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Tientai ✝️:
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How did you get this tetragram?
There are many kinds in Tai Xuan Jing too, coins, stems etc ...
The TIME  also counts when choosing the initial, middle,
and finishing Appraisal…

Tientai ✝️:
For Tai Xuan Jing divination I use Yarrow sticks  .. And the method as proposed Derek Walter.

I don't use the TIME (of the day) to chose Appraisals  .. Just casting by Yarrows  .. !!

Tientai ✝️:
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Hi Tientai, my take on the Chinese text of Tai Xuan Jing.

murky & turbid, infinite in scope

"Turbid" suggests the image of contamination, like contaminated water.  This contaminated water represents the contagious nature of the disease.  "Infinite in scope" refers to the wide area that it has spread, first within the city of Wuhan, and then to the whole country (China), next the neighboring countries, also through traveling of humans across the world. 


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