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also brother star is the competitor for wealth - but if officer star is somewhere else than self line , does it mean other guy ? so also competitor ?

You need to look at this in context of the whole reading. Another Officer in the reading could be anything. But if there is also an Officer on the Self Line, AND you are asking about romance with a particular girl, then if there is another Officer line, because it is for all intents and purposes "the same" as you are, this Officer Line now is a competitor. Because this is an identical or near enough representation (Image) of what you are in the reading, and as you are asking from a romantic perspective, this "other" version of you will be after the same thing, hence, competitor.

If the Self Line is not an Officer, then this "outside" (Non Self or Other Line) Officer, may or may not be a competitor. This would then be down to the question at hand.

Very interesting indeed. As this is same idea as the line attacking the Self getting Images of Officer. So its remainer we can use not only the Hexagram as Image of relation, but also the Self line. Then the question, "how can we get 2 images of competitor" gets even more answers, as now there is that level of relations too.

firelink: Sadly, in metaphysics the rule usually is - if unsure, reread until sure.Rarely "if unsure ask the same question" as likely it has been answered already.
 I remember in very different forums some decades ago at times had to spend hours rereading the same post until I get all the connections I could. As that is the path we have chosen with metaphysics and divination, its the way it is.

But I assume this is like the Yang line for male and Yin line for female. Some indication they are suited for their role.
Wouldn't focus too much on that part its just a hint that the 2 Assetlines in this case may be a problem I guess.

As if we read the example in the book the essence of it seems to be related to the combination of the Other line with another Officer line(so her with another male), not focusing that much on the fact Self line is asset to begin with.
imagine if the male querent ask that question case 17  and  he got a officer not in self line (but on object line ) but got a wealth line in self line , how do you intrepret ?  using the setting ?

That is the situation. Male is asking and he is Asset line with another officer line.

also brother star is the competitor for wealth - but if officer star is somewhere else than self line , does it mean other guy ? so also competitor ?

Sure. All is explained in the book, however, the Settings on the site are just to point to the full examples in the book and blog. And the case goes exactly like that. (at least I assume so, the explanation isn't as clear, but if we focus on the other Asset line combining with the Officer I would assume so, yes)

Thankx for your reply :)

I m ok with subject line to have Officer as good star for men in love question, what about object line ? is it mandatory to have Wealth star  ? or not ?

AK said, that U line (object line) is for everything else that is not in six kinship , then why on setting there is the object line as wealth star ?

According to Alex Chiu  -  it can be used fo everything else in some case  (look at example he give down)

but according to AK (some of the queseiton setting) , wealth star should be on object line

so what to use ? how to use ?

for exemple here is whast Alex chiu said  : 
I like this girl Elsa a lot.  So I tossed the coins asking when will I meet Elsa again.  I got [Hide].  I expected to meet her within 10 days.

Year   Month   Date   Hour   Empty Dates
    wa   t - I       t & c

P   sh   -                  
B   s   -   U               
R   w   -                  
B   s   -                  
G  y   R   w   --   J               
P   cn   --                  
A strong G hiding under the self line.  G woman star produces the self line R.   On day y, G y will appear.  So Elsa will appear on day y!

I know that I said if a G girl star produces the self line's R trouble star, it's a bad sign.  But in this case, I am not asking for a relationship nor am I asking can I date a certain girl.  In this sign, I simply was asking when will I meet this girl again.  See, my friend and I meet her quite often.  Either at a friend's house or at a restaurant.  So it's not very hard to see her.  So the G star producing the self line R star no longer is a bad sign.  The G star therefore represents the girl.  And the girl shall appear when G star moves or comes out of hiding.
Result:  On day y, my friend and I decided not to go to my brothers house, so we can't meet her on that day.  I thought that's pretty strange.  How can the hexagram be wrong?  G y is pretty strong, and it is producing the self line.  Is God telling me a lie?  Then all of a sudden, someone knocked on my door.  I opened the door, and there she was.  She came to surprise my friend and me.  Did God lie?  No!

I looked into that again, as his way of transcribing it is very different then what we usually use, I didn't read in carefully before.

So her line isn't in void its hidden behind his line, it seems?
Then he just chosses the day when that line shows up.

