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dear all,

it's been a long time i read about Tao Hua Sha  桃花杀 and Tao Hua Jie 桃花劫 , but i still dunno how to identify them in chart. the writers told story about them who got these kind of luck, but did not disclosed their chart. I've been searching, there are some kind of Tao Hua/Peach Blossom, but find no formula or table/list about these ones.

what i know, under luck of

1. Tao Hua Sha => you may die because of opposite sex person(s)

2. Tao Hua Jie => you may lose money because of opposite sex person(s)

i can only guess whether it's Zi/Wu/Mao/You as 7K or RW in chart  ::) ::)

recently, i saw Abby Choi's bazi chart. Does Mao here behave as Tao Hua Sha?

x Wu Xin Jia   LP Wu      AP Gui
x Xu Wei Xu.      Chen.       Mao

Mao = tao hua star = officer (male person).
Combination of daypillar Wu Xu and AP Gui Mao tells that something will happen to chart owner related to money and man. although with the clash & punishment interactions,  it still hard to guess that gruesome murder would take place.

would you please enlighten me about these shen sha?

thank you in advance

Bazi Case Studies / Husband Jinx Wife
« on: May 17, 2020, 02:28:18 PM »

That the man who should be avoided most as a couple, is a man who has the characteristic of eating a wife.

to complete previous topics, i make this thread. not only woman who could jinx her spouse, but man could too.

 i asked for example(s) of that kind of chart, but don't get any yet.

i ever met a male's chart which doesn't condusive for spouse star to stay long. but i can't say he jinx the female because in reality, he only had some short relationships (the women left him safely) and he is still single until now. so i think "jinx wife" is different with having low affinity with woman? the chart is :


GUI.      YI.      GUI.   JIA


another chart that i guessed qualify for "eating" wife is Xin Male DM with Mao (spouse star) but having Wu Xu pillar so there is Mao-Xu combination in natal chart. Wife star is burnt to be his seal (Wu earth).

would you please share your thought about this topic?

thank you

FREE Divination Request / Aunty's Health
« on: November 24, 2019, 02:53:19 PM »
Hi All,

I need your opinion, please.

Few weeks ago, we were informed that my aunty was very sick. My another aunty insisted me to bring grandma visiting her. Now, due to some work, i really need going home. The problem is, instead of staying here longer, grandma want to follow me back home. My another aunty doesn't agree. She is afraid something bad happen soon after we leave, and we have to go here again. The cost is very high if we are going forth and back. And my grandma is too old for long distance travelling like this.

So, i asked : How would my aunty's health be in next couple of months?

Subject = Wu Fire is my aunty. Wu is daybreak. All the branches when i made the hexagram weaken her. Indeed she is very weak right now.
Furthermore two ghost / officers are flanking the Subject. Chou and Chen dampen Wu Fire. Chou is lungs cancer. Pipe has been installed to drain any  fluid in her lungs. Chen is stomach. She feels sick in there too. Her liver also has cancer cells.
The help comes from Yin wood. Offspring = Medical treatment. This Yin wood is supported by Hai Siblings. Yes, siblings give financial support to cure her.  Line 6 You metal overcome Yin wood. Fortunately, You is in void this time. Somehow, because of using government's health insurance, the medical treatment is limited to what it  can covers.

Since the hex is unchanging, i think the condition will stay like this for couples of times. So it is okay for us going home next week? Or am i wrong and we need to watch out on Zi month, when Hai month passed and metal get out of their void?

Thank you in advance.

FREE Life Reading Request / Spouse and Father's Representation
« on: November 02, 2018, 04:45:14 AM »
Hi Master and Dear Readers,

Would you please share your opinion? I'm confused representing spouse and father in this male chart.

My 1nd notion = Spouse is represented by Gui, Father by Mao
My 2st notion = Spouse are represented by Gui and Mao, Father by Si

If this man comes to this forum and asks when he would get married, i would say it would be in Ji Hai LP, where Jia (DW) appears and combines with Mao (Spouse Palace). Precisely it would be in 2019 (Ji Hai LP, Ji Hai year).

Anyway, in reality, his wedding had happened in mid 2007 (Ding Hai year, Geng Zi LP). I noticed Xin Chou and Geng Zi LP were arrivals of Gui in his natal chart. So i presumed, Gui is spouse star. Chou - Xu penalty triggers Xu-Mao combo. 2007 Ding Hai year activated Gui Mao (month pillar). Indeed, the wedding is caused by a baby boy (pregnancy).

In the other side, Mao is very strong, too strong to represent a woman to be his spouse. So Mao more likely represents his capable father who supports him much.

There comes my 1nd notion = Spouse are Gui, Father is Mao

The problem is in Zi LP, their marriage was rocky and fallen apart (Zi-Mao punishment). Then the man has been looking at another woman. How do we explain this new woman in his chart? Is she represented still by Gui (since Gui-water in stem is unrooted and unstable so it may denotes multiple women, moreover the LP was still in Zi) ? or by Mao?

So i arrived on my 2st notion = Spouse are Gui and Mao, Father is Si.

Father is represented by Si because Si transforms to Wu-Earth in Hour Stem as his resource (support), and Si enters Xu shows his capability at work.

