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Bazi / Re: hello everyone!
« on: November 24, 2023, 08:38:45 AM »

this year in november will be able to take an national examn

what's the result of your november exam?

FREE Life Reading Request / Re: Spouse and Father's Representation
« on: April 17, 2023, 10:36:33 AM »
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Bazi / Re: Hour
« on: April 17, 2023, 09:19:32 AM »
thank you for sharing, Happy ❤️

that "typo by typist" really makes me want to cry 😭 :'(  they dunno such 'small' mistake can ruin or give false big hope to the babies when they read their bazi later years.

btw, i found this article :

he is a ziping bazi practicioner. he found the given chart didn't match with reality. so, he had initiative to change Chen hour into Si. it turned out Si hour is fit very much with chart owner. later it's confirmed that the baby was born at 9:06. chen hour comes out from solar time adjustment. it  might be hospital's clock accidentally going slow down or something that time so when the birthtime is adjusted, it becomes H-1.

somehow it shows me, mangpai or other method, they do not against time adjustment.

FREE Divination Request / Re: Will Insurance cover car repair cost?
« on: April 15, 2023, 06:43:39 AM »
what a good news, ren  :D

i also thought the repair cost would be higher and you need to spend your own money because changing line 2 in hex 27 :  a reminder to take responsibility for one's own nourishment.

it's a surprise that the fact is the opposite  :D

probably Sibling in line 2 = the insurance company and the repair cost is wealth Xu in line 4 [ strong wood overvomes earth ]

Bazi / The Rich Father
« on: April 13, 2023, 11:12:31 AM »
hi all,

i'm trying to observe this very good bazi chart 😊

please feel free to add or fix it.

this is the chart of super rich person my father 18 july at mao hour 1949

ding ji xin ji
mao you wei chou

1. Ji DM produces Xin. Xin is strong and rooted in You-Chou.
2. You-Chou controls Mao-Wei through Clash Interaction. This is an effective and clear work, no contradictive and considerably work done --> a High Grade Chart.
3. You and Mao as central gods sits in Host Location, so their work will benefit DM much and means DM do his own business.
4. because Chou and Wei are storages, business is pretty big scale.
5. one amongs many, Wei is used to be presented pharmacy fields.

(2) (3) (4) (5) = fits with his life as a very success pharmacy businessman.

6. LP Yi Chou (2002-2012) was a breakthrough from him because it was the timing for You-Chou and Mao-Wei doing their work.

7. LP Jia Zi and Gui Hai, the success will still go on, because they don't disturb the work in natal chart.

8. Hour Pillar : Mao produce Ding, Ding supports Ji DM. at the same time, Ding has tendency to control Xin (the Working God), which is bad and can make a contradiction.  fortunately, the controlling is hard to happen because there's Ji in between and Ding is unstably weak. so for a while  Ding is minor flaw.

9. During water LP, ding is well controlled. But in mid LP Ren Xu, when Xu governs, Ding could be big trouble because Ding is now stronger and rooted in Xu. Xu itself makes chaoz  in branch level, disturbing the nature work of natal chart.

10. Ding sits in Hour Pillar. Below Ding is Mao = child star for Ji Male DM. It can be assumed, trouble will come from his children or subordinates. If in 2017-2018 [Jia Zi LP], he had troubles with his son and  can be fixed in 2019, later troubles might come from a labour union (ding = resource = employee and xu = tomb of resource = organization of employee.)

11. Talk about marriage, this Ji DM would have at least 3 marriages/relationships. You in Day Branch is true spouse palace. You extends as Xin in Month HS, below Xin is Wei ~ Ji DM, so Xin is 1st Sub Spouse Palace. There's Xin inside Chou in Year Pillar, Chou sits below Ji ~ same element as DM, therefore Chou is 2nd Sub Spouse Palace.

13. Wei and Chou, although their element is Ji as same as DM, but being in Guest Location, they can represent other men. it means You, Xin and Xin inside Chou will left him for other men in the end. also Day Branch You  combines out with Chou = wife go away .

12. All female partner/spouse is younger because Metal is output star, and could be much younger because of clash interaction there.

Bazi / Re: Hour
« on: April 10, 2023, 03:30:04 AM »
Jlim is adjusting the hour.
Puppylove wasn't adjusting the hour.
Fireoperator wasn't adjusting the hour.
Han was very sure we have to adjust, now seems equally sure we shouldn't. Adding that the hour is based on the Moon now, I'm not commenting more on that, as I don't think its worth commenting on.
I'm personally adjusting the hour as my chart doesn't make much sense to me without adjusted hour.

imo, Puppylove and FireOperator read the given chart by assuming it's correct already (or sometimes other members had verified it before).  They never ask whether the reading fit with the querent or not. And the querents doesn't say it too. Most often, they read about future that cannot be confirmed yet.

