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Another internet outage. when will I have internet again?
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I had another internet outage. The terminal box on the street has a fault. The technicians came and instead of fixing the problem they created a bigger problem and the box was now without power. A total of six technicians came yesterday to fiddle with the terminal box. I don't know what kind of botched job they did. I don't know if they came together or separately and each one made a mess.

The technician told me that the problem caused was big. I found this out today from my technician.

On Friday the 13th I had the outage. I did the divination yesterday.

I asked, when will I have internet again?

Mao Offspring changes to Officer, and this Wei Officer is wood tomb. It has the image that a solution becomes a problem (?)

I wonder if it is in Mao's day, but 10 days seems like an eternity to me...

Any comments would be appreciated.
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