Suggesting he has a setting that he will look at, just doesn't provide it before reading, that is fine I guess.
But the Self line isn't Asset, even if it was it isn't relationship question.
Even if it is Asset on relationship question and the guy is asking it could still work. But only if there is at least one more Asset and he set the girl to be on it.

but according to AK (some of the queseiton setting) , wealth star should be on object line

I don't understand what you mean here. Can you point me out to the source, is it the book?

I think the whole approach may be confusing. : )
Just try to relate it to the world around and see what will fit to it in the more encompassing way.

We have Officer - images of a guy, also something serious, responsible etc.
We have Asset - something of value, wanted etc.
In relationship in humanity they fall as Officer for a male in relationship and Asset for female it seems.

Then its up to us how we will use that in combination with all else we know to read the hexagram and figure out what its telling us.
But also adding that we provide some framework of how we want to receive the answer so we can get much more from it.

A female on Officer line- she is taking very responsible position or for some other reason carries Images of other guys with her. Again as if she is on Self line(and no other way to be sure that is showing her),  then we have to ask ourselves what does it mean for the female asking to have Images of Officer in her Heart and Mind.

Its not about good or bad, exactly, its just a description of what is going on. In this case she has either other guys, or is very worried etc. But if we set Officer will show a male, we can be sure its other guys.
And we fit what we know to the hexagram from the real world as description of the situation. Good or bad, rarely can fully cover it.

In this case:

I like this girl Elsa a lot.  So I tossed the coins asking when will I meet Elsa again.  I got [Hide].  I expected to meet her within 10 days.

So he asks when he will meet her again.
He doesn't provide in his setting any way to read that from. Trigrams can show time, Hexagrams can show time, branches can show time, different dynamic between lines can show time.

Since we don't have provided way to find the time of meeting in there, it can be read in endless amounts of ways and at the same time it can't learn much from it. Having the Asset in void and look when the void is ending in this case provide somewhat simple answer and he follows on that. So it works out without Setting in this case, but this is very specific and somewhat obvious example, not everytime it will.

Anyway - my idea is - this is question about timing, not relationships. As he didn't ask how happy they wlil be, what she thinks about him etc. And while some of that may be found in the answer, it won't be fully reliable in my view, as the system is focusing on providing the answer he seeks(if her line is in void, means it will be specific branch, can't be any branch if the void becomes so important for the answer, there are only 2 in void at any given time from the day).

So if the priority is to present a line in void, that is the answer to the question.

Self line on Officer would be better for the relationship, though, as if follow Puppyloves idea that Self line shows what is in their heart and mind, then Self line on Officer suggests he is in the right Image for a guy in a relationship.

If he is on Asset and there is no other Asset, then it will be difficult to make a relationship as the female isn't in the situation at all. The way I understood The Monk before there was idea that that means he has other Images of females from the past that stand in the way, I think sometimes it may be other stuff, but if there is no other Asset in the situation then the Self line, then its very unlikely it will work out, as it seems the system shows in the situation that specific female doesn't play a role at all.

While we still have a lot more to learn in AK levels, I would think it like this:

Case 17 - no relationship developed yet, so no need to set Relationship line on Other line.
Case 25 - well there is relationship, but he has decided to use the relation between the 2 lines to show the relationship I guess. All this is our choice to figure out based on what we want to see. In that case he decided to use just the 2 lines, its all good. : )

When the question is asked by the guy we won't need to find him, he will be on the Self line.
So we are only interested if the girl is asking(or we are asking for her).

If that is the case then guy is Officer sure or other line, depending how we need to use it. And lets look just at that so its clearer. So we have the female asking.
There are situations when the guy would be on the Other line. The way I currently understand it the idea here is if we can count the relationship as separate entity then he has to be on Officer, so we use Other line as the relationship.
The idea is they may be with great relations with each other, but that doesn't always mean they want to stay in a relationship. So the lines will relate great with each other, but one of them will have issues with the relationship line. Logically, if we don't set relationship on Other line, then we will only see they have great relation and that isn't all.

If they just meet for example then there isn't different entity "relationship", so we are only interested in the male and the female, no relationship factor yet.
If there is already different factor of the relationship as its own thing, then she is on Self, he is on Officer. And on Other line is the relationship.

Puppylove used to use the "relationship" as what the other person is thinking. I like using that as a separate entity instead, but the reading seems to not change in both cases.

Basically its up to how you will set it up. But if you set it up without the relationship all may look good, but they may still split, as the reason why they split you won't have a line that will show(not ready for serious relationship etc.).

