they have built a new bow-shaped bridge, and that bridge is hurting your luck. 

I will also reffer for an injury OF your child because the Parent star is killing back at the Offspring star.   
But luckily, the Offspring star is very powerful.  So the injury won't be a big deal. 

The woman said : "Master.  That's right.!!  How can you see that there's a bridge in front of the house?  You're amazing!", the woman cried out.

The Divination Master said : The top line yin wealth is moving and by linking [lin ] with Shi (self) offspring Zi line will change to Parent Xu frustration line star. But the Shi (self) offspring Zi line is now empty and every linking line is unmoving. 
Luckily enough, current month and the date favor the 5th Shi (self) offspring Zi line.  So Parent Xu cannot really hurt the Shi (self) offspring Zi line because Zi is very strong. 

But on next 6th future step and when Yin month arrives then the 6th Yin wealth line no longer Empty  will truly Hurt Shi (self) offspring Zi by the Xu Parent frustration line star.  [my comment : Yin weaken Zi so Xu hurting Yin ]
So real frustration shall come on month Yin. 
--------------------------------------------Conclusion ---------------------------------
 On Zi month , one of her children fell off and injured his leg.  Another child has fell down and hurt his forehead.  The reason why all this occurred in month Zi is because In month Zi, was no longer empty [the same month !!].     
Therefore, 5th Shi (self) offspring Zi line was moved and turned into Parent which killed back Offspring. 

When Yin month comes she left this residence..

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Re: Quiz 24- FENG SHUI - A woman moved into an old building...
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Re: Quiz 24- FENG SHUI - A woman moved into an old building...
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Hi All, very nice details! ( ∀)ゝ

It's interesting how Feng Shui can also be seen using divination  8) 8) 8)

The quick way to check auspiciousness of the house in Liu Yao is to look at the Others line.  In this hexagram, Others is Si Fire, and Self line Zi Water moves to overcome Si Fire

Moreover, look at the strength of Others line: Si Fire is weak by both Month and Day!


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