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Miscellaneous / Nutrition - miscellaneous
« on: December 03, 2020, 11:09:21 AM »
Quote from: Gmuli
I do eat meat, just not very often I explained in the other topic somewhere.
I don't eat chicken and a few others, though, although that has exceptions as well.

Last few months I've been reading some studies done during the years that combined with some other stuff changed my point of view a lot...

While in the past I have tried no meat for 2 years, I never tried no animal products at all and it seems there is something important there.

Anyway, I'm trying no animal products at all last few months and I'm starting to think that animal products were very likely one of the main reasons for all the problems. Turns out there are many studies showing link between autoimmune problems and events connected to animal products early in life and that fits perfectly here.

I do feel good lately and the rest is a long story, yet as we had questions about the problems back then it seemed fair to clear out the cause in my view. And the main cause seems to be events related to animal products very early in life with heavy consumption during life later on.

I know people often have very strong opinions on this topic, so won't go into details, not trying to convince anyone either, yet I know how important feedback is on questions, so just seem fair to mention it now, as I've been trying the new way of eating for a while and I do think I understand the whole process much better now.

Other Arts of Divination / Jing Fang 京房
« on: November 19, 2020, 12:48:57 PM »
I'm wondering, does anyone know a place we can download Jing Fangs( original works like in pdf or something?
It should be out of copyright for a thousands of years now, yet can be very useful in my view.

Or maybe some version with somewhat modern characters, not sure how it works there, but I know some characters change their meaning through time?

QMDJ (Qi Men Dun Jia) / Finding the Ju
« on: November 06, 2020, 02:07:07 PM »
I looked into the old app, espesially for Chai Bu and it seems the library for calculating the Suns apperent ecliptical longitude, that is basically the position of the Sun in relation to Earth during the year(and also what we are basing the Ju on, skipping entirely the Solar Terms) is not very good.
While the idea to base the Ju directly on the longitude is something I stand by and do enjoy as an idea, the longitude in the old apps is not very accurate.

Yet as it allow the Ju to be added manually, it seems good idea to write a short guide on how to find the Ju, on a map that we are already looking at. As that will allow to use any app that supports manually selecting Ju, no matter what system the author is using.

Lets say we look into a book, or video and the map that is there doesn't seem to reflect the map our apps or calculators are showing. That is usually based on the Ju, there could be other reasons and there are much more complex fixes there, but most of the time if we can select the Ju manually the card will align.

So how to know what Ju was used in creating the map in the book, if it isn't specifically said(and it often isn't)?

Its simple, just look where the Wu stem on the Earth Plate(lower row of stems in each palace) is.
The number of the Palace in later heaven sequence is the number of the Ju.

Meaning for example here are random maps from search of "qmdj map"in google images:

The Ju here is 8, as the Wu stem on the Earth plate is in Gen 8 Palace.

The Ju here is 1 as Wu on the Earth plate is in Kan 1 Palace on the

Its in Kan 1 here as well, so Ju is 1.

While I still can't recommend using the old app, at least in this way if someone wants to use it they can do so in wider range of sources. Of course, this is also useful for other calculators where Ju can be selected manually, as often in books different systems may be used. So if unsure why the maps are different, look where Wu Palace is. : )

Liu Yao / The two Hexagrams (Fundamental ideas 1)
« on: October 06, 2020, 01:38:48 PM »
Some fundamental ideas.  I think few members need that to be able to follow the rules and movements there.

We have a situation with its influences at different levels. That influences are mapped out in a Hexagram. They are shown from the point of view that we assign to it(Focus) and from the way it relates to us.
So in a situation we have a boss(officer potentially), us(self), salary or income(asset line) etc. while in the Hexagram we have lines showing this if related to what we ask.
The Hexagram can be looked at in many ways, one example would be as a pulsation of + and -, similar to what we use in the computers to create stuff(we call them bits there,a repeating 1 or 0 that create everything we see in the monitor)

So we have a representation of a situation using Yang and Yin on different levels.

The changing lines come in, with the idea that a Yang that has reached a maximum, will give birth to a yin growing up deep inside it, and also the opposite.
When we have too much activity(yang), stillness will arise(yin), and when we have long periods of stillness, a new activity will be born from it.
That would be the "eye"of the tornado and other similar stuffs...