At this point I would personally suggest forget Chiu and the rest, AK is doing amazing work.
We have the Settings he is using in his questions here:

Its above the "Question..." field, when unsure just choose a premade Setting and won't have to worry how to set it. As the Setting becomes extremly complex even just on Level 1, we are still waiting the level 2 info and bookz.

P.S. Puppylove has examples and explanation on that in the old forum, we have some from The Monk here as well, other then AK its the only other source I can recommend and this specific part of the system I'm using the way I understood back then, but the info is not much. Its all around the forum archives.

Liu Yao / Re: Proper setting (Yong Shen)
« on: October 02, 2021, 07:41:41 PM »
As explained, “Setting” works with proper rules so that it can be flexible. So, it can be considered as a skill. The skill is to learn not to set something that will break the rules.

Aha, ok, so we can say its skill. But not skill to be able to set in places that doesn't fit(in that example to set Asset images on top of Sibling), but skill to know where to set it. That makes sense, thanks.  : )

About the course, yea its awesome the whole approach to the system is awesome, can't wait for the next level. It seems it may be here soon after the book.

I don't mean to promote his course.

I'm happy to promote it, as the info in there is awesome. And I don't care how it looks, somewhere along the way it seems more important to do the right thing then care how it looks. If it gets deleted it gets deleted. As saying its good is the right thing to do, in relation to the material in there and material in other places, I still do it. : )

Liu Yao / Re: Proper setting (Yong Shen)
« on: October 02, 2021, 06:54:29 PM »
No offending to anyone. If a person doesn’t understand the setting. I think better learn with humble minds. This is actually very logical technique. If the setting is not done before divination, once the hexagram is generated, everything will be back to square. Like this question, now before a hexagram is generated, there are already having so much of Argument. Some say focus line A, some say focus line b, some say focus line c. Bla bla bla. Even the person who asking the question are also in doubt. In his mind, he may think to read line a and line b. So what shall expect to focus when hexagram is generated? That is AK idea, if reading involves guess. It will always not consistent. If we can’t decide what to focus before, how possible we are guaranteed what to focus after? If we have no idea what is e=mc2 before, how can we understand this is the equation is actually taking about energy and mass? That is the setting idea that AK is revealed. It is actually a very valuable secret. That is what I learned. Just sharing my view. If no one agree this, that's fine. Hopefully will not create any conflict here.

I agree, yet...
I think one of our problems is that we don't fully understand what a setting is.That includes people in the group as well.
We know it takes time to become stable, we know all are doing it with the coins anyway, at the same time we also know it seems connected from one site with habit, from another with how we think about it...

But is it a skill?Is it a way we think about the question?What are the rules to make setting?
But even then we will get into the limitations of the systems that we look so much at, lately.

From what Puppylove used long time ago and what Jack Chiu used there seems to be the idea that we can't set anything on the Self or Other line either. There are other requirements and I have seen that in practice as well.

That suggests its not only how we are thinking about it, or what we are used to. There is a lot going on beyond that.

Overall, I fully agree with what you are saying,yet there are many problems with Setting as well. And while we look in some of them in the group there are more.

FREE Divination Request / Re: Is this vaccine safe?
« on: September 08, 2021, 09:01:04 AM »
Yes, yet as usual asking the right question requires to be aware of a big part of the answer.

Anyway, about divination systems I think its wiser to post it here as it can help other peoples too.

I will cover the ones I'm still using today. NLP also has, but I would strongly recommend to focus heavily on Korzybski then NLP Volume 1, many of the modern practitioners skip that and the end effect can be really bad, in my humble view. The real system is rooted in his work, as that is where the actual restructuring of the S.R. happens, the rest is suppose to follow from that. David Gordon is awesome as well, that part is also easily skipped, he had wonderful seminars in Russia that I can strongly recommend to everyone interested in the topic(there are videos of them around).

Anyway, for short divination techniques, I will cover a few books and materials that present somewhat short technique(short in the sense that can be done in a few seconds to a minute for most of them).

First and shortest is this:

This is from hearth math( these guys study the heart. I don't like how they have changed last 9-10 years, but the stuff behind it is still there and still good. They had it in free materials on their site, but now all is payed so I posted a random blog, can see the name and search in other places, but it really as that simple so most needed is there, hand on the heart, breath through it for 1 min then ask. While may not receive an answer if you look within may see that you now know the answer often with the feeling you always did.

