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FREE Life Reading Request / Re: Mastee hatsumi grandmaster of ninjutsu
« Last post by ren on June 11, 2024, 10:04:03 PM »
Hello Nin99

Hope you are well.

I would not want to interpret this chart without the hour pillar. We read Four pillars, not three.
But what stands out is two void pillars - year and month, and the two Xin stars surrounding the Ji star.

FREE Life Reading Request / Mastee hatsumi grandmaster of ninjutsu
« Last post by nin99 on June 08, 2024, 06:16:10 PM »
Who can interpretate his great bazi and skill n combat
Xin ji xin
Mao hai wei

Rich man?! Wood for.ation n bra ch but hes wealth is hidden
Smart but shine he s emoționant because water s n month hidden

Wei unconvetional thinking?!
FREE Life Reading Request / Re: How to handle my kids
« Last post by coldpillow on June 03, 2024, 02:07:46 PM »
I'm more curious to know other stuff.

- Are they coming from a rich household?
- How is the family life? Harmonious or broken?
FREE Life Reading Request / How to handle my kids
« Last post by CSiri on June 03, 2024, 10:58:54 AM »
My daughter born
25th november 2016
11.44 am

My son born
28th Mei 2020
14.43 pm

How to read their ba zi, and how to good handle both of them? Please advise 🙏🏻 Thank you so much
Bazi / Re: Forecast for 2024 for each DM.
« Last post by Spiritsfan on June 02, 2024, 10:59:51 PM »
From June to mid-July, events will occur or decisions will be made that will affect the entire world.

In this context, I am interested in the climate. The Inquisition burned thousands of people. For doing mathematics. What they called mathematics then is not what we call mathematics now. And working with weather, water and fire is one of the activities of the Gods. Perhaps the Gods have now been reborn and influence the situation through the weather. Without advertising themselves. I was prompted to think like this by a video about an island near Australia. It rains there every day after lunch. Always. No scientific theory can explain this. There is an ocean nearby and powerful sea and air currents. But they do not affect this rain in any way. Therefore, it is possible that air currents can be controlled. And this is enough to create a desert where yesterday there was an oasis. And vice versa.

Therefore, it is possible that the news will not tell us about the main events in the world.
Bazi / Re: Forecast for 2024 for each DM.
« Last post by Spiritsfan on June 02, 2024, 07:04:26 PM »
I will no longer make predictions for the year on DM, nor on events. On DM - too valuable information, even in such a short form. Life is leaving the forum sections with free questions for a year. And on events - too much data. And right now is the time when Russia resembles a ball falling from the edge of a table. The center of mass has already passed the point of no return, but the fall is not yet noticeable. It seems that everything is fine. And June is like an executioner for many people with DM Yang Metal. The time when wood overcomes metal. What does this look like in nature? Rusty bicycles or agricultural machinery grown into a tree.
FREE Life Reading Request / Re: Is it the end?
« Last post by magpie on June 02, 2024, 12:01:29 PM »
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Bazi / Re: Forecast for 2024 for each DM.
« Last post by Spiritsfan on May 26, 2024, 09:24:07 PM »
I wrote above about the conditions for a Taoist-ancient temple. But down there, under the center of mass, is an altar with incense and offerings. Many people will not gather there due to the specific timing of the sacrifices. But this did not stop Comrade Stalin. He decided to build the Palace of the Soviets 400+ meters high. The capacity of the main hall is 30 thousand people. The plan shows that the center of mass was designed to be higher than the assembly hall. This is why additional support pylons were needed.
In cross-section, the building was circular. The foundation has already been made. But Hitler attacked the USSR. Suddenly. But for some reason it seems to me that it is precisely because of this project. Hitler was interested in Tibet and esotericism. And Stalin clearly had access to the correct information on antiquity. And he wasnt shy about showing it. The exhibition of achievements he built is an exact replica of the complete temple complex of antiquity. Only instead of Gods there are workers and peasant women.
FREE Life Reading Request / Re: Relationship and career in 2024
« Last post by nova19 on May 26, 2024, 05:18:13 PM »
Hi haha25,

I would like to ask if you had introduced a friend to your workplace since around year 2020? Meaning there is a significant friendship influence at work? If this doesn't apply to you, or have you met a girl in these past few years but she is someone's friend and not yet introduced to you?

Another question: for these few years do you feel your health or home environment is not so good?
FREE Life Reading Request / Re: I struggled in 2022
« Last post by nova19 on May 26, 2024, 04:27:02 PM »
Hi, did the mental health incident occur in June 2022?

Second question: Since 2015, did you feel that due to the nature of your self-expression (or the choice of your leisure activities), it helped to relief a lot of stress off you?
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