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« on: December 30, 2017, 11:58:59 AM »
Liu Yao Yi Gua  board is intended to be used :

•   For discussion related subjects just as Gua Wen Wang Gua 文王卦 also known as Liu Yao Yi Gua 六爻易卦/ and Wild Crane yijing 野鶴卜易 sect complement/斷易天機 - Duan yi tian Ji (Companion of Wild Crane sect)/ Blindman Liu Yao-盲派六爻…and so on...

•   Extract texts issues of theory and consultation methods of the above Arts (sects or schools).

•   Personal querries of forum members by consultation the Yijing with high degree of accuracy, giving patterns of solutions for some problems need help.
•   Patern Categories are:
Health./ Trials. Litigastion./ Annual fortune./Business corporations/ Economic fortune./ Charges on work or else./ Marriage./ Children./ Studies/ Brothers./ Feng shui of dwellings or offices or tombs./Traveling./Other issues..


•   We can fix any seen or reporting (By Forum members) errors and suggesting improvements.

•   It would be helpful when reporting such errors if you create a new thread and link it to the paragraph containing the error, and provide as much relevant information as possible, particularly the source which you are using containing the correction.

•   Also please make note to us that errors have been corrected,

•   Any threads judged as offensive, malicious or unlinked are scheduled for deletion.

Best regards


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