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25 October 572
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Hello. I have something unique for you. We can discuss this chart. This is the bazi of the Prophet Muhammad.
Very interesting, there are a lot of resources here.
The astrodatabank lists an entirely different one. This one was found here.
Link to source.

In the ninth century, Abū Saʿīd Shādhān ibn Baḥr composed a work, titled “The Book of Discourses with Abū Maʿshar on the Secrets of Astrology”
edited and translated by Levente László – HOROI Project (

8. No one knows the end of this religion (1) Abū Maʿshar said that he had heard Muḥammad ibn Abdallāh3 say, “I found in (your) Secrets of Astrology that when in one’s nativity, Mercury is found in its apogee, it indicates the foreknowledge of the future. In the nativity of the Prophet,4 Mercury was found at 10 Scorpio by computation according to the Eternal Tables, and this was the reason why his family and friends opposed him.” (2) Abū Maʿshar added that in this nativity, Venus was in Scorpio, Spica was in the Ascendant, and the previous conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter had occurred in Scorpio, while the Sun was again in Scorpio and Mars in Cancer.5 (3) He said this nativity indicated that his empire would flourish through his successors for 220 years but not afterward, and he also added that his empire would last in its form until 330 years had passed after his death. (4) I asked Abū Maʿshar, “But do you also know when this religion will change to another religion?” He answered he did not, (5) except that there will be great wars, and the citadels of the Muslims will be subdued.

5 Using the given positions, Muḥammad’s nativity can be dated to 25 October 572, about 3h 40m local apparent time in Mecca;
this is Abū Maʿshar’s reconstruction. Muḥammad died on 8 June 632 and therefore the 220 and 330 years counted from his death correspond to the years 852 and 962, respectively.
I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the author of the the fact that we can build such ancient bazi! :)


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