Here if someone hasn't read the tornado from "Tao of I Ching" I can strongly recommend it, but in any case, moving on.

Logically,since that eraching extreme suggest a line is changing(turning from yang to yin or yin to yang), now we have not only the original hexagram/situation, but we also have lines of that Hexagram that are going through transition.
If we map it out, we can make another Hex showing what the new direction/hexagram/situation will look at, where the transition has already completed and that is the second Hexagram.
In that sense, we have 2 hexagrams now:
Initial situation(1), something in it that is changing and the possible direction of how the initial situation will look after that change is complete(2).

That idea, of something reaching extreme and turning into its opposite,  we can see in the world around, its the reason we have anti-monopoly laws, as practice shows that better not wait someone to reach that extreme and try to stay in balance.
This specific idea of balance has given rise to a two different views to the 2 Hexagrams.
Both view the first Hexagram as showing the initial situation and its influences, usually.

Yet, from there there is one key difference tat we need to get.
We have 2 hexagrams and changing lines.The lines are the points in the first situation that has reached extreme.
Both way of viewing it agree on that part as well.
The second Hexagram is the difference.

One way to view it is the hexagram that shows how the influences are likely going to look after all lines that has reached extreme turn to the opposite.
The other is to view it as what you need, to not reach extreme.
Now the first part is obvious, we have a change, first Hex is initial place, changing lines are points that are going to change and resulting hex is how that same place will look after they change. That is the reason using the second hex we can say "when"something will happen, as that is when the change will show itself in the situation completly.

The second view is a little more intricate.
We have lines that has reached an imbalance point.
Whatever they will change into is also what they are missing to be in balance...
And that means if we apply that, they likely won't change...
(too strong yang line, if it tries to be more yin will move back in balance, instead of taking over everything and leading to arise the opposite from within)

We can see that point of view in detail in Harmens videos(check his channel in youtube) and suprisingly it has taken strong roots in many people last couple of years.

In my humble opinion its important to understand that both points of view are valid and important.
And there are things we can do with them and things we can't.
Obviously, the idea we want to stop all change is not always good.

In the previous example we look at, we can have someone asking if they will get a job, we see their line is changing from Sibling to Asset combining with the Officer.
A way to read that could be that they will change in a way that (depending on other factors) could make relationship with boss much better

If at this point we say :
"well, your line is moving from yin to yang, you are becoming active, you should do this to stop the activity or there will be change", we may prevent them from getting a new job that they may need.

Of course, if we see exactly the opposite, suggesting a trigram that will balance the ongoing movement is wiser idea.
So its all relative, but in general, both need to be utilized at times, in my view to it.

All this was to give a simple idea here.
If we view the Hexagrams as the situation before and potential way it is after the changes, we can take the relations from there.

Lets say the previous example.
Does the boss line interact with the persons initial line?
How could it?Its nowhere to be seen, as on its place we will have the changed line.
He may miss the approach his employee had before, but that is about it.

Does the changed line interacts with its original line?
Same situation, it can't as the initial line isn't there anymore.
Yet since its the same person cmoing from the same situation, the meaning is carried on.

Example here.
In the old holiwood fighting movies, often near the end, the good guy had to fight the bad one.
And the fight was usually not starting great, the bad guy was beating him up all over the place, yet at some point he finds inner strength and suddenly the fight turns around as he is unstoppable now.

Silly as it was, this is something we can use.
He is in a bad position(initial line).
He finds inner strength(line becomes resource for itself).
Now, he is performing much, much better...

When I used Jacks rules, that seems clear, he finds inner strength, so the resource line only strengthens his initial position and doesn't interact with anything else.
Yet that was silly, its easy to see its not like that, he is the same guy, in the same fight, but his whole place in the fight has changed.
And he is interacting with everything from his changed position, may still get beat up even after it, so the initial line is gone, it only carries the meaning it once had, that he is in a fight and he wants to win.

Hopefilly this can play some role in helping people assign the relations and follow them more easily.
The essence here is - try to see what is happening, try to relate to events and follow what is changing from there using the hexagrams and lines.
Dry rules will betray us with time, we need it alive and expanding.

Liu Yao / Hidden Lines
« on: June 15, 2020, 05:03:16 PM »
I am wondering what other members found working for them for when the hidden lines(or hiding spirit etc) comes out.

