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Religious Daoism--Way of Celestial Masters (天师道)
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I Ching goes that: in view of the sacred way of heaven and the righteous way of four seasons , the sage utilizes the way of heaven to implement indoctrination, hence themortals submit their allegiance.

The sentence can be cited as a symbol of primitiveChinese religions. One of the most significant characteristics of Chinese religions isthat ancient Chinese religions, especially Daoism, maintained conspicuous continuity from primitive religions: a great many of the basic elements of primitive beliefs was preserved.

According to many Chinese scholars, there are two important features in Daoism which reflect the influence from primitive religions utilitarianism motivation and irrationality. At the same time, there are some Chinese scholars who believe that Daoism, on the basis of its belief on the ultimate value and transcendent existence-- Dao and the massive amount of knowledge of nature preserved in its system, is a rationalized religion.

The religious Daoism in the history, analyze the early history of the Way of Celestial Masters (天师道), and prove that the content of original folk religion and the content of rational religion are coexisting in the structure of theso called “early religious Daoism "

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