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Gmuli QMDj 3 solstice Zhi Run implementation
« on: December 24, 2018, 01:54:59 PM »
3 solstice is a method for calculating Zhi Run count in QMDJ. It was posted in the old Five Arts forums here:,4768.msg60927.html#msg60927

I've been working for a long time now for implementing in an app, as I think its a beautiful and symmetrical approach to a very messy subject otherwise.
So I made an app as usual. As I'm not currently in the other forums and in there there are a lot of Gmuli apps already I'm starting to post some here(starting with this one).

There are already QMDJ free apps out there, for Chai Bu mostly, but there are websites for Zhi Run as well.
So this isn't as much a full QMDJ app, its to show 2 specific count systems.

One is QMDJ Zhi Run count using the 3 solstices method. There are difference, while usually its same numbers for example right now after 21 december the next 6 months will be different(as in the popular Zhi Run calendars last year would had leap ju before winter solstice, something that isn't the same way when using the 3 solstice method if I see it correctly).

So its good time for posting it, as now is a time period when there will be difference between the Zhi Run method in the app and in most other apps out there.

It also has alternative way of calculating Chai Bu where it uses 5 degrees of Suns longitude to change each number. Something that seems much closer to what was intended(as the Solar Terms are working in similar way as well and Chai Bu is very connected to them and the Suns position).
The end effect is that the count will often change in the middle of the day, as that will be the moment Sun has moved after that 5 degrees.

I added some basic QMDj functionality, we have the plates, doors, stars etc. and when we click the doors some info will show up, but its just so it isn't just date selector and number.
There are probably still bugs as it is much more complicated calculations then any of the other apps.

The name of the gods/doors/stars are just the highest meaning from google translate from the characters as there are way too many naming ways out there.
If it becomes a full app someday will set different naming ways, but for now this should be more then enough as we do have PinYin and the characters in Chinese.


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Re: Gmuli QMDj 3 solstice Zhi Run implementation
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2018, 02:50:36 PM »
Many thanks, Gmuli!  :)

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Re: Gmuli QMDj 3 solstice Zhi Run implementation
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2019, 12:06:37 PM »
Update for the app.
I disabled the stuff that is heavily using a book as it would be unfair to the authors, so all descriptions for doors, 100 formations, structures etc are gone, we can find them in books. They waren't here in the previous version either, so not big difference there. I left the calculations, however, as I assume that is universal and in many sources. So for Structures for example, we will have it mark what structure is active, but it won't show description as that would be from a book and specific author.
The books are out there and even more so the 100 formations book is doing awesome job so far(at least for me).

What is new... : )
  • Added Lunar Calendar, as QMDJ by default uses Lunar.
  • Added Traveling Horse.
  • Inner/Outter Plate.
  • Added structures. As explained seems fair to have the calculations but not the descriptions, so it will only show if a structure is present(first 50 more or less, not all yet).For that open the menu if the structue text is strong its there, if its weak its not.
  • A LOT of bug fixes all around.
  • Added timezone and local/solar time. This will give very different results then using QMDJ Calendar for some years, so use only if you are sure that is what you want(as it will move all the solstices dates).
  • Some other calculations and info.
  • Added option to go back 15 days. While most of the time most of Zhi Run calendars present similar Ju, we use 3 solstices method. Right now until next june that will give 15 days difference with popular calendars out there. Press this to make them even(won't use 3 solstices anymore, however it will just show what most calendars will show).

Menu shows up as we press Alt.

Link is here:
Enjoy. : )

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Re: Gmuli QMDj 3 solstice Zhi Run implementation
« Reply #3 on: July 04, 2019, 12:08:12 PM »
I will remove the QMDJ, ZWDS and maybe the XKFX apps later today, so its a few hours window for members that want to check them to do so, before they are gone. As we are moving to the web, we will try to make it cleaner.
May repost them someday in very shortened way, although its likely I won't.
If there are still links to the XKDG app that will be gone too.

Why... Many reasons, mostly because when I started the apps was with the idea to be something for fun that I do for myself, then just decided to share it with the community. However, as its moving to a more open waters with the websites and all, no idea how much development there we will do, but it does seem fair to clear up old stuff that was mostly for my own use anyway, or implementations of ideas from people long gone from the forums like the 3 solstice method.

Will post it in the both forums.

Feel free to remove the topic as well after the link is gone. : )
I'm not in the forums a lot currently, so if something comes up my mail is on most of the apps -


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