Initially I started with Jacks Chius idea. There he presents some rules, stuff like if the flying spirit(visible line on top of the hidden) produces the hidden, then the hidden line comes out.
Or that if the day clashes the visible line the hidden line comes out etc.
Didn't seem to work great.
Since then I've tested other set of rules and, so far haven't found anything working stable neough to be worth considering.

The only thing that seems obvious is that hidden line comes out if the line its hidden behind is in void.
Yet this is just one rule and there seems to be more, yet in practice I find it more accurate to consider that this is the only situation where the hidden lines come out and I don't think I have had cases where it seemed obvious the line would be there yet I missed it.

But it seems wise idea to make some reality check with other members, maybe someone is using some interesting rule that I missed? : )

Interesting example from AK Gurus blog. Uses some rules I'm wondering about lately.

So here is the link:

Here was the hexagram:

The interesting part is that he is using hidden moving lines 2 times, once for Zi and once for Yin and it seems it did worked out in practice in the specified month.

But its rules that I still have some doubt on, there are cases it seems combination with day branch does lead to movement, yet there are some where it doesn't.
So I'm wondering... Since the way he is reading it, it will take months to actually see that something was going on, could they be moving but with more rules attach to it(like it shows at the month/day/hour that clashes the line to set it free as some rare sources seem to think)?

Anyway, interesting example, lets review it.

Liu Yao / Parking Space(SE)
« on: May 19, 2020, 10:08:13 AM »
SE in this case means "sharing examples".
I think its good idea, as I like how the topic for the store went. : )

The idea there that made an impression was that the line showing the salami(Wood line in this case) was very weak and that showed that there is unlikely we will find salami there.

Here is one more interesting example showing that the system is suppose to be very fluid at times.

The question was "will we find parking space when we return tomorrow?", and it was asked the previous day.
It was asked on 13 May 2020 at 19:53.
I think we returned around Wu hour the following day.

Now, my idea was the Resource would be the parking space.

In this situation, however the Resource line is very weak, both are weakened in the month and day of asking. They would also be weak the following day when we traveled.
Yet we found parking space without a problem.

The way I read it back then, was first our line is strong so we will be fine in the situation most likely, but then that we look for an empty parking space, so we need it to be weak, not to be strong. As s strong parking space would be occupied.

In theory Hai would combine with Yin, meaning other people may have taken it, yet as none of the lines were moving and both were weak  it was good guess that didn't really happened.

I wanted to post, as I really like the idea that salami is not there because is weak, while for weak parking space that would mean it isn't occupied.So even though our goal is at a specific line, in one case we need that goal to be weak, while in the other we need it strong. Anyway, just wanted to share the example coz I found it interesting development in relation to the salami one.

Another way to read it could be ZI is also resource, its also void - so empty parking space. : )

Liu Yao / Closed store
« on: May 18, 2020, 06:17:28 PM »
I'm trying to find more examples of that that aren't related to health.
Here is one from 2 years ago.

The question was "would a specific store has a specific product(a type of salami). Ended up the store was closed if I remember, correctly. It was a string of questions that all lead to either store closed, or book, food or whatever wasn't sold.


(was asked 28 Oct 2018 I don't know the hour)
Now, my line is in void, the line of the store is in void.
Hidden behind the line of the store is the Asset/Wealth/Food.

Would void and very strong line lead to a closed store?
If the line is strong it should just be there, I assume the idea is if something is in void it just isn't there. How can it be stronger if it isn't there?

So then the questions become, what does it mean a void line that is supported in a case of a closed store?

Miscellaneous / Western Astrology
« on: April 17, 2020, 11:13:38 AM »
I haven't mention it before, but I have my reasons to think long time ago western astrology and chinese metaphysics(at least what that was back then) were used together as one coherent system.

This is long to go into and it will involve old calendars, historical medals and other stuff that isn't for here now. Yet it brings the interesting idea of starting a topic with some basic ideas and rules behind western astrology.
If nothing else at least we will be able to understand the kid form india and his predictions somewhat better.

I'm still learning here. While I have been in more then a few seminars for it, have studied systems connected to it like tarot and kabbalah for most of my life and have close people that have studied it in great depth, I never focused much on it until lately.