I don't mean to doubt their accuracy in reading because what they said is fit very much with the chart. they all are very logic, using consistent technique and interpretation. in short, their analysis is (i can believe) exactly what the chart shows.

i myself agree that in some cases, time adjusting is needed if birth hour given makes the chart doesn't match with querent's real life. sometimes, i wonder what time it is - the birth hour written in birth certificate, is it the time when baby come out of mother's body, or the first time they cry, etc. the worst is if it is the time when the nurse finally has time to write the report or she wrote as far as she remember    ??? in nowadays, the time stated can be more accountable, but in old days i'm not sure they take it very importantly. also in old days, knowing time is relied in manual clock that can be slow down depend on battery, while nowadays we can see exact time on smartphone. few minutes could make big difference if it is borderline hour. and how if the birth hour is relied only on our elder's memory? it's really doubtful.

i think, readers in the past may do some birth hour verification too if things doesn't match. if they do it 100% manually, now we are helped by software.

hi tyc,

yes, i would like to discuss the female lawyer's chart.

Wu-earth in Year Stem is unstable and unrooted (almost unrooted if Wu-horse can be seen as Wu-earth's root). still can be seen as big money?

Yi Mao (output) must be important in this chart, because she rich by her own efforts.

could it be Shen that brings her success? Shen is controlled by Mao and entombed in Chou at Host Location.

mao - wu - chou are in harm relationship. it's hard to see this as growing/producing chart too.

Bazi / Re: hello everyone!
« on: April 04, 2023, 04:54:04 PM »
imo, you'll have chance to marry (or register your marriage because of your child) in 2028 Wu Shen year.

you could start looking for the lady on 2025 onward. no need searching in far away, because your spouse is likely a person close to/around you. age gap would not more than 5 years, possibly only 2 years in difference.

having children would help your life, because earth element (child star) could control your excessive water . after get married & having kid(s), entering Ding Wei LP, your life would get improved more than now.

2024 Jia Chen would be a good year to be focus in your career as doctor.


There is no clear gang in this chart. 

Wood and Fire gang: Yi, Mao, Wu Horse (3)
Metal and Water gang: Ren, Xin, Chou, Shen (4)
Neutral: Wu Earth

You are right that the Month Branch Mao has more power than any other element, therefore the Wood and Fire gang can be seen as equally strong as the Metal and Water gang.

Controlling (as I explained above) is not successful.

hi all,

so, how can she be succcess and rich?
i notice she's been going through metal-water LPs. can LPs make metal-water gang  stronger and win over wood-fire?

or we seen this as a producing wood chart?

thanks  :)

another Female Wu DM had been murdered and mutilated into 65 pieces few days ago by a man for money (very small amount if compared with in Abby's case)

Ayu Indraswari, a divorcee with 2 kids, an online prostitute, born in March 24, 1988, died in March 18/19, 2023

HDMY  x  Wu  Yi      Wu.    LP Ren. AP Gui
          x.  Yin  Mao Chen.        Zi.       Mao

hi Rapanui,

thank you for the links. i'd read some of them before. they don't tell how to distinguish a tao hua in a chart as tao hua yun, tao hua jie or tao hua sha  :(

hi Riyadi,

thank you for sharing

Bazi / Re: hello everyone!
« on: March 20, 2023, 05:02:23 PM »

I never intimitade other person but me personnaly I was robbed by thief on 2001 2004 2016 2019

2001 = Xin Si
2004 = Jia Shen
2016 = Bing Shen
2019 = Ji Hai

all AP has interacted with Bing Hour HS and Si Day EB as they are your own wealth.

Donna Karan had 2 marriages.

Mark Karan (m. 1976; div. 1978)​
Stephan Weiss ​(m. 1983; died 2001)

Wu Yin & Wu Zi may represent them.
I've not found Mark Karan's birthdate yet. 
The info would be helpful to determine which one is represented by Yin and which one is represented by Zi.


dear all,

it's been a long time i read about Tao Hua Sha  桃花杀 and Tao Hua Jie 桃花劫 , but i still dunno how to identify them in chart. the writers told story about them who got these kind of luck, but did not disclosed their chart. I've been searching, there are some kind of Tao Hua/Peach Blossom, but find no formula or table/list about these ones.

what i know, under luck of

1. Tao Hua Sha => you may die because of opposite sex person(s)

2. Tao Hua Jie => you may lose money because of opposite sex person(s)

i can only guess whether it's Zi/Wu/Mao/You as 7K or RW in chart  ::) ::)

recently, i saw Abby Choi's bazi chart. Does Mao here behave as Tao Hua Sha?

x Wu Xin Jia   LP Wu      AP Gui
x Xu Wei Xu.      Chen.       Mao

Mao = tao hua star = officer (male person).
Combination of daypillar Wu Xu and AP Gui Mao tells that something will happen to chart owner related to money and man. although with the clash & punishment interactions,  it still hard to guess that gruesome murder would take place.

would you please enlighten me about these shen sha?

thank you in advance

Bazi / Re: hello everyone!
« on: March 18, 2023, 06:37:24 AM »
Hi Master Jlim and all,

in nin99's chart, are they counted as work,  a series effort in order to obtain Fire and its source (Mao/wood)?

as i learn so far, harm is a less effective way and prone to issue of damaging/broken the things.

in what kind of activities this "harm" manifest in real life? i.e. in bazi chart : obtaining wealth star through harm interaction, is it mean in real life, chart owner pursue money by intimidating people, conning/scheming or seizing?

thank you in advance

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