Author Topic: REAL CASE: If I accept this Lady as a student, how much beneficial will be ?  (Read 222 times)

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I would say challenging at first, worth it at the end.
As Yin is very weak here and clashed by the hidden Child line, but after the changes become very supported and with fine relation to the Child line.

Some problems few days after the question is asked potentially.

That is if we look at Child line. I assume that is the correct one, depending on their relation may be sibling or even asset, but only the person asking can know that. : )
In most cases it seems to show to problems at start and becoming nicer with time.

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For the Hexagram, I'm not sure on what line she would be.
Child if she was your student, but she isn't yet. Officer if we view it as the authority right now(choosing if she will join or not, demanding phones etc.) or Sibling now as just another person... But there is so many sibling lines...
Maybe even Yong as we can set her as the other party in the situation...

Lets look at the default rules in the few books in English.
Using that she would be sibling, as she isn't your student yet and as there is more then one Sibling line, we take the moving line to be Yong Shen.

So she is very strong in the month and day. Your line is weak.
She is moving to a child line. She will become a student?
But that Child Metal line is very, very strong and is hitting your line in not a nice way. Trouble with the student.

Your line would brake, but it moves too and becomes strong and combines with Yong/Asset.
Clashed by the Day. Again problem with people,but not important as your line is strong now.

Now, You and Chou fit well with each other. No more problem with the student.

So I get back to the previous view - problems initially then everything is nicer.

However, that is if the is on Sibling line. In this case she may be in other places, only you can know(depending on the way you view her and your relations with her as far as I understand it).

Ti line moves in such a way as it combines with the Asset line. Gaining money?But if you asked in a way that she would be on Ti(as you are asking about her and the situation), then she would take money away and be on Officer as something attacking the situation...

Overall many ways to read it as assigning the lines is challenging here.

But I stay with the previous reading - problems initially then all goes nicer if she is on Sibling or Child line.
There is some small change she is on Officer if you are asking in a way excluding yourself, in that case the whole thing become much worse, as she may end up taking money and maybe people from the whole thing.

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