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Hi all, i am new to this forum.

I was wondering about fengshui
I read some material about 8 mansions fengshui. Supposed to do with your kua number at the center of it

Then one day, a friend showed me his fengshui. At a glance it is a "8 mansions setup" fengshui. But the intresting fact is that the master put the kua number on the top left sector. Making the center sector filled with one of the mansions

Been doing research about what fengshui school is this. Anyone can help? Thank you

Welcome. : )
About the calculation - no idea. There are all sorts of differences in different schools and practitioners there.
Even for the most basic calculations, like some base it on setting and some do on facing, ending up with entirely different map I guess...

I personally avoid 8 mansions, so can't comment a lot on it, but chasing different ways of making the calculations there can take a long time, as it seems the varieties are endless.

Can you upload a pic or graphic of the setup?


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