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To All,

Though we may have passed through most of the cold and flu season, viral respiratory issues are becoming a year round concern.

Here are a few articles that may prove beneficial. [PDF posted as an attachment]
The Five Element Lung and Kidney exercises I wanted to share are no longer on youtube. I compressed the Lung mp4 and attached, but the Kidney mp4 is too large.

Please share any additional info on these subjects.



Liu Yao / What is outcome of Chess Match?
« on: January 07, 2024, 11:42:23 PM »
Hey All,

This chart came up...

Son is in a chess tournament. During the match, Father cast hexagram 59; “Will my son win?”. Casting date: 1/7/24.

What was the outcome was the match?,0,0,0,0,0,0,4,1,2024-01-07,14:18


Miscellaneous / Youtube Search Operators
« on: January 02, 2024, 11:41:36 PM »
Hey All,

Recently, I have been doing a lot of youtube searches. The frustrating part is youtube want to tell you what you will see vs. what you want to find.

For example, I looked at some videos by a particular author, and now youtube only wants to show me topics by this person (or similar).

To circumvent this, you can add modifiers to your search commands to exclude items from the search.
For example: “bazi health” will create a search line ⇾
If I want to exclude kevinchen post, include [minus kevenchan] ⇾ “bazi health -kevinchan” ⇾

You can find more youtube search operators here:

Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2024!!!


Hey All,

I somehow stumbled on Benebell Wen's youtube channel and followed up, looking at her website and blog.
She provides a wealth of information. It is worth taking a look.

From the website:

        Terms of Use
    About Benebell
        About Me
    Online Courses
        Independent Study
        Free Courses
    My Blog
    Holistic Tarot
        Praise for Holistic Tarot
        Read Excerpts
        Media and More
        Holistic Tarot Study Guides
        Tarot Business Templates
        A Companion Course
        Amendments to Text
    The Tao of Craft
        Read Excerpts
        Media and More
        Tao of Craft Downloads
        Amendments to Text
    I Ching, The Oracle
        Read Excerpts
        Media and More
        Reference Tables & Diagrams
        A Companion Course
        Amendments to Text
        I Ching Worksheets
    Spirit Keeper’s Tarot
        Order the Revelation Edition
        Cultural Integration and the Prisca Theologia
        The Major Arcana
        Minor Arcana Pips
        The Court Cards
        Free SKT Downloads
        Progress Diary
        Book of Maps
        Book of Readings
        Video Course Series I
        Video Course Series II
        Video Course Series III
    Etteilla Tarot of Thoth-Hermes
    Tarot Basics
        What Is Tarot?
        Why Tarot?
        Self-Study Tarot
        Tarot Worksheet Downloads
        Public Domain Tarot Books
        Deck Reviews
    Astrology Basics
        Introduction to Western Astrology
        Reading Your Natal Chart
        The Celestial Bodies
        The Twelve Houses
        The Twelve Signs
        Hermetic Lots (Arabic Parts)
        Sun Sign Astrology
        Past Life Astrology
        Free Astrology References
    Numerology Basics
        My Methodology
        Life Path Number
        Decisive Age
        Name Analysis
        Life Path Compatibility
    Feng Shui Basics
        What Is Feng Shui?
        Basic Cosmology
        Learning Feng Shui
        General Feng Shui Tips

Intermittent Thoughts

    State of the Tarot Union 2023
    KLD Tarot by Kate La Dez Studios
    Copyright Law and Tarot: Handbook Download
    Silvana Alasia’s Oracle of the Egyptian Gods
    Should We Read the Works of Questionable Authors? On Julius Evola.
    Masonic Tarot by Patricio Diaz Silva
    Why is the word “feminist” triggering? Disappointing realizations.
    Dragon Gods, Land Spirits; the Hakka

    beginner tarot deck
    Bell Chimes In
    book review
    book writing
    Closed Circuit
    create your own deck
    deck review
    Etteilla Tarot
    feng shui
    film review
    free download
    Fu talismans
    gemstones and crystals
    holistic food
    holistic horoscopes
    Holistic Tarot (book)
    I Ching
    I Ching The Oracle (book)
    Learn the Tarot
    Magical in the Mundane
    oracle deck
    personal spirituality
    professional tarot
    Sightsee the Tarot
    Spirit Keeper's Tarot
    Tao of Craft (book)
    tarot card meanings
    tarot community
    tarot exercises
    tarot symbolism
    Tinkering Bell
    traditional witchcraft

Liu Yao / How to Cast a Hexagram for Divination and other usages
« on: December 08, 2023, 08:33:24 PM »
Hi All,

The most common Five Arts divination methods are:

1) I-Ching based (I-Ching text reading, Liu Yao, Mei Hua, Trigram based, etc). These methods require the person requesting
a divination reading to formulate a useful query question and to cast a hexagram.

2) QMDJ. This method requires the full bazi chart of the time of the request, and in some cases the birth bazi of the requester.
Though only part of the chart may be used, it is best to have the whole chart available.