So that connects hearth to brain, after that can ask a question in the heart and can receive answer most of the time or figure out you knew the whole time. If you don't then often the point of view we are asking from is too far away from how its actually perceived by inner/higher levels and the question is meaningless when we look from there,as far as I understand the process. More complex system may be needed to figure out the details when that is the case.

This is a book from a member of a female path to Kabbalah called School of Images. There are no practical trees of life there used, at least in the book, it works directly with Images, with this can just receive Images and it can be very nice, but sad part is it seems it doesn't work for everyone just with the book. So worth the try, there are exercises and stuff, if it opens up its awesome, if not, other methods are still out there. Big bonus there is that Images are very charged, so its more powerful then many other techniques and can move people with ideas etc.

If willing to spend more time on it, horary astrology answer questions and also does tarot, obviously. I have worked a little with horary astrology and it seemed to work great. A lot with Tarot, that also works and can be used for more then just question/answer. Remote Viewing can also answer questions, but it needs stuff that may not be comfortable to use for everyone(a lot of paper for example).

Another quick technique is here:

The first book is free in pdf format in the second link. It looks like normal fiction book, but it isn't exactly. They have techniques for back then and the info in it is not as fictional as one may think, although I'm not sure if it is in other places as well. The technique he uses in the book(sadly I'm not sure it was used in the first one as much, but its basically focus on a space above his head and see if there is flow there for yang, while lack of flow for yin).

I think this should cover some stuff. There are probably countless others I'm forgetting now, but the stuff from here I use in situations when I need clearer view to stuff happening around and there isn't time for more extensive system.
Focusing on this 3, hand on the heart and breathing, flow as yang and flow as yin and receiving Images.

Liu Yao Case Studies / Re: Marriage divination
« on: August 31, 2021, 11:22:26 PM »
Fair enough, I just have to say it as for the first time we actually have good material on the system, so its a responsibility thing.  : )
I will try to read it with only what we had in the open, only a guess, as usual since its someone elses question.

Well, you are asking for yourself, then you are on line 6 it seems...  That is somewhat outside of the situation. Also on black turtle,so it suggests something isn't right with how you relate to the marriage, potentially. As if the marriage has problems why would you be outside of the situation... So it gives the idea of distance, you have pulled away. Your line is also weak, marriage line is strong.

Marriage line also holds Images of Officer, so there is responsibility, something heavier then the other lines, stronger then them and at the same time something that is clashing you and breaking your line potentially(its not moving, so just potential).

Her line is fine in relation to the marriage, only potential problem is that its far, far away while it should be in another position for all to be nicer. So again the "pulling away" problem, as there is too much distance between all that is important, maybe she is focusing more on purely material solutions and problems while you aren't as close to that or something like that, but there is a lot of distance on each step of the way.

Problem seems to be more from you. As it seems the marriage line is difficult to take for you and you have pulled to outside of the situation. While she is more aligned with the marriage line, but far away.

This is strange, though, all is so far away from each other, it may be messed up hexagram for some reason. But if it seems to fit, then the answer would be that it depends on you, as the clearer problems are with your line in relation to the marriage line and you can change that.

FREE Life Reading Request / Re: My chart - marriage?
« on: August 31, 2021, 04:22:26 PM »
Late in life in my humble opinion.  When exactly I do not know. : )
No reason not to happen, at least none that I can see.

Liu Yao Case Studies / Re: Marriage divination
« on: August 31, 2021, 02:40:41 PM »
So you see a guy on line 3 So you see a guy on line 3 - is that a sign of the wife cheating?

No, I assume that is the husband. : )
Unless you are the husband, but as you didn't say "I'm getting married" I'm assuming someone else is getting married and you are asking for them. And yes I'm aware you try to set him somewhere else.
Well, I do understand that you can't go into details due to obvious reasons, however please share the knowledge as much as you can without going into "secret stuff", as possible :)

I can, but there is a reason I keep recommending AK course. For example here there is so much going on all of it fascinating and the only thing I can say is that Self line is on black tortoise and line 6, so somewhat out of the situation and with questionable motivation.
 Something that doesn't seem to fit the groom. But even this can't be taken fully, as there are details to it as well. And there is always a possibility he just doesn't want to get married, but there are other reasons I'm taking the guess that isn't what is going on.