He has just entered Ji Hai LP where Hai brings image of both water and wood, Gui and Mao at once. Is it sign of a "threesome" relationship (having 2 wives at once) ?

By the way, some friends say it is a good chart (put it on the 2nd grade chart), shows a rich intelligent person. Yes, he seems rich and intelligent, but i think Gui-Ding and Mao-Xu are contradictive. It is hard for him making any breakthrough. But probably I'm wrong...   :-\

A huge thanks for your sharing  :D

FREE Divination Request / Sharing My Experience with Hexagrams
« on: April 01, 2018, 04:53:34 PM »
(PS. Moderator, please move if i put this on wrong board. Thank you.)

Last year i tossed coins and got hexagram > 3.
Itís been racking my brain until now. Yet i still didnít quite grasp the whole work of the hex.

Iíve been reading so many text about the hexagrams, analyzing anything happened years before and months after i tossed the coins, also searching any hint here and there. Little by little, i can figure out what has been going on.

Is he really in love with her? The answer of the question is NO.

Somewhere i read, hexagram 3 simply means lust.
Sir Albert with his Five of Pentacles tarot card explained whatís going on between them.
Mr. Anton wrote that hexagram 3 is about love for creating a child. (in this case : a child to open a way out)

Those three all are correct. Because there are three women on the stage. One answer for each woman.

Many of my dear skillful seniors had given their interpretion. All is true and amazingly accurate (especially Mr. Anton). Because what they described are parts of this long big drama.

Recently iím trying to approach hex 12 in different way.

Hex 12 talks about Autumn, where plants are going to rotten and seeds fall into earth.

I found that Mao wood in the middle is like a seed. Below has Si fire and Wei soil. Above has Wu fire, Shen metal and Xu soil. To grow, the seed (Mao) needs water and soil. Wei soil already has water. Si warms it. Initially it is ideal enough to the seed growing its root. But by super strong Wuís move to Shen, water becomes too much. At the end of winter (Chou month), soil below may washed away. Indeed in this case, Wei soil moves to Zi water.

Without soil below, Mao is now wobbly bearing metal (maybe double metal now in this case) and soil above. Yin supporting Yang is fragile already. Isnít it worst without base to grab on? Lucky! Spring has come. Mao is strong enough to stand. As long as no thunderstorm, there is hope to survive. This kind of condition is most afraid of Chen. Chen will shake Xu and Wei. Itís earthquake. Muds from below might burst out. Flood may come through Shen-Zi-Chen. So Chen harms Mao the most. Well, Chen will come soon on April 5.

Two months after I cast the hex, I cast another hex related to the situation. I got hexagram 9 unchanging. It told me to keep doing the routines. Clouds gather, but rain is not certain yet. Friend or foe is still unknown. Just keep doing daily work.

One week ago, i asked again about my trip on this mid April. What a coincidence, i got Hex 40. Deliverance. Release. It talks about the time right after the storm.

Would the storm come so early in the beginning of Chen month? Seems Iíve heard the sound its coming............................

FREE Divination Request / Career : How the Future?
« on: March 24, 2018, 05:27:38 AM »
Hi All...

I'm trying to decipher my own hexagram. Please help to correct and complete  :)

He is my boss and I've been his employee for 6 years. Last year we had some disputes and our relationship turned cold and far although we still can make the works done.

Last month i noticed our work is all almost done and we have no new plan yet. So i tossed coin to take a peek how our future would be. This is the hexagram :

Line 3 YOU is Subject and Officer represents me and him.
Strong by Day and already moved (because YOU appears on Day Branch).
YOU moves to WU is something that called "Return to Control" if i'm not wrong, and it's not a good sign.
Curved Array as deity also signs something go forth and back (?)

And from Quiz 18 here : Duan said: ghost change to offspring, premature deathly omen, fortunate that Offspring facing Empty Days [Xun kong ], recent illness will heal at once, afraid to feel unwell on year Wu.

So I assumed, our relationship is actually already over but it's not seen yet because WU is void. Next on WU month, we gonna clearly separate.

In fact, on this Mao month, our works gotta be done completely. If he terminate me and gives me 3 months allowance, it would be over on WU month  :D

Line 5 SHEN moves to YOU.

It seems I would have new boss on Autumn. Because it comes with White Tiger, he may be more senior or bigger than my current boss. Clashed by YIN (Month Branch), he could already move secretly right now?

Line 6 = Object = The Future I asked = Wealth = Murky Warrior.

Earth element is weak due to YIN Month, YOU Day and void in WU fire. Money is not very big  :(

I wonder what kind of job i would get involved since the Object comes with Murky Warrior. Is it dirty/illegal job? It is different with Earth element on Line 1 = CHOU = Azure Dragon which looks like honour/clean job  ???

I noticed too that CHOU is Void by YIN Month. So, which one gives me bigger money, current boss or next boss?

Thank you very much for helping me  ;D

Courses / What is the Mangpai Marriage Course?
« on: January 24, 2018, 12:03:58 PM »
Hello Master Jlim,

What is mangpai marriage course? Is it next level from foundation one or can be taken without attending foundation course first?
Is the material totally new and not included in foundation course?

If we become student, how long can we get access to the discussion group?

Thank you very much :)

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