Here, I just want to list methods to cast a hexagram. I also invite other members to list their methods and resources.
• I Ching with Clarity - Casting a Hexagram - Coin based method ->
• Gmuli's Five Arts Tools - Random number generator method (computer based) -> Use the Generate Hexagram button.

Miscellaneous / Longitude & Timezone Database
« on: December 04, 2023, 05:26:36 PM »
Hey All,

On the .info site, I started a latitude and time zone database post. It would contain information for geographic areas where members ask for readings.
The purpose is to save time when plotting a chart that may need time adjustments. The other thing I wanted to include was an approximate time adjustment, so members could determine if an adjustment was actually needed.
On the .info site, I had the ability to change my previous post. This would have made it easy for me to maintain a single post that I could continually update.

1) Would this be a helpful thing to have here?
2) Do members have a better way of doing this?



Liu Yao / Missing Dental Device.
« on: November 17, 2023, 07:33:35 PM »
Hey All,

I realized this morning, I am missing a dental device I use.
So far I cannot find it in the house.
Did I accidentally throw it away? Will it be found?

22.4 11/17/23



Bazi Case Studies / Another Case Study - What is His Business / Profession
« on: September 28, 2023, 01:33:16 PM »
Hey All,

What do you think of this man's chart? What type of business / profession do you see? How will his luck flow over the years?

辛 丁 己 己
亥 巳 巳 亥

I will post his name after a few people post their opinions.


anil ambani

Hey All,

This chart showed up online. Sorry, I don't have the date of birth.

Jia Wu Geng Bing
Zi  Yin Zi     Zi

It was mentioned that she has a Solitary star in the day pillar.


FREE Divination Request / How should I handle a touchy work situation?
« on: April 10, 2023, 04:15:24 AM »
Hey All,

This is a query I did a few weeks ago. Because this is a rather touchy subject, It is important to maintain a “Hide this post” count.

Anyway, I am working in a clinical setting (vs. private practice) and due to changes in NYS (New York State) insurance compensation laws, clinics have changed how they bill for services and who may provide the services.

Acupuncture services have not been greatly changed, but we typically get compensated less. Other treatment modalities have chosen to bring in non-medically trained and unlicensed, to treat clients. This is not quite in accordance with some NYS law.

I am currently working with two such workers (we are separate businesses working in the same clinic). I won't go into any more detail.

So, my question: How should I handle this work situation. I cast 34.5. I believe the date was either 3/29 or 3/30.


FREE Divination Request / Will Insurance cover car repair cost?
« on: March 29, 2023, 12:32:17 AM »
Hey All,

My car was involed in a multi-car accident while parked - 3/1/23.

The insurance company did an estimate and sent me a check.

Will the check cover all of the repair cost?
Cast today -> 27.2



Hey All,

Many of you will not know that Lorraine Wilcox is one of my favorite Acupuncture practitioner – teachers.
She is special to many of us as she wrote the Mei Hua pdf that is the main primer for many of us.

Here is a podcast of Ms. Wilcox discussing the Yi Jing, divination, imagery, and her relationship with it. [The podcast start at about ~ 00:09:30] 067 Yi Jing As Operating System • Lorraine Wilcox.

All the best.


Members Lounge / Star Chaser of Senegal - Astronomy in Senegal
« on: February 11, 2023, 05:35:51 AM »
Hey All,

The episode of Nova-PBS aired in my area recently. It is in two sections. The first discuses an astronomical event that needs to be accurately observed from multiple locations on earth.
The second sections followed the Scientist from Senegal who will be observing the event in Senegal. Then they discuss the current and historical astronomers in Senegal.
Notable, Muslims are ordered to pray at precise times during the day and to do this they use a sundial to find the exact Solar Time of their area. Next they go to Turkey to discuss the Islamic Astrolabe. Then they travel back to Senegal to look at their Stone Hedge stones and details how they were used.

Fascinating stuff. About 50 minutes.


Bazi Case Studies / Nancy Pelosi U.S. Congress Woman
« on: November 19, 2022, 05:49:19 AM »
Hey All,

Nancy Pelosi has been a democratic United States House of Representative since 1987. She has served as Speaker of the House twice. After the 2020 midterm elections and the House of Representative flipping to a Republican majority, The next Speaker will be a republican and Ms. Pelosi will step down. November 17, 2022, Nancy Pelosi official announced as she steps down as Speaker, will not accept a nomination to be Minority Leader of the House. She will remain in the House until her term ends. She will not run for re-election as a Representative.
A few weeks ago, an assailant broken into the Pelosi home in California and assaulted Mr Pelosi with a hammer. The Assailant stated he wanted to break Ms. Pelosi’s legs.

In the United States government, the Speaker of the House is next in line to the presidency after the Vice President.

Here is her chart, what do you think!,_Nancy

 15:10   26     03    1940  Female
 Geng    Wu     Ji    Geng 
 Shen   Chen    Mao   Chen 

 2027   2017   2007   1997   1987   1977   1967   1957   1947 
 Geng    Xin    Ren    Gui    Jia    Yi    Bing   Ding    Wu   
  Wu     Wei   Shen    You    Xu     Hai    Zi    Chou    Yin


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