Overall, the "secret stuff" is related to Aks material and its too fundamental to a reading at this point, without it there is only some very limited ideas and stuff left. We have good material in English now, we got people in the open as far as we could,if someone wants to learn how it actually works the path is through AK in my humble opinion. And this isn't advertising, its just the only logical next step if we want people to keep learning.

If I take your setting as the right one, let's look: the Asset line moves to Parent line. Parent weakens Asset. Furthermore - this is a clash hexagram, that is also a bad sign. The self line is very weak, and Object controls Subject (Wealth - Sibling), which is also bad for the marriage.
Could you comment on that if possible, please?

This can be valid if we take the Husband being on the Self line. I have many doubts on that(around 7-8 more reasons more  then what was mentioned, all related to what is the right Asset, how the situation change depending on the right Asset and stuff like that) Since you asked and I have no idea about your view to the situation, how you position stuff or what the actual situation is, all is just guessing, obviously.

Overall, we are in transition state in my humble view. The community that is interested in WWG in English. Many of us shared openly what we knew for many years and it is enough to get some surprisingly good answers from time to time, while always having the risk to have a miss without understanding why and without a good understanding of what is happening in the whole Hexagram most of the time. Also with no idea how we can affect the situation at all.

Then AK showed up and  in his courses provided depths to the system that go way beyond anything we have,. At
this point, it seems unethical to keep posting so limited stuff then what could actually be used without mentioning it.
So I'm open to try to help, but you can't learn it in the open, there is too much we didn't knew even just on the first steps there. For everythint that I may mention, because I knew its already out, there will be 4-5 other important relations and factors that will be missing. How accurately one can read with that?

And in this case, the reason I'm saying I would expect a good marriage even though still a guess, as the circumstances of another person asking are limiting, are based on rules that doesn't exist in the open, yet are vital in some cases.

I remember some years ago was explaining to Ren that in my view, there is no way we could use 2 Images of something as in WWG, there aren't that many reliable sources of Images. That seems so silly now... Yet its a good pointer to where I was at the time and how far the path ends in the open.

Liu Yao Case Studies / Re: Marriage divination
« on: August 30, 2021, 10:23:02 PM »
I will read it that the marriage will go well.
Would take Asset at the first line.

Can't go into details, can only say that I would take the guy as on line 3, the girl on line 1 and you at line 6. : )

Miscellaneous / Re: Share your favorite music or movie
« on: August 26, 2021, 12:03:58 PM »
This is heavier then usual(metal), so not for everyone.

This is from the RU version of the voice. In this version some parts of the text below are missing, the clip is around youtube as well, so can see it full if someone wants.

While I'm big fan of the idea of balance, some ideas and places need depth or distance and for them the balance part is sacrificed for a while... Worth knowing that as well, if it is for us.

Translation is not... Perfect. It can't be, every language has its charges and maps... But its the best available, if one reads all translation of a song in the net can get very good idea of the feeling behind the original sometimes, I do it for Italian songs often.

Circles in the Water

Some have hit the bottom,
And some don’t even care
Pitied, but tomorrow forgotten
As if never were and never begotten.

Some have risen up
And never to us return,
But they smile down upon us
Through the eyes of our memories

The cold dawn of a new day assaults us, let it come
Everything remaining in this universe
Everything revolving in this universe
Will return back to us, like circles that ripple in the water         

Nothing ever disappears without a trace
Nothing ever disappears without a trace
Some kind of random course
Predestined fatal sort
We’re together inside of this spiral
Of obtaining and losing and finding
And what remains of us
Cities of frozen ice
Simply wait til the climate is warmer
No regrets, not a breath filled with sorrow

The revelatory moment, secrets, enimga
The hand of god, uniting joy and terror
So many times I tried, but now
My stone flies into the water and always in the circles’s center
Tried to throw it from the south, from the west and twilight,
In the morning, from different directions, varying types of stones,
With another hand, skipping it as I jump, blindly... some sort of trap
No matter what, always the center of the circle... year after year...

Liu Yao / Re: Proper setting (Yong Shen)
« on: August 15, 2021, 08:12:25 PM »
Will I go to the shop tomorrow?
While logically the important factor may need to be the Self line combined with some smart Setting, I'm not sure I get the question. Isn't that your decision(going to the shop or not)?

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