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Re: Gmuli web apps - bazi
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Whoa... sounds like not an easy task. I noticed that once we use the menu button to navi to other pages like WWG calculator, there's no option for the menu button to come back or to other pages.

Added now.

HP - DM - MP - YP - LP - AP - MP - DP - HP

We did a compromise. I have Month and Year Pillar that can be manually changed to anything. In this way we can still add Day or Hour or anything else.

Again to change them just click stem or branch.
Keep in mind there is no possibility check for the extra 2 pillars, although if the stem and branch are different polarity Nayin element will disappear.

For now that was all planned for the bazi app, will see where will go from here. : )
Will be interesting if someone see the symbolic stars working really well, or not working well in their chart. I haven't practiced with that a lot, I checked for my chart and some stuff is really accurate, while other not so much...

If after update the site seems broken reload it with ctrl+F5, to refresh cache.


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