So here will try to point some of the major factors that are often looked at. Similar to how in some books will only be looked as what symbolizes the branch of the year and in some schools there will be a very strong focus on the "structure", basically month branch and its hidden stems, so in western astrology there is a strong focus on 2 aspects of the system.

One is where the Sun was at the time of birth.
The other is the so called Ascendant.

Lets start with the Sun.

First, if you want to follow along you need astrology software. I'm currently using zet, its free in its lite version and it offers a lot more then other ones out there for me.

Zet we can get from here.

We download the file, extract it and install it. Then run the ZET 9 Lite .exe file.

We should see a similar image to this.

Here we can see a few rings. The most outter one on the default screen has roman numbers(I, II, III etc).
This are the houses.
The inner ring from that one will have zodiacal signs and that are basically constellations.

Similar to this:
For example aries will be this ♈
Taurus this ♉

So this is basically the night sky above us at time of asking.
Each planet of the Solar System will fall into one of this constellations/signs at each moment of the day/month/year.

So basically we see the map of the night sky and its relation to the Earth and the Solar System for the time we ask about(someones birth, usually, but there are also parts of astorlogy called "prognostic" that works very similar to QMDJ, we ask a question and depended on the current position of the planets and constellations we find the answer).

Now we know the outer rings. That are the houses, what they mean is long to go for first post. Then we have the signs, and the signs are the stars and part of the sky a planet will fall into.

After that we get to the more inner rings and that happens with the planets.
That shows the position of the Planet at each moment of time.

Lets find the Sun at the current time.

The movement of the Sun during the year is very connected to how the month branch works in the solar calendar. As the Sun enters this constellations at the same time each year more or less.

To find the Sun and where it is currently we need only 2 things. We need the Sun symbol and we need the symbol of the constellation it is in.  Mouse over different parts of the map can provide much of that.

The symbol for the Sun is ☉(circle and dot) while we already saw Aries(the Ram in old civilizations) symbol as ♈.

We look at the chart/map and we can see that the Sun falls into the borders of Aries, currently.
(we will work only with tropical maps, not sidereal unless there is a reason)

Knowing where the Sun was, is knowing our Sun sign. So when in the west someone asks what sign we are, we know they ask where was the Sun at the time of our birth. : )

Thats it, may continue it at some point, so far this should be enough to be able to see where are all the planets in relation to our Earth currently, where they will be at different points of time and a little about how they interact with each other.
The interactions are the lines with triangles or squeres in the most inner ring, they are very similar to the relation of Chinese Metaphysics, even though more connected to a planet and context then always static.

Art of Medicine / Second Brain
« on: October 21, 2019, 11:59:20 AM »

Bazi / Gangs and Ours/Theirs
« on: July 25, 2019, 01:40:30 PM »
We use often the idea of gangs and the idea of "ours/theirs".
While Ours/Theirs have very clear and nice explanations in forums, the explanation of gangs seems to be a lot more unclear.

I've seen 3 ideas about gangs and I was curious of how other members here think of this.

So looking at translations around and what we can see from other members one idea is that the gangs are made in similar way to Ours/Theirs division. From Self(Rob Wealth and Friend) with Seal/Resource(Direct/Indirect).
That is set against with Wealth and Officer.
Output can be on each side.
Basically making them same as "Ours/Theirs" concept.

Wet and Dry earth are different gangs, depending on DM.
Chou will belong to the cold gang in any case.
Using this Water and Wood can make a gang.

Another idea is that they are made based on the elements.
Cold gang:
Water/Metal/Wet Earth
Hot Gang
Wood/Fire/Dry Earth.
Using this we can't have a gang of Water/Wood.
(as water will be part of the cold gang, while wood will be part of the other one)

Using this Resource can also end up in the other gang. But that is in the higher approach as well(as dry Earth will be Resource for Metal and still in the other gang).

Another approach would be similar to DTS, where the idea is that Gangs are formed based on nearby elements that produce or is same as elements nearby it. In that sense if we get water and wood near each other it will form a gang because of proximity. Usually with some movement needed for it to "get coherent".

In all of these situations, however, resource isn't necessarily part of DM gang, as again the example of Metal and Wet earth. However, in some Water and make gang with Wood, while in others it can not...

