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天时:  weather
求财: the wealth
疾病:  disease
家宅:family  residence
功名: academic   honor
婚姻:    marriage
胎产: embryo produces
出行:  journey
捕获:   capture
兵战: soldier battles

That looks like a nice list of topics for divinations with Da Liu Ren.  May I suggest these popular case categories based on my experience with practising Liu Yao:
- 官司 lawsuit or litigation.  An example is this divination: Case study
- 失物 lost item.  An example is this divination: Will I receive the book?
- 工作 career.  For me, this is one of the most sought after queries, together with marriage/relationship.

Don't know about the Da Liu Ren system myself, but I presume Da Liu Ren covers them too.


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