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Manual Coin Toss:
1.   Find a quiet room to toss coins, where you canít be disturbed.
2.   Before analysis, prepare three identical coins 
    a.   The coins do not have to be I-Ching coins, they can be any countryís coins
    b.   They should not be too big for your palm
3.   Think over your life question (one question per divination).
    a.   Write it down briefly on a piece of paper or your phone
    b.   Record the date and time (hh:mm)
4.   Calm down and empty your mind. 
        Do NOT think about the above question, a related question, or anything else --
        what I am having for dinner after the toss, the thrilling TV program before the toss etc.
        If you need to, here are a few suggestions on how to empty your mind:
    a.   Sit upright, on the floor or a chair
    b.   Close your eyes and start focusing on your breath.
    c.   Take a few breaths and follow your breath.
    If you're in a busy environment, take 1-2 minutes to empty your mind.  If you're in a quiet environment, 5-10 seconds
5.   Put the three coins in the center of your left palm.  Cover them with your right palm.
6.   Shake it a few times and then throw them onto the table or uncarpeted floor surface. 
    a.   Make sure there is large enough space on the surface.
7.   Repeat step 6 for six times, and each time record the result.  For each throw, I need to know how many heads and how many tails.  For example, H = Head, T = Tail:
       6th :    2T 1H
       5th :    3H
       4th :    2H 1T
       3rd :    3T
       2nd :    3H
       1st  :    1T 2H

You are done!  Note: please inform which country and denomination of the coins, or attach a picture of both sides of the coins. 
Tell me which side you determine as H, and which side as T.


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