Looking at the old Puppy examples I can't find example where the gang was Water/Wood. (so DM was Wood and there was text about gangs). I also can't see explanation of what "gang" is, we can see its grouping of elements, we can see distance maybe doesn't matter(although that may be up to phrasing) and we can see its used a lot seemingly with connection to Ours/Theirs. But that seem to be it.

I think only, Fireoperator seemed to be using the second approach where the gangs are somewhat set by itself and we just see what falls where...

I'm wondering of what members think here.

Feng Shui / Feng Shui Books
« on: July 24, 2019, 11:54:50 AM »
Lets look at some interesting Feng Shui books!

Starting at Xuan Kong systems. Most of them are very related to a legendary Grandmaster called Jiang Dahong, as members probably know.

XKDG is thinking of itself as to be the original system, while XKFX(Flying star) is what Shen managed to recover.

First to understand that we need the story of Shen. We can read it here:
(at the bottom of the post)

So now we have 2 divisions, XKDG and XKFX both with the idea they are close to what was originally practiced by Jiang Dahong. The interesting factor is that both are so different that its difficult to think how both can be the same system.

Yet, both are also very interesting and many practitioners use both at the same time.

So lets look at XKDG, as the info here is much less.
For it I really like the book below. It is expensive and we do need extra material to use it(at least compass/Lo Pan for XKDG), but it gives a lot of very useful info, one of the cases when we can actually practice the system by itself with only one book and some extra material like the compass. Very good and useful in my point of view.
Of course, the system isn't for everyone, if someone decided to try it with the book, may want to read on it around the net, as there are doubts on many parts of it.

I personally accept that it works very well, as we have used it many times. But it is difficult and needs very good compass.

For XKDG searching around a few more books can show up. Some is just reference material, there also is a book by Russian author that I'm not familiar with.

That somewhat covers it I think. There are materials in the net, but can't think of anything to mention specifically.

It had a date selection component, originally only for use with the system itself, but then expanded to more then Feng Shui. Very little info about it in English, but uses very similar principles then the system itself, so much of it can be guessed even without a book. And there are a few books, some can be found around the net in libraries, but aren't sold anymore. Won't post link as not sure if it would be problem with copyright to post.

That seems to cover most of XKDG in English I'm aware of.

For Flying Star there are many books. So much that covering even small part will be challenging. So lets just look at a few.

Translations of the 4 classic texts for Xuan Kong, Shen was teaching all of them back then. All translations are made by Hung Hin Cheong.
All are very good, in my view as we have much extra info without that the text itself won't be very useful.

That translations cover:
Purple White Script.
Ode to Flying Star
Ode to Mysticism
And Secrets of Xuan Kong.

While all of them have been studied back then, not all of them are equaly used today.
People seem to focus a lot on Purple White Script and a little on Secrets of Xuan Kong.
In my view, that is sad, as Ode to Flying Star, even if negative at times, have some very useful ideas, like how the forms around can be considered as stars and how that interacts and add layers of meaning to everything.

Calculations in Purple White Script can be very complicated. At times it moves to Na Yin and back to flying and trigrams and overall it can be challenging to calculate.
However, from what we have seen some ideas like House and Period Master seems to work very well.

We can also see ideas from QMDJ, like the Doors in much simplified way.
They are expensive, though, but they do offer a lot more then most Flying Star books out there do.

Other then that I don't want to recommend a specific Flying Star book, as most of them cover the same material. However, I can say that the material from Lillian Too is often underrated. She had some very nice working ideas not just for cures.

Yin Feng Shui, I don't want to comment on that. All history seems to suggest the sooner people stop practicing that the better for everyone(even more so for Feng Shui practitioners), but that is just my view/impression.

So lets go to San He and some general idea stuff.
When it comes to Water movements, I can't recommend anything. There are books about it and there are simplified ideas, but haven't tested any of them extensive enough to be able to recommend.

However, for foundational basic stuff, I can(and often do) recommend this nice book.

Name may sound silly, but its very good book for the foundational ideas that often are missing in many books, while without them any practice will have trouble working.

Another book worth mentioning:

The classic about the water dragon is must read(I linked it some time ago in another topic, so won't go into that again). In it we can see some text by Jiang Dahong where it seemed there wasn't as much worry about hiding information as in his books, so it was interesting to see.

Soo... What other classical book there are. I can't recommend them, but 2 more have to be mentioned in my view.

