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Mountains and the elements

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I'm reading some really interesting Feng Shui books  here and got at the types of mountains.

Here is a image from Stephen Skinner's book Feng Shui: The Traditional Oriental Way about mountains and the elements they belong to:

At my city we have a mountain we like a lot, I wonder what elements members would think it belongs to?
I would say Water, but I have some doubts for metal as well:

Here is picture:

I'm not sure what the element is, maybe when the photo is zoomed out, we can assess it better.

On that page, Skinner got the Chinese characters for Wood and Water mixed up!

hehe, it seems he made one of the first feng shui books in the west around 50 years ago. I haven't read him before, I do like the style so far.

The Mountain... It is oblong I guess... But with sharp apex, however its not going right up as the book says it should for fire.
So I'm starting to think Metal. Coz we go there for tourism and stuff and it feels much more Metal then Water. : )

Tientai ✝️:
If we looking toward the facing direction of a property, the Green Dragon (Yang – money) will be on the left, while the White Tiger (Yin – health) is on the right.
The Black Tortoise is located behind the property, and the Red Phoenix occupies the space in front of the property.
When these forms exist, the property is both protected and has access to good Qi for the accumulation of wealth.
If one form is missing, protection is missing in that direction.
If one aspect is too large, it will impede the Qi from entering the property appropriately.

The Green Dragon and White Tiger form the left and right "embrace" of the property.
The Red Phoenix, in the front of the property, helps prevent Qi from leaking away.  If it is too large, it will block Qi form entering the property and thus hinder the family wealth .The Black Tortoise acts as a protector and should be the highest of the four landforms.

If the Black Tortoise is missing or too small, there can be problems with the residents' descendants. (guessing the phrase "I have your back!"  means the person is watching out for you—looking to protect you from things you cannot see because your back is turned. Likewise, the Black Tortoise represents this type energetic protection for your property. It also represents those who have gone before you— your ancestors. Therefore, it will also affect your descendants.)  If the Black Tortoise is too high, however, it can isolate you too much.

The Green Dragon landform should ideally be higher than the White Tiger landform.
If the White Tiger landform is significantly higher it can lead to bodily injury to the occupants.
If the Green Dragon landform is so much higher than the White Tiger that it completely throws off the balance of the environment, it can cause money problems....Tientai

There isnt any green dragon since it not cover with trees. Mountain looks dry maybe too high for trees to grow. You can see cloud forming so it more like a gui Wu.


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