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DIRECTIONOLOGY: Six Kinds of Dangerous Movement


Six Kinds of Dangerous Movement:

1) Towards Ming Gua (Life Gua)
2) Away from Ming Gua (Life Gua)
3) Towards 5
4) Away from 5
5) Away from yearly/monthly animal sign
6) Towards a number residing in its opposite palace

These are the directions which should not be used for travel or relocation.
You can use this method to analyse if a relocation to another country, state, city, part of city would be auspicious at a certain month/year.
Another use would be to find out which of two colleges would be more beneficial.
This method is not for house facing direction. 
If you have to travel towards one of the inauspicious directions for some important work, you can split the journey.  For example if Northeast is not favorable but East is, first you can travel to the North, rest and then you travel to the East.

Adapted from bazisuanming, global moderator in the old (extinct) forum 
More details in the next post...

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Which direction are you going?  You can use this calculator.

Select the two cities.  If the city is not available in the list, then look up the longitude and latitude.

For example, in 2018, one wants to travel from Paris to Rome.
city A: France/Paris
city B: Italy/Rome    

Look at the "azimuth" value, which is 117o (see screenshot below).  In the 24-mountain map, this is located in the Chen mountain (Southeast sector).  Using this direction, one moves away from the Xu mountain. This is one of the inauspicious directions in Xu year (point no. 5 above).

This is only one of the six kinds of inauspicious directions. 


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