First is:

Much respect to Terence for the initiative.
I can't recommend the book, however, even though he was where the systems of Xuan Kong seems to revolve around.

All of this is just my idea, of course. Just want to provide some basis so people looking for how to go into these systems have a starting point. After that they should be able to pick up on their own and figure out where to go.

Hopefully it can be helpful feel free to ask if you have any questions. : )

QMDJ (Qi Men Dun Jia) / Some thoughts on Qi Men Dun Jia History
« on: July 24, 2019, 10:23:26 AM »
The forum hasn't been very active lately, so I decided to try to wake some of it up.
For that I will post some historical info about QMDJ and see where we can fit it in...

By the Fair Use agreement we are allowed(and even expected) to post parts of books in forums for reviewing and study purposes.
Outside of US that is often called "Fair dealing"(more info in the same link below)

Still if someone has problem with that material in the open feel free to PM a moderator and we can delete that part. : )

Lets start with a little history from Jack Chius book.

While the Emperor(Xuan-Yuan) Huang-Di was blaming himself for not defeating the devious Chi-You after numerous battles,six fairies on clouds of five colors descended from the sky and told the Emperor that they were send by the Maiden Warrior of the Northern High Sky to deliver the Scrolls of Dun-Jia & Yin-Fu. The scrolls revealed the auspiciousness of Heaven and Earth via the Trigrams. (The scrolls also) help identify changes of winds, clouds and thus the weather, the eclipses of the Sun and the Moon based upon the order of Yin and Yang, the ascending and descending of stars and hence the wins or losses of events related to mankind.(The Scrolls revealed) the technique of handling changes. The Emperor knelt for a long while accepting the Scrolls.

The emperor then opened the Scrolls and found 3 volumes of the Scrolls of Yin-Fu. The first volume introduced immortality. The second volume described governing of a nation. The third volume outlined the art of war. Dun-Jia(as in the third volume) was in fact the technique developed and used by the Maiden Warrior of the Northern High Sky. After mastering the methods and techniques from the Scrolls, the Emperor eventually defeated Chi-you."

This is one of the legends regarding Ji Men Dun Jia(JMDJ in short) and is quoted from Liu-Yin Dong-Wei Dun-Jia Zhen-Jing or the Authentic Scrolls of Dun-Jia by ZHAO Pu, the first Imperial Prime Minister of the SONG Dynasty.The Authentic Scrolls of Dun-Jia is one of the archives in Zheng-Tong Dao Zang or the Authentic Dao's Collections.

Chinese characters are in the book, along with more history. Its interesting book.

I like this idea. While most present day historians will consider it a legend(be that in official archives or not), I like the idea of outside origin of the system and that somewhat it was made for a specific purpose(the historical event of a specific battle).

Looking at it in this way its like the system was made just for that, so it holds a lot of Images that were fixed, Jia was the Emperor, Geng was the enemy, Yi was Emperors sister etc.
In that way we look for Geng to see where problems can come up(something that seems unfair in BaZi, yet very sensible in QMDJ) and we would look where the 3 nobles are for where the beneficial influence is. Also very far from where the other system would look from/at.

The idea is that in this way we do use the system somewhat out of context. It would be interesting to see if we can go deeper into that and try to see if there was a reason Jia was the Emperor. While Jia is very suited for that by itself, there may have been even more to it.

So I thought I should check the life story of the Yellow Emperor. If the system was indeed made for him, then there would be more evidence of that.

He was born in 2711 BC, according to wikipedia.
Can that year be accurate so many years back?
No idea, but as that is what we have, lets try to see if coming from it can lead to something.

Now, while from what we know there were changes in the calendar(during Song dynasty, there seems to be the idea that that changes were only related to the Months. The days seems to be continues array of numbers and maybe same counts for the years.

So lets look back 4730 years and try to find out if the Yellow Emperor was born in a Jia year.
If he was, that would make the system even more tailored to him, as we use the Year Stem to find a person on the map, and if the Emperor year stem was Jia then we can say that there is more to it then just the Images of Jia related to leader or emperor.

The problem could be that 4730 years ago is too far from most bazi calculators, as the windows calendar libraries wouldn't support it. But we can calculate it manually.

