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Horoscope of the Year of the Horse 1978 in 2023
« on: December 21, 2022, 03:54:27 AM »
I. Jobs
Male network
The work of the year of the year of the Horse male network is only normal, not much progress. The pursuit of fame is not good, so wait for another time. You should combine business with others to increase your fortune. Although the work is difficult, the diplomatic aspect is quite good, going out to be helped by the nobles.
Female network
The work of the 1978-year-old female networker in 2023 did not make much progress nor encountered major events and storms. It is best not to invest more money or change jobs this year. The diplomacy is not favorable, encountering petty people harassing and blocking the way.
The year of the Horse in 1978 can promote his work to become more favorable, prosperous and rich by combining business with people of the right age. In 2023, the Year of the Horse is most suitable for business and transactions with the New Year of the Goat in 1991 and the Year of the Tiger in 1998.
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II. Family network
need to pay attention to their words, lest they cause problems and problems affecting their family and loved ones. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to the health of the elderly in the house.
The female network
of the 1978-year-old female network received a lot of good news in the family religion in 2023. There may be more relatives and friends coming to visit and get help from relatives.
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III. Men's Health Network
The health of men at the age of 1978 is not good this year, must pay attention to diseases of limbs, joint pain. Besides, eating and drinking must pay attention to keep clean to avoid diseases of the digestive tract.
Female network
This year, female network of the year of the Horse has a limit on water routes. Therefore, the applicant should not or limit travel, transactions or entertainment on boats, ferries, boats, etc. Going out, you need to pay extra attention to traffic.
BECAUSE. Lucky feng shui 2023 year of the year of the Horse
Is it good to have a baby in the year of 1978?
The Year of the Horse in 1978 should not give birth to a child in the year of 2023. Because according to the geographical location, the Horse age of the parents meets the child's Rabbit age, which is the Four Elements, which is unlucky. Besides, parents born in 1978 year of Fire par are opposite to their children's destiny of Gold in 2023. Therefore, giving birth in 2023 not only brings bad luck to their children, but can also make parents born in the year of the Horse. Food is reduced, money is wasted and the family is not in harmony.
What age is 1978 to do business in 2023?
The business of the year of the Horse this year has many good and bad things. However, even with changes, expansion does not bring the desired results. Therefore, the spouse should find a way to neutralize the unlucky things by doing business with people of the right age. In 2023, people born in 1991 and 1998 are the two most suitable for business and business transactions with the year of the Horse. The couple should prioritize combining business with these two years to increase prosperity, activate fortune and luck.
Is the age of 1978 in 2023 good for building a house?
In 2023, the year of the Horse has a drought, which is not good for house construction. Therefore, the couple should not break ground and build a house this year to avoid affecting money, work as well as family harmony later.
Is it good to get married in 1978 in 2023?
The Year of the Horse in the year 2023 violates the term Kim Lau. This is not a good term for love and religion. Therefore, this year is not really favorable for the year of the Horse to get married, which may affect happiness, and the marriage is not smooth.
Age 1978 in 2023 to buy a car, buy a house, which month is good?
In general, 2023 is not a good year for the year of the Horse to buy a house or a car. Therefore, the applicant should wait for a more suitable time.
Age 1978 in 2023 what color match?
The Year of the Horse merges with the yellow-brown color in the year of the Rabbit 2023. You can apply this color to short-term plans such as changing phones, hair color, combining in clothes or accessories

... In 2023, the elements of can chi, the five elements of the people of the year of the Horse do not have mutual support, but also conflict with each other. Therefore, this year will be a year with many turbulence in work, money as well as health and family. The Year of the Horse should prepare mentally, be firm in the face of difficulties and be quick to grasp when the opportunity comes.


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