If someone wants they can follow along. Lets open a Notepad or other text editor(better notepad plus its free in the net and its much better)

There we can past this code:

var stems = ["", "甲","乙","丙","丁","戊","己","庚","辛","壬","癸"];
var stemspinyin = ["", "Jia","Yi","Bing","Ding","Wu","Ji","Geng","Xin","Ren","Gui"];
var currentyearstem = 6;//as 2019 is Ji year and we start from now
var currentyear = 2019; //the year itself

for(var i=0;i<4731;i++){//we make 4731 steps

document.write("<br>"+currentyear + " is " + stems[currentyearstem] + " " + stemspinyin[currentyearstem]);
//We show the year and its stem

currentyearstem = currentyearstem-1; //we go back one stem
currentyear-=1; //we go back one year
if (currentyearstem==0){currentyearstem=10} //if the stem is 0 we make it Gui


I can go through it line by line, but in short it will list all years from now to 4730 years ago and it will show what stems they had.

For that we save it with some name and .html(text.html for example) and we open it with our favorite browser.
(may be slow if your machine is very slow)

Of course, there are shorter and faster ways, but this looks nice.

-2703 is 丁 Ding
-2704 is 丙 Bing
-2705 is 乙 Yi
-2706 is 甲 Jia
-2707 is 癸 Gui
-2708 is 壬 Ren
-2709 is 辛 Xin
-2710 is 庚 Geng
-2711 is 己 Ji
Doing this we can find that the year the Yellow Emperor was born is supposed to be Ji year.
(another possible year in the net would be  2704 BC and that would be Bing here)

Suggesting that either the Images related to Jia are enough to represent an Emperor, or that the year he was born in isn't accurate in the records.

However, he started his rule in 2696 BC.
And that is Jia. : )
(from here

Of course, all this is just a possible scenarios. Maybe there was more to it, maybe the reasoning was different or historians were right and it was human made system... In any case, was curious to look into and decided to share it.

Liu Yao / Tips and tricks for working with stems/branches
« on: June 21, 2019, 03:37:20 PM »
We were talking on one of the problems with screenshots of the site, and I thought that the line with "X days until end of void" is often left out of the Image. And since I use the days until end of void a lot, I decided to share a quick way to calculate how to know when void will end for any pillar.

So the trick here is that void, by its definition always ends after the 10 day stream ends. And that streams always start with Jia and they end with Gui.

In that sense at every point in time we will know on the next Jia day(the nearest one form where we are) the Void Stream will be over.

However, that by itself may not be enough, still how to know how many days until next Jia?

Well, the stems are 10.
So we just turn the stem to a number. And subtract it from 10. Meaning that number will be the amount of days until next Jia comes.


Today is Ji/Chou day. Next Jia day will be first day of the new stream. To find out when we do 10-6(Ji) and we get 4. 4 Days until end of stream(the site says 5 as that is 4 more + today).

Another example:

Geng/Zi pillar. Geng = 7. Next Jia is new stream. 10-7 = 3 days until end of void.

Just take 10 and subtract the number of the stem. Then if you want add 1 for the current day as the calc do.

So basically if the screenshot doesn't show "X days until end of stream/void" we can just calculate it for a few seconds like that. : )

Bazi / Gmuli web apps - bazi
« on: June 16, 2019, 09:45:52 AM »
As it turned out I posted the other topic in the Liu Yao section seems nicer to post this here.
Working on the BaZi web calculator last few weeks.

So here is what we have so far:

The idea here is that it will be as simple as it can be. However it will allow some stuff that may be useful for people. For example we would be able to manually select any stem or branch and it will do what it can to calculate with giving as much info for the possible date as possible even if they are impossible pillars(although it will try to say as well).

I'm planning to add the more popular interactions, clash, combinations, harms, destructions etc. I think I will skip hidden combinations and the other stuff that aren't very much used in traditional as it seems they have their own rules for use that I'm not sure I fully know, so nicer to not implement then implementing something that may not work very well.

Other then that there aren't many other functions, won't have true solar time, as that is already implemented in other places, may have something that will give you your current longitude and latitude from your location, so you don't need to look for them on websites. But won't really need them for calculation, so more as a helping function for other calculators.

If someone has some idea of something they want in it I can think about it, but as said the idea is to be very simple, so not sure I will add it. When it comes to rules - again, all the Mang Pai stuff in the old app just turned out to not work the way it shows there, there are exceptions and other stuff... So better without it.

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